GKB Optical extends clear leadership position in growing Indian online optical market

The eyewear industry is becoming larger and stronger in terms of value and volume. Retailers and manufacturers are focusing on bigger markets. The changing lifestyle of Indians is supporting the growth. The increasing awareness of the use of eyewear products in India is boosting the growth. Among the national players GKBOptical is one of the leading names who is occupying an important place in the optical market.
It has extended its presence in Tier 3 cities and also distributing their product at competitive market rates. It has an added advantage over the small players to grow quickly. People get special discounts from time to time for introducing new customers. The company is extremely excited of their steady growth which is a great aspect for their business portfolio. The dedication to eye fashion and eyesight cannot go unnoticed when people are talking about this company.

The brand is eyeing a bright future ahead. It has traversed a wonderful journey to become what it is today. It has evolved technologically and structurally with the changing times. In this era where eyewear is much a lifestyle and fashion accessory it also acts as a vision correction accessory. The products are available in premium price segments. No wonder the company has earned so many satisfied customers spread around 20 cities. As we all know that online retailing is at its peak and GKB has taken complete advantage for capturing a leading position in the eyewear market.

Learn About Your Prescription for Eyeglass Lenses and Frames

Whether you select single vision or multi-focals you can get your order easily by reading your prescription and entering the details by choosing your lenses. When getting your eyes checked be sure your eye doctor writes the PD or pupil distance measurement on the prescription. This will ensure that the optical center of your lenses that will be exact in front of the pupils.

Designer eyeglasses The prescription for will have the eye power which will indicate whether it is spherical, cylindrical, or axis power. The prescription will also indicate the vision accuracy of the customer along with the type of power and recommended lenses will also be present. As a customer you can email or fax your prescription and order lenses online easily. Simply choose from one of the thousand prescription eyeglasses and then you are usually asked about your prescription lens preference. You can fax or email a copy of your prescription to the optical store who can guide you with your purchase. If you are aware of what is written in your prescription then you will be able to make a sound online purchase.

Why You Should Wear Sunglasses During Winter

Designer sunglasses

Sunglasses can play a huge role in ensuring perfect eye health. The UV rays of the sun are at its peak during the winter months. During this time you are doubly exposed to UV rays because it reflects on the surface of the snow and causes extreme strain to your eyes. This makes this season one of the most essential seasons of the year to protect your eyes from the potentially hazardous effects of the sun.

Designer sunglasses

When wintry precipitation coats all surfaces in snow, water and ice bright reflections cause serious glare that can impair your vision. Hence, to reduce glare you must sport a sunglass that can dramatically reduce glare for comfortable and safe vision. You can avoid exposure to UV radiation which can lead to cataracts and macular degeneration. A pair of Oakley blocks the harmful rays of the sun by providing excellent protection to the delicate skin around your eyes. This also helps in preventing premature aging and wrinkles.
It protects eyes from dust, wind, dust and debris. It reduces headaches and eyestrain. The sunglasses provide the right amount of protection for good vision and long term health. So, it’s not just summer, you must even in winter too.