Vision Enhancement With Crizal Lens

Crizal Lens

Crizal lens is renowned in the optical industry. It is known for its enhanced quality lenses. Perfect transparency can be enjoyed with no limitation with these lenses. It is created using cutting edge technologies that offer eyeglasses with the clearest vision possible. The lenses mean advanced durability which can withstand daily wear.

The original Crizal coating specialized in anti-reflective technology, smudge and scratch resistance. Scratches and smudges reduce visual acuity but with Crizal lenses you can gain exceptional visual clarity. The Crizal no glare lenses provide vision capacity to recover from oncoming headlight while driving at night making night driving more comfortable. The computer is now a constant in daily life. You may be one of the millions of people who spend long hours but with these lenses you can make all those hours much less of a strain by eliminating glare and enhancing contrast.

It is the best performing lens that you can buy. Worn and trusted by over 260 million people all across the glove these are unlike any other pair you have ever experienced. You can enjoy optimal vision comfort and experience a much more flattering appearance. It is easy to clean using a cleaning cloth.

The lenses are engineered for your lifestyle that provide complete protection by defending against glare, scratches, smudges, water, dust and UV rays. The lenses feature technologies that allow the creation of a uniform and durable hairline coating. It protects the eyes from UV rays 25 times more. It preserves your overall well-being which is beneficial for the vision and the regulation of your performance.

This lens increases the density of olephobic and hydrophobic molecules on the surface of the lens. Consequently smudges and water are better repelled and the lens becomes easier to clean. An anti-static layer repels dust and prevents light diffusion for optimum vision. A top layer with anti-fog properties offers no distortion and loss of contrast.

The lenses remain at the top choice for the professionals around the world as they can deliver the best performance which suits your individual lifestyle.Crizal Lens

Oakley Crosslink: Smooth Switch From Work To Play

Oakley Crosslink

Oakley Crosslink

Oakley Crosslink is a unique category of ophthalmic eye frames that comes with a true crossover design which allows you to switch from work to play without a snitch. This modern and sleek design of the product matches the performance and innovation that comes with 100% comfortable fit which is worthy of your everyday wear. Crosslink takes you everywhere with style and originality and it has the required performance for sports and fitness that are a part of your work routine.

The styling comes with a sporty edge which looks great with prescription lenses. Crosslink can take you from the office to your tennis court and hiking trail. You can wear it when you are running errands or just going for an office meeting. This eye frame comes with endless possibilities. It is engineered with performance innovations such as Unobtainium a material which enhances your grip while best online casino you are sweating. The nose pads and ear stems helps in achieving a secure Three-Point Fit which keeps the lenses in accurate optical alignment.

This lightweight frame can be adjusted for a perfect feel. The ear stems are crafted with stress resistant material that brings durability to your product in your active lifestyle. The Crosslink comes with an interchangeable temple design which allows you to add originality in a second. It comes with a set of temples which complement the rest of the frame color and boosts your style quotient. You can keep the look smooth and low key for school or work and unleash a unique personality for weekend recreation or evening sports.

Refined style of the Oakley Crosslink sets the standard for versatility which makes it a perfect pair for you. Oakley makes unrivaled frames that are not just for professional athletes who disrupt the world’s idea of possibility. The frames are our inspiration and the reason why people seek innovative technology and original style.

Oakley Crosslink comes with an ultimate blend of sport and style for an active life. The interchangeable temples come with different colors from which you can take your pick depending on your style statement.

Dare To Dream – Own A Branded Pair Of Sunglasses Today

Branded Sunglasses Collection

Branded Sunglasses Collection

Everybody cherishes a dream to own a designer pair of sunglasses. However, this dream is often not realized because of the high end prices. However, if you are buying from an online store you can omit the overhead costs and avail different seasonal sales which allow you to buy the dream product at a reduced rate. Not all online optical stores offer you the best designer brands. But with you are assured of buying from the only authentic online retailer of International designer brands. There is an extensive range of International designer brands in our collection. Some of the names are listed below for your convenience.

This selection of brands is elite and top of the class only collected for our esteemed clientele. We have a vision to achieve the highest standards in quality eye care fashion. The sunglasses purchased from here offer you the ultimate experience which is luxurious and stylish. But as consumer you also need to think of its functionality and online casino its protection features. They are functional and protect you from the harmful UV rays of the sun. They are available in a wide range of styles and designs that is sure to make you look good. Choose from an extensive range of colors that will meet your fashion requirements. The sunglasses are available in three different sizes like small, medium and large and you can choose depending on your personal requirement.

At you are sure to get the best bet for your dream pair of designer sunglasses. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and take your pick right away and make your dreams come true!

Republic Day Sale: Sunglasses At Just Rs 299

Republic Day

Republic Day Make your Republic Day shopping exciting for you by availing attractive discounts and offers. At we are offering a comprehensive collection of fashion sunglasses at an unbelievable price of Rs 299. They are available in different designs and styles from which you can take your pick. Whether you are opting for the unique wraparound or the trendy aviators or funky wayfarers it does not matter as long as it matches with your personality. As an online buyer you can check out our other discounts and offers too available at our online optical store. These attractive deals and discounts will make most of your holiday shopping and leave you satisfied at the end of the day. The products are available with a 69% discount which allows you to avail the products at such a wonderful price. Republic Day Sales are part of the end of season sale usually extend over. These sales are essentially done for stock liquidation and hence offered at such a low price. So, you need not be apprehensive

And I. Case was is it heat this without are or last also something.

about its quality. The sales will be mainly attributed to the cheap prices and variety in styles and designs offered on during the extended holiday weekend. Browse through our collection today and find an attractive pair that will suit your style statement.

Add To Your Style Quotient With 25% Discount On RayBan And Oakley Sunglasses

Rayban and Oakley

Rayban and Oakley

This winter add a dash of oomph and hotness to your style quotient as you can get the most loved and admired designer brands Ray ban and Oakley at a 25% discounted price only at Fashion and function must go hand in hand and hence RayBan and Oakley are the ultimate choice for your eyewear. The shades are made from cutting edge technology that guarantees you complete comfort. They are available in a wide variety of styles and designs from which you can take your pick. The products are available in different price ranges from which you can take your pick.

We at sell only 100% authentic International designer brands and hence you have no reasons to worry about the quality of product. Cash on delivery, return policy and warranty is ensured on all purchases. If you are considering of buying Rayban Sunglasses then you will find them in wayfarers and aviators. The ones which come with polarized lenses are highly popular. The 3025 series is also a huge favorite among the passionate buyers. You can also go with the folding wayfarers which is a big hit among the young fashionistas.

Then again, if you are a man of action and love to play in style then Oakley is the brand of your choice. The popular style in this brand is rectangle and wraparound shades from which you can take your pick. They are available in different sizes and colors which mean there is something for everyone. These shades are available with UV protected lenses and hence your eyes will remain protected whether you are on field or off it.

Browse through the collection of discounted sunglasses and celebrate winter in style. You can go ahead and place your order right away. In case of any doubts you can always get in touch with customer service department who can provide assistance you on your purchases.


Ifitframe Bringing in Revolution in GKBOptical’s Virtual Eyewear Fitting Experience

Ifitframe was created to answer the most important question people come across when making online eyewear purchases. It aims to make browsing and purchasing for eyewear fun and exciting. It aids customers to take a buying decision. It is easy to use and enhances your total shopping experience. This is a virtual try on mirror which allows optical users to check out different frames and sunglasses just like they would have done in an optical store.

This revolutionary application has been incorporated in our online optical store – This application concentrates on offering the best solution coupled with creative features to assist our esteemed customers casino pa natet to make the correct buying decision. This effective solution has provided our customers with a world of benefits. It accelerates your business in the online eyewear world.

IFitframe after being incorporated in our site has allowed users to move, resize, and rotate frames to fit their photo. Customers can easily try on multiple styles of glasses and shades and save the look they like so that they can compare the one that best suits their face. As a user you can download your favorite look and share it with your loved ones on social media or even email them. Users of Ifitframe at can save upto 9 different looks at one time and create their very own look book. Users can either upload a picture or take a picture through webcam or use a dummy model picture present at Fitting Experience

Sundrive Sunglasses – Perfect For The Demanding Customer

Sundrive Sunglasses

Sundrive Sunglasses

Sundrive Sunglasses are dynamic that comes with stylish designs and are available at a price that offers value for money. It is aimed for those who are looking for a comfortable and classic fit. It is a quality product made with rich materials and latest technology. It offers a comfortable fit and is versatile enough for satisfying the most demanding eyewear customers.

If you have a unique style sense then you will always complement your look with the right pair of sunglasses. Without the right pair your eyes will not be in a perfect condition. Excessive exposure to sunrays can be extremely damaging. But with a pair of budget-friendly Sundrive shades you can keep your eyes protected at all times. The aviators are a popular With AAROD the hospital stay is much shorter than traditional rapid opiate detox ification, which can last several

days. choice among these shades. There are more than 149 products in stock at from which you can take your pick. There are colorful wayfarers available too from which you can make your purchase.

Whether men or women anybody and everybody can find their suitable pair over here. Interesting colors, varied selection and different sizes make them a very popular choice. The starting price range is as low as Rs 285 and hence anybody and everybody can buy them. From black to blue, red to purple you will find an extensive range of colors. The best part is that you can add power lenses to these sunglasses in case you have eye power.

These shades are either made from metal or shell frames. These are essentially full rim shades available in small, medium and large sizes. You can complement your look with a pair from this collection. However, you have to know which style makes you look good. You can always take assistance from our customer service department in making your selection.

So, come and check out our extensive collection of Sundrive sunglasses today. The products are designed keeping in mind the latest trends of the fashion market. Hence, you will always be the fashion icon of your social circle when you are sporting these gorgeous shades.

GKB Better Vision Center: Guarantee of Quality at a Budget-Friendly Price

GKB Better Vision Centre

Launched on January 1, 2015 at P-46 Kasba Industrial Estate, Phase – II, Kolkata – 700107, GKB Better Vision Centre promises to make style and accurate vision available at an affordable rate. The store is open from 10:00AM – 6:00 PM for the customers to come and take their pick from a wide range of budget-friendly spectacles. There are more than 100 designer spectacles available to take your pick. You can get your frames as well as lenses from here at an affordable price. Buyers can get Single Vision Spectacles at just Rs 300 and Bifocal Glasses at Rs 450. The attractive aspect to this budget-friendly deal is that you can get your eyes tested by our certified optometrists for free. They will conduct a complete digital eye check up with the help of high end equipments at

this world class facility which will ensure you with the best results. Buying affordable glasses with a guarantee for quality will now become easier for you. Our glasses that you can buy from only our centre are as good as the ones you buy from a high street optician. We also online casino offer sunglasses at an unbelievable price of Rs 100. Our friendly and efficient customer service executives and opticians are available to help you place your order so that you can find the right pair for yourself. This centre has come up as a blessing for all who desire to achieve accurate vision at a budget-friendly price. You can be guaranteed of stylish frames with quality lenses that will give you best quality glasses at never seen before prices. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and visit our only GKB Better Vision Center at Kasba, Kolkata today and grab the best pair for yourself.   GKB Better Vision Centre

Free Eye Testing At GKBOpticals: Register Online Today

Free Eye Testing

Very recently, GKBOpticals has added a new feather to his cap of accomplishments. We are offering free eye testing services to everyone who takes the effort of just booking an appointment. So, go ahead and log onto our website to lipitor book your appointment today.

Timely eye tests are important to ensure perfect eye health. celebrex dosage Your test can pick up early signs of conditions before you are aware of any symptoms. The test will indicate whether you need glasses or there is change in your current eye power. It will also include other conditions that affect the eyes such as diabetes, glaucoma and macular degeneration.

Here is what you have to do. Enter the personal details and store location and date which you will be visiting for your test. Our

certified optometrists will do complete digital eye check up on high end equipments at their world class facility that can ensure the very best results.

By getting your eye tests done from GKBOpticals you can ensure flagylpharmacy-generic that your eye health is perfectly taken care of. We are different from others, and we have our equipments and years of experience to tell you that story. Register online today to book your free appointment.

Free Eye Testing

Fish Oil Can Save Women’s Eyesight

Fish Oil

Eat a fish rich diet and you will surely have healthy eyes. Women who eat a similar diet are less likely to develop age related macular degeneration compared to those who consumed it. Macular degeneration is a disease in which nerve cells get damaged in the part of the eye called the macula which causes blurry vision. It can make things such as driving, reading and recognizing face problematic. High consumption of omega 3 fatty acids has always been linked to better health. It has similar mechanisms and risk factors. It may reduce the inflammation that usually plays an important role in age related macular degeneration. Other nutrients include certain antioxidants, Vitamin E and C along with Zinc and Zeaxanthin. Good dietary sources include citrus fruits and leafy greens for vitamin C, nuts and spinach along with other fortified cereals for Vitamin E, beans and lean meat for zinc and green veggies and eggs for zeaxanthin. Age also is a huge factor besides if you have a family history of smoking and cholesterol. If you feel that you are at risk for any other factors early treatment is necessary as it can cause vision loss to a great extent. To ensure that your eyes remain in perfect condition get regular eye exams and see if the doctor can experience any of the following signs:

  • Difficulty in reading
  • Trouble seeing faces
  • Fuzzy and dim vision
  • Blind spot in central vision field
  • Straight lines appear curved or casino online wavy

Found in fatty fish the oil can work wonders by preventing from inflammatory diseases to reduce the risk of stroke in people with heart disease. It is recommended that fish should be consumed at least twice a week for heart health. Fatty fish have high levels of omega

3 fatty acids that are essential nutrients which the body is unable to make on its own. Fish oil can also reduce blood pressure and help you to deal with osteoporosis and inflammatory conditions. It can deal with depression and bipolar disorder and other brain disorders. Moreover, shellfish, salmon or catfish may be low in mercury and if you are thinking of eating local lakes and rivers then you must check for contaminations. Hence, it proves that fish oil is beneficial for eye as well as overall health. So, consumer fish as often as possible to keep yourself fit as a fiddle. Fish Oil