Protect Your Eyes At Work With Crizal Lenses

Crizal, world’s most popular optical lenses are trusted by more than 260 million customers for their daily vision enhancement needs. These lenses are a great choice for wearing at work and are a favorite among working professionals. Today we tell you how you can protect your eyes at work.

Each individual requires a different set of skills to perform well at their work space, but eyesight plays a vital role in good performance at work. With a huge number of customers putting their trust in Crizal’s superior quality lenses, they are one of the most popular optical lenses around the world. Eyeglasses are not only for Vision correction, for many people eyeglasses are a part of their work culture and how well they perform at work.

Crizal Lenses Have Multiple Benefits(1)

Today, many people spend significant number of hours before digital Screens and computers, that can make eyes tired and fatigued. Glares from the screen and the excessive amount of blue light emission from these screens make it hard for people to work on digital screens without feeling tired and fatigued. Here’s where Crizal anti-reflective coating helps to subdue the effects of these lights. These lenses cut out on the glares and reflections and make it easier to work on computers for longer hours.

Many working professionals spend hours in sunlight, in outdoor conditions doing various works and in this process pose a grave threat to their eyes. Eyes are precious and can work properly in a certain amount of light. If there is excessive light eyes can even get damaged permanently. The sunlight includes harmful UV rays that can cause eye problems, skin problems etc. With Crizal UV protection, one can easily spend time outside and think less about the harmful effects to the eyes.

Also these Lenses are made to withstand daily wear and tear, and are made to to be impact resistant. Crizal lenses come with a scratch resistant coating making it tougher for daily use. A tougher glass means better durability and even an added protection to your eyes. Using these lenses can significantly reduce the chances of eye problems. These superior lenses can also protect your eyes from impact and reduce chances of eye damage with it’s highly durable material.

For people who wear eyeglasses daily, it’s essential to wear correct prescription lenses and keep checking their eyes for any change of power. If you need to work on things that need sharp and clear vision, it would be most appropriate to use good quality lenses like Crizal lenses.

If you need glasses throughout the day, Crizal lenses can be the best option for you. Protect your eyes throughout the day and at your workplace and keep them safe from potential damage with these lenses. Adding the different features available through these lenses can get it tailor made specifically for you and your needs. So why take chance with your eyes, use only Crizal lenses that can help make your working hours easier.

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Eyeglasses Vs Contact Lenses : Which ones are Better?

Eyeglasses, the oldest and the most popular vision correctors can be termed as the universally loved Vision correctors. The eyeglasses have made their mark as the most easy to own and use vision correctors. While other vision correctors are popular , contacts have made their mark as the second most popular vision correctors throughout the world. There are many benefits and drawbacks of each vision correctors , it makes it tough to determine which one to turn to if you’re needing vision correcting in recent times and have not used any of these before. Today we elaborate on how each performs its vision correcting duties and what are the principal benefits and hindrances of choosing each type.

Eyeglasses : The Benefits and The Drawbacks

We all know how eyeglasses were termed – ‘Boring’ and ‘Ugly’ during the 90’s and everyone felt self conscious wearing eyeglasses. The times have changed and now eyeglasses have made their mark as a stylish accessory as well. due to this reason, more and more designs are being made available . But eyeglasses are more than just to enhance your looks. They have a multitude of benefits they offer .

The Advantages :

  • Vision Correction: Vision Correction, is one of the topmost reasons of wearing spectacles or eyeglasses. Like most vision correctors, spectacles perform well to correct most types of vision problems like presbyopia, myopia , astigmatism and more. Usually farsightedness, nearsightedness etc are corrected. Many different types of spectacle lenses are available to tackle these vision problems.
  • Different looks Using Different Frames: You don’t need to stick to a single look these days, with so many different types of frames and designs, you can choose to look different each day . Choose from rimless frames that have no visible lines surrounding the lens, rimmed ones that have a full rim surrounding the lens, the semi rimmed ones have half rimmed design, usually surrounding the lens from the top and holding it in place.
  • Less Care , Easy To Carry : We all have enough on our hands, and could really need an easy to use and maintain vision corrector. If you’ve used contacts once or have seen anyone handling contacts, it requires care and more dedication towards cleaning the lenses pre and post wearing. Whereas for glasses very less care is needed.

The Disadvantages:

  • Bulky and Strenuous: Wearing a spectacle all the time can be stressful and feel bulky. It’s even more intense for people who have higher prescriptions. The spectacles sit on teh temples and bridge of the nose and create a bulky feeling. Also they are an added weight to carry around whole day
  • Limitations: Physical glasses or eyeglasses are limited vision correctors, they cannot fully cover your eyes and for people with both myopia and hyperopia, people who need bifocals . People who have astigmatism are also limited to certain amounts of vision correction .
  • Creates Problems During Activities: Active people, who indulge in high intensity activities feel eyeglasses as a hinderance. With eyeglasses, one cannot see properly without feeling limitations or experiencing self consciousness.


Contact Lenses : Benefits and Drawbacks


Contacts were till the last few years considered as a luxury item . Most people still believe contact lenses are too pricey or too dangerous. But contacts, when handled in the right way can be safe and great for those who require constant vision correction , especially active persons. Though they are a bit delicate and need care, contacts have their own advantages and disadvantages.

The Advantages:

  • Limitations free Vision: Contacts mean no disturbances in vision, like frames, limitations of lenses or other limitations. No need to feel limited while wearing specs during a high intensity activity.
  • Moves with your eye: Unlike specs where your vision was perfect within your lens only, in case of Contacts, the lenses move with you, so you can see every part of the picture and miss nothing.
  • No Bulkiness or Added Weight : Contacts are feather light and are worn over your eyes. This ensures you feel no bulkiness on your nose bridge and are free from any unwanted stress around your temples and nose.
  • Perfect For Sports Activities : Whether you’re going hiking or have a dancing session, your contacts will keep your vision clear. This is one of the reasons for people to shift to contact lenses.

Drawbacks of Contact Lenses:

  • Needs Care: A pair of contacts needs more care than a pair of spectacles. The contacts need to be cleaned, disinfected and stored in the mentioned way to avoid damaging it.
  • Can Cause Eye Problems: If proper hygiene and cleaning is not followed while wearing contacts serious eye damages and eye infections can occur.
  • Does Have Slight Chances of Falling off: Sometimes even the best contact lenses can dislodge from your eyes and fall off.
  • May Not Be Suitable For All : Most people get used to contacts after a short period of time. But there are many who have overly sensitive eyes, dry eyes or feel irritation while wearing lenses. For most cases there are ways to wear contacts but there are certain people who cannot wear contacts due to eye issues.
  • Can Damage Eyes with prolonged Use: It’s not good to wear contacts all day , every day of the week for continuous periods. This can lead to damage of the eye and may result in temporary irritations, redness and loss of vision.

So , lastly we would say that whether you choose specs or Contacts, always follow the instructions of your eyecare professional to avoid any eye problems and maintain your eye health.