High index lenses : Why Are They So Overpriced

High index lenses are a fairly recent term with respect to Optical solutions. Index refers to the ability of the lens to bend or refract light . The higher the index value, the greater the ability of the lenses to bend light . Higher index lenses can greatly help those with strong prescriptions.

High Index Lenses

What is Index Value and What is a High Index Lens?

The index value refers to the efficiency to bend light. Increase in the index value means the light is better refracted, thus requiring thinner lenses than usual. Our eyeglasses have lenses that refract the light before it reaches the eyes to  focus the image properly on the retina. People with farsighted prescription require concave lenses that push the light into the middle of the lens . For people suffering from nearsightedness the lenses are curved so that the light is bent toward the top or bottom of the eye, towards the retina.


The usual lenses made from glass or plastic have lower index values, around 1.5 making them thicker than the High index lenses that come in Index values 1.67 and 1.74. The higher the index value , the thinner the lenses . But these lenses are more expensive than regular plastic or glass lenses. This is due to the fact that these lenses are made from different materials as well as offer superior light refraction properties. Thin lenses and lesser curvature are also the reasons why people switch to High Index lenses.


Why High Index Lenses are So Costly :


  • High Index Plastics , the material which is used to make the lenses are costlier than the poly carbonate or plastic materials used to make regular lenses. The material as well as the technology used to create high index lenses cost more so it’s
  • These lenses allow very less scope of error since they are so thin even a .01 variance can cause a lens to be discarded at the testing stage. So there are chances that a lab has to make more than one lenses to get the perfect prescription. This makes
  • These lenses use materials that are not available everywhere and are produced at limited quantities , making it costlier for a spectacle lens to be made using high index plastics .


These are one of the main reasons why high index lenses cost more than regular lenses. If you’re thinking about getting high index lenses done for yourself consult with your doctor first and ask him for the best option or you .

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