Beware – your smart phone could ruin your eyes!

Do you use a Smartphone for more than three hours a day? Has your phone become an item you constantly keep checking throughout the day? Do you play games on your smart phones for hours? If any of these questions have a positive answer from your side then you’ve experienced some kinds of eye fatigue or eye stress after using your smartphone.


Today, most of us are depending upon smart phones, computers, tabs and other digital devices for recreation, education as well as work. Pen and paper has been replaced by digital backlit screens and this transformation has become a stressful change for our eyes. Our eyes find it hard to keep up with these digital devices that emit blue lights.

These blue lights are responsible for Computer Vision Syndrome which is a collection of eye problems that arise from use of digital devices. These problems that arise from overuse of digital devices and mobile phones are headaches, dizziness, blurry vision, red eyes, irritation of the eyes, eye straining, neck and back ache, dry eyes and more. Even if you work on the computer for two hours a day, then you can experience these symptoms. Children working on computers or engaged with smartphones for long hours can also experience these side effects.

So, what can you do to reduce the risk of eye damage and keep your eyes feeling at ease while you work on the smartphones? You can improve your eye’s response to smart phone screens by lowering your screen brightness to auto or reduce it manually to a settings where you can optimally view text and images without straining. Also wearing specially designed computer glasses can reduce your eye problems. These computer glasses are designed to provide your eyes comfortable vision while working on computers and they also fare well for Smartphone users .


Computer glasses contain special tinted coatings that reduce the amount of blue light that passes onto the eyes and fairly reduces the amount of blue light penetrating the lens. Blue light, when entering the eyes, focuses on a point in front of the retina wall. This forces the eyes to constantly shift and fix the focus point. While the blue light focuses in front of the retina, other colored wavelengths focus on the retina itself, making it tiring for the eyes to constantly shift its focus to keep the object in front clear. We don’t realize the swift actions of our eyes and feel they are not affected by the overuse of smart phones but constant looking at a source of harmful blue –violet light is really harmful for the eyes. So, the best thing to do for your eyes is to keep your smartphone usage hours as little as possible. Here are some quick steps to keep your eyes healthy when you’re using smart phones on a daily basis:

  • Use the Lowest brightness settings
  • Use Smartphone in well lit areas
  • Wear Specially treated computer glasses to reduce blue-violet light
  • Include Anti-Glare coating in your glasses to reduce reflection and glares
  • Keep smart phones as far as possible from your eyes without having to strain your eyes
  • Every 20 minutes of Smartphone usage, shift your eyes from the Smartphone to an object 20 feet away for 20 seconds.
  • If you experience dry eyes, use artificial tears or eye drops after consulting your doctor
  • If you feel your vision is getting disturbed while working on the computer get an eye checkup done. Even if you feel your eyes are fine, get a routing eye checkup every six months.

So, with these few tips you will feel that your eyes are safer while you work on your smartphones.

High index lenses : Why Are They So Overpriced

High index lenses are a fairly recent term with respect to Optical solutions. Index refers to the ability of the lens to bend or refract light . The higher the index value, the greater the ability of the lenses to bend light . Higher index lenses can greatly help those with strong prescriptions.

High Index Lenses

What is Index Value and What is a High Index Lens?

The index value refers to the efficiency to bend light. Increase in the index value means the light is better refracted, thus requiring thinner lenses than usual. Our eyeglasses have lenses that refract the light before it reaches the eyes to  focus the image properly on the retina. People with farsighted prescription require concave lenses that push the light into the middle of the lens . For people suffering from nearsightedness the lenses are curved so that the light is bent toward the top or bottom of the eye, towards the retina.


The usual lenses made from glass or plastic have lower index values, around 1.5 making them thicker than the High index lenses that come in Index values 1.67 and 1.74. The higher the index value , the thinner the lenses . But these lenses are more expensive than regular plastic or glass lenses. This is due to the fact that these lenses are made from different materials as well as offer superior light refraction properties. Thin lenses and lesser curvature are also the reasons why people switch to High Index lenses.


Why High Index Lenses are So Costly :


  • High Index Plastics , the material which is used to make the lenses are costlier than the poly carbonate or plastic materials used to make regular lenses. The material as well as the technology used to create high index lenses cost more so it’s
  • These lenses allow very less scope of error since they are so thin even a .01 variance can cause a lens to be discarded at the testing stage. So there are chances that a lab has to make more than one lenses to get the perfect prescription. This makes
  • These lenses use materials that are not available everywhere and are produced at limited quantities , making it costlier for a spectacle lens to be made using high index plastics .


These are one of the main reasons why high index lenses cost more than regular lenses. If you’re thinking about getting high index lenses done for yourself consult with your doctor first and ask him for the best option or you .

GKB Opticals has one of the best collection of eyeframes and lenses packages for high index eyeglasses. Get world’s thinnest lenses Seiko lenses and 1.67 High index lenses at the best prices.


For any queries or assistance for placing order consult our customer support team at 1800 419 1990 or mail us at .

Lens Packages For Every Budget From GKB Opticals

Proper eyeglasses lenses are essential for a good Spectacle . Depending on your prescription, your daily usage and frame type, eyeglass lenses need to be selected from a wide range of lenses available in the market. Different types of lenses work for different types of eye problems and prescription strengths. Each individual is unique and their vision correction requirements are unique too.  Keeping this in mind, GKB Opticals has a wide range of Lens packages on offer for their customers.

Lens Packages

Let’s take you through the different Lens packages on offer at GKB Opticals:

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2 Ways To Keep Your Spectacles Clean

Are you a Spectacle Wearer? If so,  you’ve already faced the problem of having dirt, oil and grime build up on your spectacles . You can’t deny that you’ve most instinctively used the corner of your shirt to clean your specs of lenses at least once or twice in life, but cleaning spectacles with your shirt is a bad practice. When using your shirt or any average cloth to clean lenses you could be damaging your lenses with dust particles that are present on the cleaning cloth or the lens and damage the lens coatings. Today we share the most effective way to clean your spectacles and lenses .

How To Keep Your Spectacles Clean :

2 Ways To Keep YourSpectacles Clean

Use Specially Formulated Cleaning Agents :

Spectacles hold lenses that help you see properly and these lenses go through a lot of processing and finishing to give you that perfect vision everyday. Most modern lenses come with special layers and coatings to adhere to the needs of the users and this makes it really important to not use harsh detergents, anything with ammonia or bleaching agents. There are many specially formulated spectacle cleaners available that can be used in cleaning lenses without damaging the coating or the frame.

Most of these cleansers come in spray formulas and can be sprayed over the lenses. Use a microfiber cloth or a fresh lint free cotton cloth to gently wipe the lenses and see the difference in how clean your glasses look. Also use the same spray to clean the edges and the frame and get rid of oil and grime every night before you go to bed.


Use Mild Kitchen Detergent :

If you don’t have a specially formulated spectacle cleaner, use warm water and kitchen detergent without ammonia to clean your glasses. Firstly, take slightly warm water in a bowl or in your sink and use a few drops of mild kitchen detergent and mix well. Now soak your glasses in this mix and use your fingers to gently rub over the lens and frame to remove the grime oil and dirt. Now after a few minutes take the glasses out and use a lint free cloth or microfiber cloth to gently wipe the lens and dry the lenses in air. Afterwards if the lenses have water marks wipe them again with lint free cloth or microfiber cloth.


Do’s And Don’ts Of Cleaning Glasses:

  • Never use Spit to Clean your Glasses
  • Never use dirty clothes to Wipe Spectacles
  • Never Wipe Glasses When they are Dry
  • Never use harsh detergents
  • Always use Lint Free Cloth or Microfiber Cloth
  • Always clean your glasses before going to bed
  • If nothing is available rinse them under normal tap water
  • Never use Hot water, as it will damage the coating on your lens

So, now that you know two easy ways to clean your spectacles , you can now clean your glasses correctly and enjoy a clearer picture everyday.


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Six Outstanding Features of Crizal Lenses

Crizal Lenses by Essilor, the leaders among Optical Lens Manufacturers worldwide have made their mark as the trusted optical lens manufacturer. Crizal lenses are a trusted name among optical lens wearers.

Crizal Lenses offer some vision enhancing features that make these lenses stand out from the rest.

  • UV Protection: Crizal lenses help shield eyes from potentially harmful UV Radiation.
  • Scratch Resistance: Resist scratches and keep the lenses in great shape and enjoy great vision for longer.
  • Water Repellent: Resist smudges and watermarks and clean lenses easily. Water droplets do not adhere to the surface and slide off for better vision even in watery conditions
  • Dust Repellent : Dust does not adhere to the lenses and is easier to clean
  • Smudge Resistant: Resist smudges and oil marks and clean them easily with a Crizal lens.
  • Anti Reflection: Cut out reflections and halos to get clearer vision at all times of the day.

In This Infographic We Present The Different Features of Crizal Lenses :


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Protect Your Eyes At Work With Crizal Lenses

Crizal, world’s most popular optical lenses are trusted by more than 260 million customers for their daily vision enhancement needs. These lenses are a great choice for wearing at work and are a favorite among working professionals. Today we tell you how you can protect your eyes at work.

Each individual requires a different set of skills to perform well at their work space, but eyesight plays a vital role in good performance at work. With a huge number of customers putting their trust in Crizal’s superior quality lenses, they are one of the most popular optical lenses around the world. Eyeglasses are not only for Vision correction, for many people eyeglasses are a part of their work culture and how well they perform at work.

Crizal Lenses Have Multiple Benefits(1)

Today, many people spend significant number of hours before digital Screens and computers, that can make eyes tired and fatigued. Glares from the screen and the excessive amount of blue light emission from these screens make it hard for people to work on digital screens without feeling tired and fatigued. Here’s where Crizal anti-reflective coating helps to subdue the effects of these lights. These lenses cut out on the glares and reflections and make it easier to work on computers for longer hours.

Many working professionals spend hours in sunlight, in outdoor conditions doing various works and in this process pose a grave threat to their eyes. Eyes are precious and can work properly in a certain amount of light. If there is excessive light eyes can even get damaged permanently. The sunlight includes harmful UV rays that can cause eye problems, skin problems etc. With Crizal UV protection, one can easily spend time outside and think less about the harmful effects to the eyes.

Also these Lenses are made to withstand daily wear and tear, and are made to to be impact resistant. Crizal lenses come with a scratch resistant coating making it tougher for daily use. A tougher glass means better durability and even an added protection to your eyes. Using these lenses can significantly reduce the chances of eye problems. These superior lenses can also protect your eyes from impact and reduce chances of eye damage with it’s highly durable material.

For people who wear eyeglasses daily, it’s essential to wear correct prescription lenses and keep checking their eyes for any change of power. If you need to work on things that need sharp and clear vision, it would be most appropriate to use good quality lenses like Crizal lenses.

If you need glasses throughout the day, Crizal lenses can be the best option for you. Protect your eyes throughout the day and at your workplace and keep them safe from potential damage with these lenses. Adding the different features available through these lenses can get it tailor made specifically for you and your needs. So why take chance with your eyes, use only Crizal lenses that can help make your working hours easier.

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Vision Enhancement With Crizal Lens

Crizal Lens

Crizal lens is renowned in the optical industry. It is known for its enhanced quality lenses. Perfect transparency can be enjoyed with no limitation with these lenses. It is created using cutting edge technologies that offer eyeglasses with the clearest vision possible. The lenses mean advanced durability which can withstand daily wear.

The original Crizal coating specialized in anti-reflective technology, smudge and scratch resistance. Scratches and smudges reduce visual acuity but with Crizal lenses you can gain exceptional visual clarity. The Crizal no glare lenses provide vision capacity to recover from oncoming headlight while driving at night making night driving more comfortable. The computer is now a constant in daily life. You may be one of the millions of people who spend long hours but with these lenses you can make all those hours much less of a strain by eliminating glare and enhancing contrast.

It is the best performing lens that you can buy. Worn and trusted by over 260 million people all across the glove these are unlike any other pair you have ever experienced. You can enjoy optimal vision comfort and experience a much more flattering appearance. It is easy to clean using a cleaning cloth.

The lenses are engineered for your lifestyle that provide complete protection by defending against glare, scratches, smudges, water, dust and UV rays. The lenses feature technologies that allow the creation of a uniform and durable hairline coating. It protects the eyes from UV rays 25 times more. It preserves your overall well-being which is beneficial for the vision and the regulation of your performance.

This lens increases the density of olephobic and hydrophobic molecules on the surface of the lens. Consequently smudges and water are better repelled and the lens becomes easier to clean. An anti-static layer repels dust and prevents light diffusion for optimum vision. A top layer with anti-fog properties offers no distortion and loss of contrast.

The lenses remain at the top choice for the professionals around the world as they can deliver the best performance which suits your individual lifestyle.Crizal Lens