Presbyopic Contact Lenses For The Aging Eyes

Presbyopic Contact Lenses

Presbyopia is a word that means in Greek, “the elderly eye”. It is a common symptom of the aging eyes. The lens of the eye becomes inflexible and rigid and can no longer adjust its shape easily to allow focus on both distant and near objects. Many people notice the presbyopia effects in the early to mid 40’s as they find themselves holding reading materials at arm’s length so that they can focus accurately. Usually the options for correcting presbyopia are as follows:

  1. Bifocal glasses
  2. Reading glasses
  3. Multifocal or progressive glasses
  4. MonoVision Contact lens
  5. Modified mono vision Contact Lens

Presbyopic Contact Lenses Monovision Contact Lenses: Monovision is essentially the optical status of having one eye focus at a distance and the other one near. This condition allows the relief of symptoms. These lenses are one of the most economical ways which people opt for if they suffer from presbyopia. However, monovision does not work for all. There is a caution to consider it since it is a compromise. So, people from the airlines industry should not opt for this type of lens. Most people nbso online casino reviews who opt for this lens go through a phase as the brain learns to see with eye which suited for the task after understanding which eye is more dominant. Both comfort and vision can become a problem when they reach 40’s. For patients who have a minute level of comfort with reduced vision often drops out of using this type of lenses. Lens material alone will not solve the dryness problem. As an optometrist one should discuss and provide the solutions for dry eye symptoms that will help in improving the longevity and comfort of the contact lens wearer.

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Monovision Monovision can be a wonderful way to start with and patients for whom just one lens can solve the issue. This is simple, convenient and easy to adapt to. Modified Monovision One can also opt for modified monovision which can mean placing a multifocal lens on the non-dominant eye with either no lens or with a single vision lens for distance on the dominant eye. We can also use the term to refer to a low-add multifocal lens on one eye and you can match with a higher add multifocal on the other. Multifocal This is the most commonly used lens for multifocal and bifocal lenses. With a concentric bifocal pattern contact lens, the near correction is located in a small circle at the lens center and is surrounded by a bigger circle which contains the distance correction. This can also be a reversal where the distance correction is in the center and the near correction is in the outer ring. Selection For Lens: There are 3 things that play an important role for making your lens selection decision.

  • Primary Visual Needs Of Patient
  • Visual Sensitivity
  • Refractive Error

For any kind of queries concerning any product related to contact lenses you can get in touch with the professional team at About Jayita Chanda: For the last 6 years I have been involved in the optical industry and my love for fashionable eye wear and passion for writing has helped me in providing quality write-ups as a content writer of Find me on Google

Surprise Free Gift Hampers with International Designer Brands

Surprise gift hamper

Its raining Gifts this season at You can buy any premium range eyewear and grab an attractive Gift Hamper from These are free surprise gift hampers which you can get on every purchase from the below mentioned premium designer brands. They are as follows:

  • D&G
  • Prada
  • Bvlgari
  • Versace
  • Burberry
  • Emporio Armani
  • Giorgio Armani

Surprise gift hamper


Once, you make your eyewear purchase from the above mentioned brands then your package along with your gift hamper will reach within a short time span. The gift hamper will be wrapped in a beautiful box with beauty essentials. This surprise gift will surely be a wonderful thing for your loved ones. So this festive mobile casino season consider giving one to your lady love if you want to make her really very happy.

The joy of gifting capricorn monthly horoscope females rarely think about the reasons of their actions, considering arguments like “this is customary” and “this is how it should be” weighty enough. is enhanced especially when it is the festive season. Whether it is your girlfriend, wife or sister it does not matter as long as you can make the woman in your life happy everything will be all right. Not only will she be the proud owner of a gorgeous designer sunglasses or eyeglasses but she will also be surprised to receive the free gift hamper. Each and every women love receiving gifts and this one is sure to make her happy. Therefore, without any further delay go ahead and place your eyewear order right now from the above mentioned brands and see the smile on her face come alive.

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6 Things Which You Should Know About Eyeglasses Before Purchasing

Things you should know about eyeglass purchase

There are several aspects that you are required to know before you purchase glasses. But, very few people take the time and trouble to make themselves aware about the eyeglasses they are sporting or are about to buy. Things you should know about eyeglass purchase

1.Consider the material: Frames are made of different quality materials. You need to choose a particular type depending on your requirement. Choose a material which will hold its adjustment and will not corrode or turn green with corrosion. Make sure your frame lasts for a long time if you are planning to make a good investment.

2.Know your pupillary distance: The PD or pupillary distance is an essential piece of information you need to know about eyeglasses. It can be tricky to measure your own PD. Hence, visit an optometrist’s store and ask them to take the measurement for you.

3.Know your frame size: When you are choosing the right frame when buying eyeglasses online you will need to know the bridge, eye and temple size. If you are purchasing eyeglasses for the first time then you can consult the optical professionals to ensure a proper fit.

4.Inexpensive frames: Are They worth It: There are many reasonably priced frames available at online stores. There can be major quality differences casino depending on the manufacturing method and materials. Acetate frames built in layers will last longer and will make you feel absolute comfort. Also, you can look for lightweight metal alloys which are hypoallergenic and highly flexible. So, low priced frames are likely to break and might require very few adjustments.

5.Measured to fit your face: Measurements are important to ensure that your prescription works for you properly. Your face is unique so are the way your lenses fit your frames. Your eye doctor will take measurements that ensure that it looks good on you.

6.Are all anti-reflective coatings the same? No, the coatings are not all the same. They are placed on the top of the scratch coating which makes the lenses more susceptible to scratching. Most optical professional suggest Crizal which is a combination of anti-reflective coating and anti-scratch. This has resulted in a tougher and easier coating to clean.

If you keep these few aspects in mind then you can definitely purchase the right pair of eyeglasses for yourself. For further assistance you can consult your optical professional and get the right pair for yourself.

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Get UV Protected Eye wear: Essential Element For Eye Protection

UV protected eyewear

We all want to enjoy the sun and hence taking precaution is of utmost essentiality. Did you know that the primary source of UV rays is the sun? And, extended exposure to the UV rays can be extremely harmful for the skin and eyes. This eye damage includes cataracts, macular degeneration, photokeratitis which may eventually lead to temporary vision loss.

UV protected eyewear

Risk Of UV Rays- Who, Why & How? Research suggests, the high energy visible radiation – also referred as “blue light” which may increase your long term risk of macular degeneration. Individuals with low blood plasma levels of Vitamin C and other anti-oxidants especially appear at retinal damage risk from high energy visible radiation. Everybody is at risk from the damaging effects of UV radiation. Parents

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should be aware that their children are most susceptible to this kind of damage. The only way to protect yourself from the harmful rays of the sun is by using UV protected eye wear. UV rays can affect your eyes from different directions. They radiate directly and reflect from the ground, water or snow and other bright surfaces. Choose to go for eye wear that offers UV protection features.

Biggest Name In The Industry To Offer UV Protective Eye wear: GKBOpticals, is proud to announce that it offers sunglasses with 100% UV protection features. It is a huge success and satisfaction when you are capable of saving someone’s eyes from the hazardous effects of UV rays. Your optician can assist you to choose the best lenses for your requirements. To protect as much of the skin around your eyes you can choose to go for close-fitted wraparound styles with large lenses. Depending on your lifestyle you can choose to opt for sport sunglasses. The amount of UV protection sunglasses offer is not related to the darkness and color of the lenses. A light amber lens color can offer the same protection as a dark grey lens.

Rain Or Shine Your Sunnies Should Always Be With You: Remember to wear sunglasses even when you are in shade because although the shade lessens your exposure to the harmful rays of the sun to a certain degree your eyes will still be exposed to the rays reflected from other surfaces. UV protective sunglasses are important especially in winter as fresh snow can reflect 70-80% UV rays online casino which exposes you to excess harm.

Different Lenses For Eye Protection From UV Rays: Opt for polarized lenses as it reduces reflected glare from the sunlight which bounces off water or snow. A photchromic lens would be ideal too as it adjust to different light conditions giving you utmost comfort and ease. Mirror coated lenses lessen visible light which is beneficial for your eyes. Last but not the least you can also go for gradient lenses by taking the suggestion of your ophthalmologist as they reduce glare and allows you to see clearly. Single gradient lenses are useful for driving whereas double gradient lens are useful for winter or water sports.

But, you need not fear the sunny days if you are properly equipped with the right eye protection gear as you can get quality sunglasses with UV rays protection features at These shades are available in an extensive variety in different sizes, shapes and colors from which you may make your purchase.

About Jayita Chanda: For the last 6 years I have been involved in the optical industry and my love for fashionable eye wear and passion for writing has helped me in providing quality write-ups as a content writer of Find me on Google

New ‘Spectacle Package’ Offer Launched At Only At Rs. 640

Complete Spectacle Package

There is good news for all eyeglass wearers! An amazing offer has been launched for buyers looking for a budget purchase in spectacles. You can get a complete spectacle package at at just Rs 640. This package includes frame and lens. There are about 10 rimless spectacles available in different colors. As an interested buyer you can choose from a wide variety of colors such as red, blue, white, purple, pink, black and blue. An awesome discount of 74% is available which reduced the price of the 980 rupees spectacles to just Rs 250.

Complete Spectacle Package

If you have considered of availing this offer then choose your product and click on the ‘Shop Now’ option. On entering, the details of the prescription you will have to select the lens package you would want for your glasses. There are 3 packages from which you can choose or customize the lenses according to your needs.

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Advanced & Superior Lens Package: The Advanced Lens package comes with 1.5 Index lenses which are priced at Rs 990. They are lightweight lenses with UV protection and scratch resistant features. Higher transparency and anti-reflective features are other noted facets of these lenses. The Opticians choice is the Superior lens package which costs Rs 2720. They offer 1.5 Index Crizal lens with anti-reflective features. They eliminate glare and reduces smudge by providing you enhanced vision. With 100% vision clarity you will surely feel blessed.

So, if you are considering of making an online purchase for your spectacles and avail this awesome offer then go ahead right away. If you have any doubts regarding the same then you can always call us at 1800 419 1990, or email us at:

11 Tips For How To Use Your Spectacles

Cleaning is a must

You invest a lot in finding the accurate pair of eyeglasses. The perfect frame shape can help you to express yourself perfectly. With the help of quality lens fitted to your frame you can get the gift of vision. So, don’t you want to do everything you can to ensure that these spectacles last as long as possible? Discussed below are some great tips on how to handle your spectacles so that they last for a very long time. 

tips to use your spectacles

2. Avoid Distortion: It would be wise not to put your eyeglasses on the top of your head. This will distort the shape and there is a higher chance that it will fall and get damaged.

3. Cleaning Everyday Is A Must: Every night before going to bed always remember to clean your spectacles so that all the dirt that has settled on it throughout the day comes off easily.

Cleaning is a must

4. Put It In A Box: It would be wise of you to keep your glasses in a case when you are not wearing them. Even if they are not in a box make sure that you have kept them in the right position with the lenses away from any surface. You must not keep your glasses in your pocket as that can get damaged very easily.

Proper Storage of your spectacles

5. Callous Handling Can Harm Your Glasses: Never leave your spectacles on a table or a place where people might make it dirty or drop them and break it.

6. Heat May Damage Your Glasses: It is strictly suggested not to leave your spectacles on the car dashboard or where it may be exposed to a lot of heat as that can disfigure them or the coatings may get damaged.

7. Right Alignment for a Proper Fit: You should get your spectacles aligned once or twice every year so that it continues to fit you properly.

8. Hot Water Is A Strict No-No: You must never use hot water on your glasses as that can damage the AR or anti reflective coating.

9. Gentle Wash Is Suggested: If you find that your lenses have become extremely dirty then you may use liquid soap to wash it. Wipe the lenses clean under a running tap. You can use Isopropyl alcohol may be used to clean soiled lenses.

10. Avoid Rough Material: You must never use rough material for drying your lenses as it may leave scratches on your lenses. Always use a high quality lens cloth for cleaning your spectacles.

11. Replace Nose pads: In metal frames you will find the nose pads tend to get discolored with time and it may become less comfortable. Try to get the nose pads replaced at least once in every 6 months so that wearing spectacles remain a comfortable experience for you.

Conclusion: If you manage to keep these points in mind then you will see that your spectacles are lasting for a really long time. If you were not aware of these factors then you must start following them from today.


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Crizal Lenses Eliminates The Enemies Of Clear Vision

Crizal eliminates the enemies of clear vision

Don’t settle for normal glass lenses when you can opt for Crizal lenses. These out-perform standard lenses as it helps you to look and feel better. They are almost invisible lenses and are highly durable and scratch-resistant. Easy to clean and non-glare properties makes this a popular choice among eyeglass wearers. These lenses come with a finish that repels water which makes it easier for you to see even when it is raining. They remove reflection and cause fatigue and eye strain especially when in front of computer screens and fluorescent lighting. They also resist smudges and dust so you will not have to clean them very often. The lenses can make wearing glasses less of a hassle. It also offers the most effective UV protection.

Benefits Of Crizal Lenses

If you choose to go for these lenses you will be benefitted in more ways than possible. Following are the 6 benefits that have been jotted down for you to see.

Crizal eliminates the enemies of clear vision

Reduces Glare: By choosing Crizal lenses you can combat eye strain caused due to fluorescent lights and computer use. If you are experiencing intense glare then this type of lenses can help you to see better by cutting down on the intensity of the glare. You will definitely feel more comfortable and safer when you are driving during nighttime as it will reduce the light glare coming from the cars in opposite direction.

Repels Dust: Crizal are dust repellent lenses which help in reducing hazy and blurry vision. These are low-maintenance lenses which remain clear throughout the day. With the help of the anti-particulate technology these low-maintenance lenses stay cleaner for a longer time period.

Repels Water: Whether you are river rafting or just stuck in heavy rain

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it does not matter as long as you are sporting these water-resistant lenses you will have the gift online casino of clear vision. They stay cleaner for a longer time period and helps in reducing distorted and blurry vision offering comfortable and clear vision throughout the day.

Benefits of Crizal lenses

Scratch-Resistant: Double sided integrated hard coat and SR Booster Layer technology are incorporated in making these scratch resistant lenses. They are durable and offer clear and comfortable vision that lasts longer and protects your investment. This protects against daily wear and tear and ensures a long lasting pair of spectacles for you.

Smudge Resistant: With super hydrophobic top coat using High Surface Density (HSD) process technology you can get smudge resistant glasses for yourself. They easily wipe away

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oil, dirt and fingerprints by enhancing visual acuity. These lenses are easy to clean and low maintenance which improves top coat durability and uniformity for long term performance.

UV Protection: Crizal Lenses offers 25X more UV protection that protects your eyes against the harmful rays of the sun with the help of E-SPF 25. Daily exposure to UV rays can damage your eyes and accelerate the appearance of cataract and other eye conditions.

Conclusion: Indeed these lenses are the top choice of patients and eye care professionals across the globe as they offer the best performance in the market that suits your lifestyle needs.

About Jayita Chanda: For the last 6 years I have been involved in the optical industry and my love for fashionable eye wear and passion for writing has helped me in providing quality write-ups as a content writer of Find me on Google

How To Spot A Fake Ray Ban Sunglass?

There are several things you can do to guarantee that sunglasses are authentic and not fake. When it comes to a pair of awesome Ray ban shades don’t let yourself get robbed and be a smart consumer. You should be able to tell the difference between the real and the cheap imitations so you can wear your Ray Ban sunglasses with pride and confidence next time onwards.

Check for the feel and look for seams on plastic: All original products are crafted from quality materials by using the finest manufacturing processes. Due to the process you should not be able to detect any rough spots on the glass seams. In a fake pair of shades you can find seams anywhere like the mold used or on the upper edges of the glasses above the lenses and the tops of the arms which rest on the ears.

Check for lightweight: Take your Ray Ban sunglasses in your hand and toss it around in your hand to check for the weight. If you feel it is unusually light, fragile and thin then there is a good chance that these are not real. Since, real sunglasses have metal support struts inside the arms which sit on the ears and are responsible for much of the weight.

Check for the weight

Check for non-glass lenses: Check your glasses from the front portion. Give few gentle clicks and check whether you casino online can

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feel the clinking sound of original glass. However, non-glass lens don’t always mean that they are fake. However, unless they are cloudy, cheap looking and of poor quality.

Check for inferior quality hinges in metal: Ensure that the hinges are of good quality metal construction. They should not be glued but cleanly bolted to the glasses. Original Ray Ban sunglasses for men have an exclusive metal hinge that comes with interlocking metal teeth.

Inferior “RB” etching on the lenses: Most Rayban models come with an almost imperceptible ‘RB’ etched in one of the lenses. This is very small and near the lens edge. If your shades are fake then you might not be able to see them or it may appear sloppily etched or smudged. However, some models also come with a ‘BL’ etching.

Quality of Nose Pads: Genuine sunglasses come with nosepads which are firm, comfortable and rubbery material. They should not feel slimy, slick, and fragile and easy to remove as you will know that they are fake Ray Ban India sunglasses.

Flushed Temple Logo: You should check from the side and you will find a cursive logo on the temple of the glasses. It should be professionally and cleanly attached. If it is poorly stuck then your shades are possibly not genuine. However, with very thin arms such as Aviators no logo is usually present.

Check for the model number on Arms: Check at the inside of the arms and if you own a Clubmaster or wayfarers then you will be able to see the manufacturing and serial number. If you have the original packaging then you can check to ensure that the serial numbers of the glasses are matching the ones on the label of box.

Spot a fake Rayban sunglass

Conclusion: If you take these points into consideration when making a purchase then you will definitely not get duped getting a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses for yourself. Once, you have made a correct purchase you can strut around in style with your stylish pair of shades.

About Jayita Chanda: For the last 6 years I have been involved in the optical industry and my love for fashionable eye wear and passion for writing has helped me in providing quality write-ups as a content writer of Find me on Google