Latest design and collection of J.F.Rey Eyewear at

J.F.Rey Eyewear

J.F.Rey or Jean-Francois Rey is an International eyewear brand that focuses on offering futuristic unique styles of eyeframes. The brand has been in the optical field for twenty years. The latest design and collection of J.F.Rey draws inspiration from the contemporary architecture and artistic styles. The added edge adds appeal for both men and women. The exclusive details of the eyeglasses incorporate laser cut innovative patterns. The brand offers these products to customers with a unique sense of fashion. It embodies refined technology and chic styles.

J.F.Rey Eyewear

Each product that is crafted by this brand is off-beat and showcases uniqueness down to the temple tip. J.F.Rey has received many awards and hence established itself as a world leader in the eyewear industry. With years of experience J.F.Rey has managed to carve a special place for itself. The out-of-the box designs are unparalleled which very few brands can offer. These eyeglasses are comfortable because of its lightweight and hence a popular choice among most individuals. The unique choice of colors and combination of materials adds to the exclusivity and durability of the products. The brand is well known for its unique skill and visionary spirit.

These products are highly durable for the use of high-tech materials. They are available with prescription lenses only at It has being launched by for the first time in India. The glasses bestow originality and elegance to the wearer. Customers can find an impressive

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collection 78 eyeglasses from which they can take their pick. The lightweight metal frames are comfortable and durable. You will find these frames in a wide variety of shapes.

Full-rims and half-rims are available and one can make their purchase depending on their requirement and personal fashion preference. Take your pick from square, rectangle, cat-eyes and oval frames that are available at You can take your pick depending on your face shape and style preferences. Here, you will find these eyeframes in a wide variety of colors and sizes from which you can make your purchase. The price range in which the frames are offered at is Rs 6000-20,000.

Customers can shop according to their budget and requirement. Making purchases from our optical store will be beneficial as you can get discounts that will help you to save a little bit of money. So, without further delay check out our amazing range of eyeglasses which are on offer and shop the one that you want to add to your collection.

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Sunglasses: A Must Have For Complete Eyecare

Oakley Wraparound Sunglasses

For years, we have referred to sunglasses casually as “shades”. It reflects the laid back vibe which goes with the product. For many, they mean fashion and not just health. They are more about looking stylish than about taking care of your vision. However, today there is an increasing rate of UV rays that boosts the risk of developing macular degeneration and cataracts. Both conditions affect older people and can leave mark over time.

Doctors suggest, both conditions can threaten healthy vision and it is best to wear shades all year round. Moreover, you will experience better night vision when you wear these products. There are a few things to look for when choosing your . It is essential to make sure that they offer UV protection. Once, the threat of UV light is eliminated you can focus on issues like glare reduction and selecting a tint which will help in controlling the degree of brightness that reaches your eyes.

Importance of Shades during winter: While most of us are aware of the sun damage very few people realize the essentiality to take precautions even during the winter months. The UV rays that pose a huge problem when reflected off bright snow. Those who enjoy outdoor sports should be extra careful. So, what is the best way to protect your eyes? Optometrists suggest wearing shades that block UV rays and ensure that you invest in a durable pair of shades. Choose gradient lens that are tinted from top down so that your eyes will not get damaged in any way.ray ban glasses frames

Oakley Holebrook Iridium Sunglasses

Shades for People with Eye Power: are is in the wrong and should be careful what he says to people. often the best solution for clear vision. They reduce glare and your need for squinting in bright conditions will be eliminated. For comfort and convenience the best solution for seeing would be prescription shades. These shades are available in a wide variety of designs and lens materials. For boating, fishing and driving polarized lenses offer enhanced glare protection. If you plan to wear them even during sports then there is a potential of causing eye injuries. Hence, you must opt for lightweight lenses made of polycarbonate. Lenses made from this material are impact-resistant in comparison to plastic or glass. The only exception is that it cannot be made in wraparound styles. However, you may find models with a lesser curved wraparound styles.oakley sunglasses uk

Oakley Frogskin Sunglasses

Impact Resistant: All branded sunglasses must meet the standards for impact resistance set by the Federal Food and Drug Administration for safety. No lens is completely unbreakable but in comparison plastic lenses are less likely to break when hit by something. If you are buying polycarbonate lenses then you must check for the ones that come with scratch resistant coatings.

Gradient Lenses: Opt for gradient lenses are shaded from top to bottom. Single gradient lenses reduce the glare and will allow you to see clearly below. They are extremely useful as it will not dim your dashboard view. However, it will not lessen the glare in snowy surroundings at the beach. For a sports person with double gradient lenses are air max ltd

Other things that you need to consider when choosing the perfect pair of shades are as follows:

Opt for wraparound or oversized shades: Bigger lenses and frames can offer you more UV protection as they guard your eyes from the peripheral rays.

Oakley Wraparound Sunglasses

Polar is the way to go: Choose to go for polarized lenses which block out the glare that bounces off pavements, smooth surfaces and windshields.

Consider color and mirror: The best color for your lenses would be gray. Are you thinking about the reason? Then, you should know that it does not change colors. Brown and green lenses are good for you too. You can also opt for mirror coated shades. However, they might not fully protect you from UV radiation they definitely lessen the amount of light that enters your eyes.

Rx effects: Don’t be restricted by your thoughts and choices if you wear prescription glasses, why not add to the wardrobe?

Automate: You can request your optometrist to prescribe you Photochromic lenses. They automatically get darker when you are out in the sun and return to normal when you are inside.air jordan 13

However, you must know that shades will not be able to protect your eyes from particular intense light like Arc welding and tanning lights. The shades are only applicable for general outdoor activities.

About Jayita Chanda: As a content writer of I’m privileged to offer new ideas and information regarding the optical industry. My passion for writing over the last 6 years and love for trendy eyewear

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6 Hottest Trends In Eyewear For College Students

Rayban Velvet Sunglasses

Fashion is a celebration of uniqueness. It is not just about the clothes you wear but also the accessories. Fashion is how you project yourself with the right clothing and accessories. Most people would say that it is an expression of who you want to be or who you really are. Hence, this monsoon season you need to get your style right especially when you are walking through the gates of your college on first day. We all love monsoons for its gentle winds and pleasant smell of wet earth. But, since the weather is dull you need to add some color to your wardrobe with the right pair of eyewear.

Keeping the weather in mind you should go for water-friendly shell frames. Here, at you will find a wide variety of vibrant colored shades to choose from. Colorful Wayfarer  will look great on you. The slick temples of the Velvet collection add to the chick look. If you want a pair you can check it out at By adding this to your wardrobe collection you will add some vintage spunk to your look.

Rayban Velvet Sunglasses

If you have eye power and want to rock it in  then give your eyes the attention they deserve by selecting the hottest pairs. Unique frosted colors are making their way onto frames in a big way. The colors add interest and texture by jazzing up your look with a French vibe. You can wear it with jeans for a laid back weekend or with short dress for a fashion forward day at the college. So, yes, the eyewear trend is all about striking colorful sunnies that you just have to love it! We are definitely giving this trend thumbs up.

rayban eyeglass

Popular styles for men’s  are found in solid black, metal or tortoise frames. A classic look is always great for you to have year round. However, in the monsoon season you can go for some color options that will brighten up your everyday look. Play up with colors and patterns and steer away from the solid colors because it is too safe an option for the young and daring. So, inspire fun when the sun peeps out from the clouds and sport a printed style sunglass.

Rayban wayfarers

Another  trend that has come back in its popularity chart is cat eye frames that are a rage among the young fashionistas. It first purred into the fashion scene in the 50’s and it became highly popular in the 90’s. It is best suited for young women with inverted triangular and diamond face shapes. It has quickly become every girl’s defining style statement that is laced with a feline feminine mystique. The cateye style is out of the bag and it is definitely here to stay for the young and hip college going crowd.

Prada eyeglasses

College is the easiest and best time to meet the woman or man of your dreams. And you never know who you will run into. Hence, by changing your wardrobe it will definitely help you to feel like you are really starting a new phase of your life. What catches the attention most in such a situation is a stylish mirror sunglass. It adds a splash of color and shine to your outfit. You can match your outfit with these colorful  and look ramp ready while strutting around in college.

Rayban aviators

While we definitely cannot get enough of bold eyeglasses sometimes it is nice to revisit the classics. After all they always remain in style. But when we talk about the conventional we don’t mean mundane or boring. Cool matte and colorful fresh shell frames do exist and you can take a pick from an exciting range of affordable  at Some of the well known brands offer spectacles in some of most unique designs from which you can take your pick.air jordan 6

Inspira eyeframe

Wearing spectacles and sunnies is the perfect way to give any outfit a boost. So, be monsoon ready always and have a splash while you place yourself as the style icon of your college. Come and take a look at the varying styles which is fit for the upcoming season and become the next style stud of your college.

About Jayita Chanda: As a content writer of I’m privileged to offer new ideas and information regarding the optical industry. My passion for writing over the last 6 years and love for trendy eyewear has helped me to understand the subtle nuances of thisnike max air

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Brand Creation – How Important It is For Optical Industry


A brand is the image or idea of a particular service or product that consumers make a connection with, by identifying the logo, name or slogan. Branding is when that idea is marketed so that it recognizable by more and more people and identified with a particular service or product when there are other organizations providing the same thing. Professionals who work on branding build brand recognition, good reputation and a set of standards to which the organization strives to surpass or at least maintain.

Branding is an essential part of e-commerce as it allows organizations to build their reputation as well as expand beyond the original service or product that will add to the revenue generated by the original brand. It is important for all industries including the optical industry.

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When you are working on the branding of an optical company or building their brand they need to work out a few details like Web pages using SEO. Coordinating brand and domain names are an essential part of seeking and keeping clients and visitors. This coordination leads to the identification to the image or idea of a particular service or product which lets visitors discover the optical brand in a whole new way.ray ban aviator

Branding is also an effective way to build your optical company asset which is a good reputation. Whether your

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company has no reputation or less than a credible reputation branding can change everything. It will build an expectation about the products like sunglasses and eyeglasses and can encourage the organization to maintain that expectation or exceed them bringing better products to the market place.air jordan 8