10 Tips For Computer Eye Strain Relief


In today’s time 99% people use computers at work. This leads to extreme computer eye strain. Studies have shown that 50-80% of computer workers have shown signs of strain which can be extremely bothersome. These issues can range from decreased productivity and mental and physical fatigue. You will suffer minor annoyances such as red eyes and twitching. However, there are easy steps by which you can relieve yourself from the threat of computer strain or symptoms of CVS (Computer Vision Syndrome).


Comprehensive Eye Exam: It is extremely important that you get your eyes checked from time to time. You can treat and prevent several vision problems. During the examination it is essential to inform your doctor on how often you use a computer.


 Use adequate lights: Eye strain is caused by bright light too. Whether it is from the outdoor sunlight or from harsh interior lighting. Hence, when you are using your computer the brightness and contrast should be reduced. Make sure that the positioning of your PC is such that the windows are on the side instead of in the front. Many users feel that their eyes are comfortable when they are not working under overhead fluorescent lights. Hence, make sure that you don’t have overhead lighting at your home or workspace.

Reduce glare: Reflections on your computer screen can cause computer eye strain. Hence, you can consider of installing an anti-glare screen on the monitor. However, you can you also cover the windows with thick heavy curtains so that no outside light can reflect on your screen.

Upgrade Your Display: If you have not done this then it is high time that you replace your old monitor with an LCD display. These screens are easier on the eyes and come with an anti-reflective surface. When you are making a purchase choose a screen that comes with the highest resolution possible. Opt for a comparatively large display and adjust your settings in terms of color temperature, texture contrast and size and brightness.

Upgrade Your display

Blink Often: Blinking often will definitely be beneficial when you are working in front of a computer. This process moistens your eyes and prevents it from any kind of irritation and dryness. People usually blink less frequently. Tears covering the eyes usually evaporate during phases when you are not blinking. This may often cause dry eyes. Hence, you can opt to use lubricating eye drops to keep them moistened. You must blink 10 times by closing your eyes very slowly every 20 minutes. This helps in keeping your eyes wet.

Splash Water: If you are feeling that your eyes are burning, then you must go to the rest room to splash some cold water over your eyes. Let the water dry slowly on its own before you start working again.

Take frequent breaks: It is important to reduce the risk of Computer Vision Syndrome by taking frequent breaks. According to studies, it has shown that computer eye strain and discomfort is reduced when computer workers took two 15 minute breaks and also additional five minutes mini breaks throughout their workday.

Take frequent breaks


Exercise your eyes: Reduce your risk of tiring your eyes by looking away from your computer every 20 minutes and gazing at a distance for around 20 seconds or so. Another exercise would be to gaze at a distant object for 10 seconds and then at something up close. Repeat this process 10 times. This will reduce the risk of a condition called accommodative spasm and give you eye strain relief.

Exercise your eyes

Adapt your workstation: If you have to look back and forth from your computer screen to a printed page then it would be better if it stands adjacent to the monitor. Use a desk lamp but ensure that it’s not shining on your eyes. Improper posture can also contribute to strain and CVS. Raise your chair to the correct height and position your computer screen at least 2 feet away from your eyes.

Consider computer eyeglasses: For the ultimate eye strain relief and prevention you might consider of opting for glasses with anti-reflective coating. This reduces the glare which reflects from the back and front of your lenses. However, if you are wearing contact lenses then it is important that you change into glasses as sustained work in front of the computer can make your eyes uncomfortable and dry. Whether you are opting for progressive lenses or bifocals computer glasses are a great choice.


Hence, if you want to keep your eyes protected from the harmful effects of the computer strain then it is of utmost importance that you follow the above stated points. You will not only benefit in relieving from the strain but also keep them in perfect condition for a long time.

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Which Ray Ban Sunglasses Are Best For You?


Ray Ban is one of the most sought after brands by both men and women. The brand name is considered as a style statement in itself. Everybody desires to own a fabulous pair of shades that will be best for them and add an edge to their personality. The Ray ban India offers an extensive range of colors and designs to choose from and hence you will find a unique pair for everyone. The different styles are complimentary to a variety of face shapes and fashion preferences. These products are a combination of style, quality and innovation. Ray ban sunglasses price in India is within Rs 3,000-Rs 23,000. Given below are 4 of the RB product series and their details from which you can take your pick and make a gorgeous statement.

Classic Aviators RB 3025: Designed in the year 1937 for the U.S. military fighter pilots for protection of eyes during their flight. It is one of the most defining style icons which owe its fame to the military history. RB 3025 series of Aviator sunglasses have a timeless appeal with exclusive teardrop shaped lenses and are highly popular among the celebrities as well. Ray Ban aviator sunglasses 3025 series that enable you to flaunt a legendary look. It is available in 5 different colors and is the undisputed top choice when it comes to shopping for a perfect pair. Aviators go well with all face shapes and hence you can make a great purchase.


Original Wayfarers RB 2140: The brand created another unique style in the year 1952 with defining trapezoidal shaped casino online lenses which comes with plastic frames. They slant forward from your face and give them the fit which makes people fall in love with you. Also, the RB 2140 series of wayfarers are available in two different sizes: 54mm and 50mm. Hence, you will find a comfortable and well fitting eyewear for yourself. Wayfarers have an exclusive look and very few people can actually carry it off with perfection. So, while shopping you must choose carefully.


Mirror Aviators: The mirror sunglasses that we sport today were created back in the year 1936. These aviator styled sunglasses comes finished with matte plastic temples and slim brushed metal frames. The logo lettering highlights the lens. By sporting mirror RayBan aviator sunglasses them you can make an awesome style statement.

Mirror Aviators

Flip-Out Aviators RB 3460: Inspired by the classic aviators, the Flip out comes with 3 interchangeable lenses and a special lens case where you can store for wearing tomorrow. Each frame is absolutely nickel-free and corrosion resistant with hypoallergenic features. The lenses come with a signature logo. Hence, you can switch out a lens and click in a new one whenever you please.

Flip-Out Aviators

 ClubMaster RB 3016: Launched originally in the year 1986, these retro and timeless shades are popular among leaders and counter-culture intellectuals. The iconic retro style design is inspired by the lifestyle of the 60’s. These are available in different color options.

Rayban Clubmaster

 Folding Wayfarer RB 4105: The brand has reworked the original design that comes with distinct hinges at the bridge and arms which lets the frame to be folded in a compact storage form. This style of shades comes with durable metal alloy hinges. Portable and practical and always in fashion. These folding shades are available in a wide range of colors.

Folding Wayfarers

The brand has a solution for all your eyewear needs. Here, at GKBOptical.com you will find Rayban sunglasses for men and women, from which you can shop at your convenience. The designs are fun and flattering which will look great on you. While making your purchase you can take the opinion of your friend to ensure that you have made the right choice purchasing Rayban India online.

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7 Amazing Facts About Your Eyes

7 Amazing Facts About Your Eyes

Eyes are the most vital organ of your body. Hence, it is of utmost importance that you take proper care of it. However, there are a few interesting facts about your eyes knowing which will definitely be good for you in the long run.

The following

infographic provides compact and vivid information to online casino canada all our valuable visitors which are beneficial for them in the long run.

7 Amazing Facts About Your Eyes

Source : http://www.lenstore.co.uk/

Celebrating Independence Day With GKBOptical.com

Independence Day Offer

Independence Day is a celebration of our culmination of long struggle of freedom after a long dark period of slavery. This year celebrate on August 15, 2014 with enthusiasm and zeal to commemorate the sacrifices of our nation’s heroes. This Independence Day give your eyes complete freedom with the best quality eyeglasses and sunglasses from GKBOptical.com. This is the 68th Independence Day of India and you can celebrate it by availing special offers on your purchases from our store.

Independence Day Offer

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***Except for brands such as RayBan, Polaroid and Maui-Jim.

By availing these offers you will be able to save a considerable amount on your eyeglasses or sunglasses purchase. So, this festive season if you are planning to get a new pair casino online of stylish eyewear for yourself then these offers will definitely be beneficial for you. The GKB vouchers are an incentive to be capable of offering more to the consumer. The price match is a great way of retaining the customer base while providing a great deal.

Besides, these vouchers the leading optical store is offering 25% discount on frames, sunglasses and contact lenses. So, it is up to you which offer you would like to avail and benefit in the long run. While making your purchase you can avail exchange policy, free shipping which are definitely reliable services. The GKB vouchers are a great way of saving and looking good this festive season.

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Why choose budget-friendly eyewear from GKBOptical.com: A Leading Online Eyewear Store?


Everybody needs protection for their eyes. Hence, a quality pair of sunglasses is required for preventing the harmful UV rays of the lipitor dosage sun. The great thing about sunglasses is that you can get a suitable pair at a budget that is well suited for you. Very few nexium people are ready to pay an exorbitant amount of money for their eyewear. Hence, it is of utmost importance that optical stores stock budget-friendly sunglasses as well as eyeglasses for the customers with low budget. In this blog we will explore as to why buying budget eyewear from GKBOptical.com a leading online eyewear store is a wise decision.

  • Quality Of The Eyewear
  • Affordable Price Range Of The Eyewear
  • Extensive Collection Of Sunglasses & Eyeglasses

Quality Of Eyewear: The sunglasses and eyeglasses available at GKBOptical.com a leading online eyewear store are made from either, metal, shell or titanium that ensures that the product will last for a very long time. The craftsmanship and finish of these products are par excellence and you will surely benefit from the aspect of durability. Not only will you be saving money during your purchase but will also save in the long run as you will not have to go for frequent repairs or buy a new pair every other month. Budget-Friendly-Eyewear  

Affordability: The price range within which sunglasses and eyeglasses are available is Rs 300-Rs 1200. This range is so reasonable that anyone can afford it. From students to young professionals everybody can get a new look for themselves at an extremely low cost. These products are available for both men and women. The colors in which these budget friendly online sunglasses and eyeglasses are primarily available are red, blue, black, brown, grey and white.

Huge Collection: There are about 106+ sunglasses and 171+ products in eyeframes available at GKBOptical.com from which you can take your pick. Wraparound, wayfarers, aviators, are the primary shapes from can women take viagra which you can choose for sunglasses. In budget friendly eyeglass frames full-rim, rimless and half-rim styles are popular from which lexapro you can take your http://cialis24hour-pharmacy.com/viagra-generic.html pick. Different face shapes match different styles and it is on the buyer’s discretion which frame they would choose.

An extensive range of sunglasses are available at GKBOptical.com from which you can make your purchase. The Sundrive sunglasses, a GKB manufactured in-house brand offers shades well within your range. More than 137 products are available under this brand in different styles and colors. More than 570+ budget eyeglasses online are available in Inspira a popular GKB manufactured in-house brand available in various styles and designs.

Customers may choose from different sizes and hence interested buyers can opt for themselves depending on their requirement. If needed you can get power lenses that will offer 100% vision clarity. By buying from GKBOptical.com you will never have to compromise on the quality of shades and its lenses. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and start shopping right away! You will definitely save a huge deal of money while shopping for your items.

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Spread Love This Raksha Bandhan

Wayfarer Sunglasses

Raksha Bandhan is an Indian tradition of celebrating the sacred bond of love shared by brothers and sisters. With a simple ceremony of tying the Rakhi the festival is celebrated in a simple way. It is carried out with reverence and has been rooted in the psyche of all Indian brothers and sisters. The tradition of sending and receiving gifts is what makes it special. You will all surely agree that the relationship with your siblings will perhaps be one of the best and longest relationships you will ever have. From being each other’s buddies to bullies you will be sources of inspiration and pride for each other. GKBOptical.com as one of India’s leading retail eyewear store offers its online http://flagylpharmacy-generic.com/ceftin-items-online.html shoppers a wide range of products from which they can take their pick. So, to celebrate this beautiful relationship on RakshaBandhan why don’t you consider of gifting your brother or sister something special? How about a stylish pair of sunglasses for your brother? Check out the following pairs of shades from which you can take your pick. They have been categorized for college goers and working professionals.

Has your sister started going to college as yet? Then consider of gifting your fashionable sister a stylish pair as it is the latest in fashion and she is sure to love it because she can flaunt it to nexium savings card her generic celebrex friends. With this pair she will surely make a gorgeous style statement.

Prada Sunglasses

Is your geeky brother oblivious to fashion? Then this is the perfect time to change his fashion sense and gift him from a range of cool wayfarer sunglasses from GKBOptical.com.

Wayfarer Sunglasses

<p style=”background: white;margin: 0in casino online 0in 12.75pt 0in”>If your sibling is working then you can choose to gift them a stylish pair of aviator. At GKBOptical.com you will find a wide variety of aviator sunglasses. If you are willing to spend a little more, then you can get her a little branded too. You can choose to get the shades from RayBan, Police or even Gucci. Your brother and you may share a cordial relationship because of the huge age gap but that does not nullify the

fact that all what he does is for your betterment. So, let’s acknowledge his love for you on this Rakshabandhan and gift him a classy pair of aviators which never fails to impress anyone.

Aviator Sunglasses

You can share your special moments with us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/gkbopticals

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Contact Lenses: Get Perfect Vision in Style

Contact Lens

There are different types of contact lenses which have been highly popular among youngsters since it was launched. It is an essential accessory for individuals with weak eyesight. It primarily corrects problems such as astigmatism and presbyopia. These help the wearers to stay in style and get perfect vision. There are different brands available from which you can purchase contact lenses. People can get colored contact lenses too for an enhanced style statement. Its popularity has increased because it is easier to wear even when you have an active lifestyle.

For people who don’t enjoy the look in glasses lenses are the perfect alternative. Glasses can be large and cumbersome and can be distracting the attention from your face. This will help women to look beautiful as she can stand out confidently and allow her personality to shine through. Contacts can help you to attain a sense of pride in your appearance. Many women enjoy sporting colored contact lenses because they feel good about how they look and feel. This adds a boost in their confidence and also helps in correcting their vision. This means complete freedom to change your look by making an extraordinary style statement.

Contact Lens

Customers mostly prefer to go for soft contact lenses which are flexible plastics which let oxygen pass through to the wearer’s cornea. They are easier to fit and are more comfortable than rigid gas permeable lenses. New lens materials are being used which includes silicone hydrogels that provide more oxygen to your eyes while you are wearing these soft lenses. The right contact lenses enhance your peripheral vision and the best part is that your lens will not fog or steam up at all. They are very much comfortable and feel as if online casino you are wearing nothing at all. Contact lenses need daily maintenance like cleaning and disinfecting. Soak them in a solution containing disinfectants until your lenses become perfectly clean and you can use it again.

Besides, getting an accurate examination for your eyes you should also take into consideration your eye health, lifestyle and visual requirements before purchasing a pair of contact lenses. If you are taking a pick from the different types of contact lenses for the first time from GKBOptical.com then you will be happy to explore an exciting range of products available at attractive discounts. Each of the brands stocked at GKB offers optimum quality products that benefit the customers with better vision and enhanced style statement.

Consumers can choose from bi-weekly, monthly or the daily disposable ones when shopping for a pair. Once, you start using a pair you might take time to adjust but it will get better with every use. There are about 17 different types of branded contact lenses from which you can choose. Bausch & Lomb, Johnson & Johnson and Ciba Vision are the 3 main brands offered. The price range within which the products are available is Rs 650 – 4,200. The available products are categorized as per two vision types they are: single and multifocal. They can choose the precise product for themselves depending on their requirement.

About Jayita Chanda: As a content writer of GKBOptical.com I’m privileged to offer new ideas and information regarding the optical industry. My passion for writing over the last 6 years and love for trendy eyewear has helped me to understand the subtle nuances of this field.Find me on Google

Shopping For Eyeglasses Online – Save Time And Money

Shopping For Eyeglasses Online – Save Time And Money

With the advancement of the online age, you can shop online with utmost ease and convenience with different payment and shipping facilities. At an online optical store you can find contact lenses, eyeglasses and sunglasses in different designs and styles. You will find the brand that you have wanted to buy for a long time. Yes, over the years the option to buy eyeglasses online had really flourished. It can save time and money and offer you a hassle-free approach. If you are still not quite settled about the idea of shopping for eyeglasses online lets break down the benefits that will put you to ease.

Shopping For Eyeglasses Online – Save Time And Money

SAVE MONEY: By making an online purchase we usually bypass typical overhead constraints therefore providing us the chance to charge far less for the same quality of eyeglasses. Hence, customers can save a huge deal of money and get another pair of eyeglasses for themselves.

HASSLE FREE TRY-ON: Most people tend to avoid online eyewear purchase because they fear that it will not get the perfect size for them. Try out the virtual try-on mirror available at most reputed optical stores. You can simply upload pictures and check which one looks good on you. By sending your PD our professional service specialists and optometrists will guide you with your frame size. This way you there are fewer chances of you being unhappy with your purchase.

TIME IS ALL YOURS: One of the best things about buying eyeglasses online is best online casino that it save a great deal of time. Once, you have your prescription details with you purchasing your eyeglass is just a few clicks away. At your ease and convenience you can navigate through styles, materials and colors and find the best pair of eyewear for yourself. Just, provide your shipping details, and wait for a few business days before your glasses arrive.

FROM THE COMFORT OF YOUR HOME: The best part is you will not have to go out of your house or take out time to visit a store and make a purchase. But with online shopping you can take your pick with just few clicks. Sit, down and relax at your home and at your convenient time you can browse through the collection and make your purchase taking the suggestion of your friends and family members.

CHOOSE & COMPARE: Before making a purchase you must explore all options. It is essential to think about the features such as anti-scratch and anti-glare coating lenses. Many online retailers offer prices that are low. However, the bump in prices can come as a surprise. By comparing the product prices taking into consideration the features you will be able to get the most favorable price.

KEEP YOUR EYE OUT FOR DEALS: Check out the different online optical stores and find out the place that offers you exciting discount deals and offers so that you can save a huge deal of cash on your purchase. Clearance sale, season sale and many other timely discounts are offered for the customers at an online optical store.

Once, everything is done the only thing left for you to do is enjoy the savings and convenience. So, if you are considering of shopping eyeglasses online then we hope that these facts will convince you to go ahead with your purchase. Ordering eyewear online is worry-free and easy so just go ahead and make your purchase today! Shopping online might be a little challenging for the first time but once you have tried it you will definitely stick to it.

About  Jayita Chanda: As a content writer of GKBOptical.com I’m privileged to offer new ideas and information regarding the optical industry. My passion for writing over the last 6 years and love for trendy eyewear has helped me to understand the subtle nuances of this field.Find me on Google