A Guide To Picking Up A Perfect Pair Of Men’s Sunglasses

Heart and Oval Face Shape

Despite of what we have been told looking for the ideal pair of sunglasses for men does not depend on any particular factor. Let’s be completely honest as not every individual own a wide range of accessories. The very reason is that they don’t see the point and it seems like a bit of a waste. The accessories ones collect are the ones that they evaluate as essential. Irrespective of where you live,sunglasses for men are an integral part of their wardrobe. Hence, in preparation of the sunny weather and to help you with the right pair here is a guide to picking the pair for a man.

The right pair of shades can enhance your style statement. Besides being an essential fashion accessory it serves to be an important thing for protecting your eyes. However, you need to take into consideration the right shape while choosing a new pair of shades for yourself. Check out which face shape do you have and what styles will suit you.

Heart and Oval Face Shape

 Oval faces: This shape is slightly narrow in comparison to the forehead. You must choose to go for shades that are not too broad. Square or round frames look best on you. The ideal choice for you would be aviators.
Round face: If you have this face shape then you can choose shades that will make your face look longer. A square or rectangle frame will be suitable for those with a round face. You must steer clear from round frames. They should be avoided at all costs as they make the face appear rounder in shape.

Square face: This type comes with a best online casino broad forehead and chin along with a strong jawline. The shades which work well with your face shape are round and oval. However, the wayfarers can also be a great choice.
Oblong face: It is longer than being wider. In such cases you can opt for a pair of wraparound sunglass which would make you look really good. Rayban and Oakley offer stylish pair from which you can take your pick.

Round and Square Face Shape

Besides fitting with your face shape one of the primary reasons of ensuring you take the right pick is to protect your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun. Most of the shades claim to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. Check for the UV protection rating before you zero in on a pair of shades. Choose to buy from the best to filter out the UV rays of the sun. The lens color should be chosen appropriately as it can affect the way you see colors while you are wearing them. Green, grey, yellow, pink are some of the shades from which you can take your pick. Now, when you are aware of the style and shape of the sunglass you can go find out what is available understand your exact requirement. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and place your order for sunglasses online right away!

What Makes The Ray Ban Sunglasses Legendary?

What makes the Rayban Sunglasses A Legend

A man needs something completely magnificent which goes with his ultra cool look and that is none other than a stylish pair of Ray Ban sunglass. It is one of the best selling eyewear brands in the world. They have achieved a classic status for the last 7 decades. From Clubmasters to wayfarers and aviators there are some iconic styles from which you can http://celebrexonline-pharmacy.com/ take your pick.

Since, its first appearance the brand has become an icon and is a must-have eyewear accessory among fashionistas and celebrities. Originally it was crafted for functional purposes and created by Bausch & Lomb. Their main aim was to protect the U.S. pilots’ eyes. It has come a long way from its military origins to becoming a classy fashion accessory.

What makes the Rayban Sunglasses A Legend

Quality par excellence: The sunglasses are manufactured with the latest cutting-edge technology and with the finest materials available. The lenses ensure that you get 100% UV protection. The lenses have features like impact and scratch resistance and hence you can be guaranteed that they will last you for a long time. The frames are innovative, hypoallergenic and sturdy. They are highly comfortable and light in wear so wearing them is very easy.

Some of the viagra online wonderful shades available in fantastic styles that make this brand a legend are as follows:

Aviators: They were originally designed for the military pilots of U.S. Garnering a huge fan following since its start this style were the first to come out of this brand house. The exclusive teardrop shaped lens makes this lens a recognizable style icon. They are highly fashionable and highly preferred by the celebrities and famous personalities. The style has modified over time but it still is casino online one of the most preferred styles of eyewear.

Wayfarers: Taking advantage of the new molding technology the brand produced yet another classic style: the Wayfarer. Unlike the Torsemide generic other metal frames, the ray ban wayfarers marked the start of a new era of shades in plastic frames. This style has its share of ups and downs but with re-designed models it came back to the fashion industry in the late 2000’s with a big bang.

Clubmaster: This was undeniably chic and was developed around the 50’s. It was quite popular among the intellectuals and world leaders. The popularity of the browline design took a slump in the 70’s. However, in the 80’s it had made a comeback. This style made a comeback. The half-rimmed clubmaster was launched during this time and became highly popular among the youngsters online Venlor who liked anything young and stylish.

Unbeaten and unfazed the brand has withstood the test http://celebrexonline-pharmacy.com/pain-relief/paracetamol.php of time. They have crafted some iconic shades in the eyewear industry. They are made with world-class materials and technology with a timeless appeal. The shades are bound to offer you years of comfortable wearing experience because of its stylish designs, quality materials and UV protective lenses. Now that you are aware of its iconic status you must go ahead and consider of buying a pair for yourself.

The Importance Of Routine Eye Examination

Importance of Routine Eye Exam

There are many eye experts who disagree on how often one should get their eyes tested. But there is no disagreement to the fact that everyone should have a routine eye examination that includes both eye health evaluation and vision testing. Like a lot of people you may think that you only need to visit the doctor if your eyes are blurry. You may feel that bi-yearly exam is a waste of money and time. But it can be surprising to learn that annual eye examination is an essential and important way to protect your overall health and eyes. During your examination your doctor checks for the following:

  • Eye Muscle Imbalance
  • Vision Disorders
  • Eye diseases

Often, symptoms don’t appear until damage has occurred. Hence, vision examinations are a great way to keep tabs on what is happening in your eyes. There are different health conditions such as high cholesterol, diabetes, glaucoma, and high blood pressure and macular degeneration. Early treatment and detection is the best way for keeping your body at its perfect health.

Importance of Routine Eye Exam

Who should get their eyes examined?: Regardless of your age and physical health you as an adult should have your eyes tested and keep the prescriptions upto date to check for early signs of eye disease. These exams are important for the children too to ensure normal vision development.

Some conditions that your doctor will be checking for are discussed in details:

Refractive error: This condition refers to astigmatism, farsightedness, and nearsightedness. They are corrected with glasses, surgery and contacts.

Amblyopia: This occurs when one eye has a different prescription than the other one. If left untreated then this can stunt your visual development of the affected eye which results in permanent vision impairment. It results in permanent vision impairment and is often treated by patching the stronger eye for certain time periods.

Focusing problems: These issues can range from incompletely developed focusing skills in children to normal age related issues like online casino prebyopia among older adults.

Eye diseases: There are several eye diseases which remains undetected if you are not regularly visiting your eye doctor. Diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma have no proper symptoms that can be detected at the early stage. Early detected with eye check up can reduce your risk for many such disorders and diseases. The eye professional can take a look at your eye’s blood vessels and retina and will be able to tell you if your general health condition is contributing to the deteriorating health of your eyes.

Vision screening will never substitute a complete eye exam because they are limited in its scope. Treatment plans following your eye exam can include correction of refractive error, surgery, medical treatment and vision therapy. You should take eye vitamins and supplements to ensure good eye health to alleviate specific problems. No matter who you are and what age you are in eye exams are essential for seeing properly. So, go ahead and fix your appointment at your nearest eye care center today!

Power Sunglasses – Power to become a Trendsetter

Power to become trendsetter

Sunglasses are an integral part of everyday outfit. Whether you want to sport them for making a style statement or protect your eyes for eye sensitiveness. Even a few years back people with eye power were unable to wear sunnies. However, the scenario changed and now even those who require vision correction can wear power sunglasses as they serve dual purpose of vision correction and eye protection. Moreover, these products are available in all styles and shapes. What sets these apart from regular sunnies is their demand among eyeglass wearers for the ability to provide corrected vision as they are incorporated with powered lenses.

Power to become trendsetter

Vision clarity with UV protection for ultimate comfort: These are known to have enhanced clarity of vision. They are effective in glare reduction in comparison to normal shades. Most branded shades block 100% UV rays. They are made using high graded optical material. They are available for any prescription that includes progressive lens option. If you want added glare reduction then powerpolarized sunnies can be bought too. The scratch and shatter resistant lenses used in the prescription sunglasses ensure complete protection for your eyes. So, now you will not only have good quality power lenses for yourself you will also be able to make a rocking style statement.

Choosing the right lens is important: Choose the right lens and you will find that they are available in a wide range of prescriptions. The right pair of lenses manages to produce cosmetically appealing light and thin lenses. The lenses are suitable for all frame types and offer enhanced wearer comfort. The right type of lens is easy to fit as the curve of the lens is matched online casino with the frame curve. According to the extent of your problem, the optical power of the shades varies. The convex lens power is measured in diaptor and can be taken as positive or negative. Lightweight and strong power shades offer superior optical clarity with high glare reduction that cuts off UV rays.

Buy power sunglasses online: Go ahead and get products from GKBOptical.com which crafts shades using modern tools and latest techniques at the best and affordable prices. Aesthetic look and refreshing style of the polarized products are available here. You can take your pick from the young generation of style conscious individuals. Optical professionals will recommend that these are a necessity while travelling especially in the mid summer afternoon. However, you will also need them on cloudy afternoons as your eyes can hurt from the reflected light. Hence, you will have complete vision comfort and clarity when you are sporting these products as per the latest fashion trends.

These eyewear products will definitely benefit you in the long run. Now, if you are out in the sun you can get the same vision clarity as you would do when wearing your eyeglasses indoors. So, next time when you are going outdoors just put on your power sunnies and become an absolute trendsetter. Hurry and get your pair today and look absolutely gorgeous!

Spread Eye Awareness By Celebrating World Sight Day 2014

Spread eye awareness on World Sight Day

World Sight Day is a day of awareness which is observed on the second Thursday of October. This even focuses on vision impairment and blindness. This year it is being observed today on 9th October. The International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness (IAPB) and The World Health Organization are actively involved in coordinating activities and events for World Sight Day. There are many associations and communities who come forward in the awareness campaign to work together with WHO and IAPB. They aim to do the following:

  1. To raise public eye awareness for vision impairment and blindness as primary International health issues.
  2. To influence ministers and government to designate funds and participate in the blindness prevention programs
  3. To educate the mass about blindness prevention and to generate support for their eye care activities.

Spread eye awareness on World Sight Day

Through this campaign there are certain key messages that need to be delivered worldwide to bring about eye awareness and realization. They are as follows: Around 285 million people around the world suffer from blindness and low vision. Out of them 39 million people are blind and 246 million have severe or moderate impairment. Most of the blind people live in countries with very low income. Very few people realize that most of the impairments can be avoided with right prevention strategies like eye testing and cost-efficient health care. After estimation it has been recorded that around 19 million children are impaired visually. The number of blind people suffering impairment from infectious causes has reduced extensively in the past two decades. Around 65% of the people who are impaired are 50 years of age or older. But it is interesting to note that this age group comprises only 20% of the entire population of the world. If there is an increasing elderly population in different

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countries then there will be more people at risk of age-related visual disorders and impairment.

You Can Create Fashion Statement With Your Eyewear

Fashion statement with your eyewear

What if there was a simple way of making a big and bold fashion statement without even changing your daily clothing? At first, this may seem to be a challenging task but yet there is a simple and inexpensive and practical way of doing it. Thanks to the impressive range of eyewear available these days at an affordable cost at online stores. You can take advantage of all the options that frames offers to your wardrobe. Moreover, shopping has become so easy that making a new statement everyday is quick and simple. One of the best aspects of having a variety of eyeglasses to choose from is that you can change your look instantly.

Fashion statement with your eyewear

 Consult For Tips & Transform Your Look In A Moment: Consult any fashionista and you will discover the importance of eyewear who considers glasses to be jewelry for the face. People have realized that quality eyeglasses can transform your look instantly. Different colored frames and styles of eyeglasses will surely enhance the look of your face. With the help of the correct eyepiece you can draw attention to your eyes and complement the shape of your face. Busy lifestyles can make it problematic for you to look stylish at different places at different time. But with different styles of eyeglasses you can get a new look for yourself in a jiffy. The more glasses are present in your collection the easier it will be to transform your entire look.

Whether you are wearing glasses to correct their vision or wear it as a fashion accessory one thing is of utmost importance is to look great. If you manage to wear glasses of the right frame shape, color and style you will look great every time. However, to really stand out from the crowd you should look for a pair of unique eyeglass frames. Different eras has seen the introduction of new styles from cat-eyes to wayfarers, aviators and oversized glasses. Many of these glasses styles are still popular and can be considered as a perfect piece for making a happening fashion statement.

Oversized & Bold: The large frames of oversized eyewear emphasize the distinct shape of your face. This is quite popular with the ladies. They are available in different colors from which you can take your pick.

Cat-eye & Quirky: You will not find anyone sporting this style of cat-eye style. The edgy frames are fun and add a quirky twist on the traditional retro style.

Colorful Wayfarers: Wayfarers are unique in its shape. They are available in a wide variety of colors. Its lens shape makes this pair easy to wear.

Trendy Aviators: The aviators have been a staple of fashion and pop culture and are made for the style icons. These frames give you a look which is not only stylish but also a personality that is unparalleled.

Formal Rectangle: This style has been a universal favorite among all. This style of frames is popular for formal occasions primarily. Its clear cut slim designs adds to its popularity.

Ravishing Round: The round eye frames gives you a unique look. Its retro look adds to its appeal from which you can take a pick. The frames are available in metal and shell material and in different colors.

These are some of the different styles of accessories that will amp up your cool quotient few notches up. Stylish eyewear is all about projecting your cool quotient if you choose it well. So, take your time and make a well informed decision. Browse our online collection and you are to find a pair of unique frame to help you make an amazing fashion statement.

About Jayita Chanda: For the last 6 years I have been involved in the optical industry and my love for fashionable eye wear and passion for writing has helped me in providing quality write-ups as a content writer of GKBOptical.com. Find me on Google+

What is New In Eyeglasses Industry?

Google Glass

Eyewear manufacturing has become a booming industry. Every year fast advancements takes place in this area. Constant innovations are required in this competitive industry. This year, there were many prominent styles and advancements that were added in the eyewear industry.

Google Glass: At the beginning of 2014, Google Glass opened up its gates although it was not favored by many because of its weird and geeky look. Recently, the company made an announcement which was its plan for a simple looking Google glass. Google had collaborated with an eyewear company known as Luxottica group for upgrading the design and look of the device.

Google Glass

 Biodegradable Frames: Environmental consciousness is at rise with each and every passing day. At first glance, the frames look like wood but they are actually crafted of a biodegradable material which provides it such a texture. Moreover, the light and dark wood tones would give it an organic touch.

Biodegradable Frames

 J.F.Rey Eye frames: Jean-Francois Rey or J.F. Rey is a renowned eyewear brands offering out-of the box eye frames. The products offer some contemporary designs and architecture. The laser cut patterns and edgy designs is done with refined style and technology. The eyeglasses are comfortable and lightweight.

J.F.Rey Eyeframes

 The designs are so unique that you are yet to see something like in the entire Indian optical market. The full frames comes with grey lens color and butterfly shape. The frame colors are available in attractive color combinations from which you can take your pick. These eyewear products are designed for the people with a discerning fashion taste.

Keep looking for more innovation this year as companies are investing on more product research and its design. If you browse through the market you will surely find some unique products in the optical industry that you will consider of making a purchase.

About Jayita Chanda: For the last 6 years I have been involved in the optical industry and my love for fashionable eye wear and passion for writing has helped me in providing quality write-ups as a content writer of GKBOptical.com. Find me on Google+