Daily Steps Against Sun Protection

Eyes are the most important part of our sense organ. In spite of knowing this, we still potentially expose them to danger by going out without protection.  Over time, the sun rays can damage our eyes and the surrounding skin that might lead to vision loss and other conditions like cataract and macular degeneration.

Daily Steps Against Sun Protection

Therefore, simple precautionary steps taken daily can keep your eyes safe.

Certain kinds of light from the sun can wreak havoc:

1)    UVA & UVB light: UVA and UVB are powerful, invisible rays with wavelengths shorter than visible light. These are considered the most dangerous parts of sunlight. They can cause diseases like cataracts, eyelid cancer, and other skin cancers and can also lead to macular degeneration. Moreover, ultra violet rays can prematurely wrinkle and age the skin around your eyes.

2)    HEV light (High Energy Visible Light) or Blue Light: HEV light or blue spectrum light is a potential contributor to cataracts and other eye maladies. Blue light can damage the retina over time that can lead to macular degeneration. The retina is the membrane where images are formed and passed on to the brain whereas macula is the region offering sharpest vision located near the center of the retina. Both the regions are highly sensitive and must be taken utmost care.

For proper protection, your sunglasses must offer the following:

1)    Your sunglasses must offer the ability to block 99 to 100 percent UVA and UVB light. Also, your sunglasses must guard your eyes against HEV light.

2)    You require a proper sunglass shielding the eyes, eyelids and the surrounding regions. The more your skin around your eyes is covered, the better it is. The ideal shield to protect your eyes is wraparound styles with comfortable, close fit and UV protective sunglasses.

3)    Durability & impact resistance.

4)    Use polarised lenses to eliminate the glare especially while driving. Continuing glare can lead to fatigue, headaches and migraines.

Daily Steps Against Sun Protection

5)    Lastly, whenever outside, seek for sunglasses especially for the time span between 10 AM to 5 PM.

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How to Pick Sunglasses That Provides Complete Protection

Quality Sunglasses

For many people the only thing that is more difficult than purchasing a swimsuit is looking for a perfect pair of shades. As a buyer you might have to check a dozen pairs before finalizing with one. Yes, finding the ideal pair can be a challenging task.

People will opt for a certain style and base their decisions on the fit and style. However, that’s not always the best thing for them. Sunglasses have joined the ranks of shoes and handbags as luxury status symbols.

Quality Sunglasses

People are now looking at shades differently as a more premium accessory. The size should be proportional to your face size. It is essential to search for frames that complement your face by drawing attention to the prominent features. Prolonged exposure to the sun’s UV rays can lead to blindness and vision loss. Hence, it is absolutely necessary on your part to sport good sunglasses

Studies have shown that UV rays can cause serious eye problems that can cause you to lose your sight. So, when you are outside don’t think about protecting your skin you must protect your eyes too!

UV levels of radiation are higher in summer and are reflected off snow, water making it more dangerous. However, you can protect your eyes by wearing the right kind of sunglasses when going outside. Talk to your eye care professional who can guide you with your selection. Opt for a pair that comes with complete UV protection features.