Anti-Reflective Lenses

Have you ever found yourself covering your eyes from the sun rays while wearing eyeglasses?

Or have you ever faced difficulty viewing the glare while driving at night? If your answer is “yes” to any of the above questions, then it is time for you to consider getting AR or Anti-Reflective lenses.   

AR or Anti-Reflective Lenses does not only assist to improve the look of your eyeglasses but also improves your vision through lenses. The lens has the ability to ameliorate your eyesight by removing the reflections of the light from front and back of your lenses. Eliminating these reflections enables 99.5% of light to enter through the lens making the eye vision clearer.

Anti Reflective Lenses

However, AR coating is not recommended for all lens types. It is generally recommended that the anti-reflective coating is for high index lenses since these reflect more light from the lens surface. The AR lens coating eliminates the need to cover the eyes from reflection or glare. Another advantage of the anti-reflective lenses is that it has a potential to repel water off the lens. The lens is nursed with a hydrophobic coating which allows the lens to repel the water and prevent water droplets from appearing. Moreover, these lenses can be also nursed or treated with an oleophobic coating that repels both water and oil.

Advantages of Anti-Reflective Coating:     

AR lenses provide the following advantages:

1)    Reduces reflections and glare.

2)    Reduces night time glare while driving.

3)    Prevents eye strain which is caused due to digital devices.

Anti Reflective Lenses

4)    Enhances the appearance of the eyeglass.

How to care for AR Lenses?

These types of lenses require a little caring to ensure that they last for long. When caring for the lenses you must:

1)    Never dry clean your lenses.

2)    Use microfibre cloth only.

3)    Keep your eyeglasses in their case when you are not using it.

4)    Use an eyeglass cleaner.

5)    Keep alcohol and acetone away from your lenses as it can spoil your lens.

Follow the above suggestions to keep your AR coating last for long. Also, step by GKB Opticals and let our professional team assist you to choose the perfect set of eye frames and lenses.

6 Things Which You Should Know About Eyeglasses Before Purchasing

Things you should know about eyeglass purchase

There are several aspects that you are required to know before you purchase glasses. But, very few people take the time and trouble to make themselves aware about the eyeglasses they are sporting or are about to buy. Things you should know about eyeglass purchase

1.Consider the material: Frames are made of different quality materials. You need to choose a particular type depending on your requirement. Choose a material which will hold its adjustment and will not corrode or turn green with corrosion. Make sure your frame lasts for a long time if you are planning to make a good investment.

2.Know your pupillary distance: The PD or pupillary distance is an essential piece of information you need to know about eyeglasses. It can be tricky to measure your own PD. Hence, visit an optometrist’s store and ask them to take the measurement for you.

3.Know your frame size: When you are choosing the right frame when buying eyeglasses online you will need to know the bridge, eye and temple size. If you are purchasing eyeglasses for the first time then you can consult the optical professionals to ensure a proper fit.

4.Inexpensive frames: Are They worth It: There are many reasonably priced frames available at online stores. There can be major quality differences casino depending on the manufacturing method and materials. Acetate frames built in layers will last longer and will make you feel absolute comfort. Also, you can look for lightweight metal alloys which are hypoallergenic and highly flexible. So, low priced frames are likely to break and might require very few adjustments.

5.Measured to fit your face: Measurements are important to ensure that your prescription works for you properly. Your face is unique so are the way your lenses fit your frames. Your eye doctor will take measurements that ensure that it looks good on you.

6.Are all anti-reflective coatings the same? No, the coatings are not all the same. They are placed on the top of the scratch coating which makes the lenses more susceptible to scratching. Most optical professional suggest Crizal which is a combination of anti-reflective coating and anti-scratch. This has resulted in a tougher and easier coating to clean.

If you keep these few aspects in mind then you can definitely purchase the right pair of eyeglasses for yourself. For further assistance you can consult your optical professional and get the right pair for yourself.

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