Anti-Reflective Lenses

Have you ever found yourself covering your eyes from the sun rays while wearing eyeglasses?

Or have you ever faced difficulty viewing the glare while driving at night? If your answer is “yes” to any of the above questions, then it is time for you to consider getting AR or Anti-Reflective lenses.   

AR or Anti-Reflective Lenses does not only assist to improve the look of your eyeglasses but also improves your vision through lenses. The lens has the ability to ameliorate your eyesight by removing the reflections of the light from front and back of your lenses. Eliminating these reflections enables 99.5% of light to enter through the lens making the eye vision clearer.

Anti Reflective Lenses

However, AR coating is not recommended for all lens types. It is generally recommended that the anti-reflective coating is for high index lenses since these reflect more light from the lens surface. The AR lens coating eliminates the need to cover the eyes from reflection or glare. Another advantage of the anti-reflective lenses is that it has a potential to repel water off the lens. The lens is nursed with a hydrophobic coating which allows the lens to repel the water and prevent water droplets from appearing. Moreover, these lenses can be also nursed or treated with an oleophobic coating that repels both water and oil.

Advantages of Anti-Reflective Coating:     

AR lenses provide the following advantages:

1)    Reduces reflections and glare.

2)    Reduces night time glare while driving.

3)    Prevents eye strain which is caused due to digital devices.

Anti Reflective Lenses

4)    Enhances the appearance of the eyeglass.

How to care for AR Lenses?

These types of lenses require a little caring to ensure that they last for long. When caring for the lenses you must:

1)    Never dry clean your lenses.

2)    Use microfibre cloth only.

3)    Keep your eyeglasses in their case when you are not using it.

4)    Use an eyeglass cleaner.

5)    Keep alcohol and acetone away from your lenses as it can spoil your lens.

Follow the above suggestions to keep your AR coating last for long. Also, step by GKB Opticals and let our professional team assist you to choose the perfect set of eye frames and lenses.

Choosing Between Progressive Vs Bifocals

Progressive lenses are a relatively new concept within the world of ophthalmic lenses. Now, more than ever, people are looking for aesthetically better lenses that do not make the wearer appear aged. Bifocal lenses have been the go to eyeglass lenses for people who need near as well as far vision correction. The bifocal lens wearers feel that their lenses with a start dividing line which distinguishes the part for farsighted power and nearsighted power make them feel old.

The higher pricing of progressive lenses make people choose bifocals for their needs but there are certain features which help progressive lenses offer better vision correction than bifocals.

The progressive lenses are made without lines, which means, wearing a progressive lens will not make you look old. The lenses won’t have a distinct line or special region for the near power. Many people use two glasses individually to help them look younger than they are. Aesthetically, bifocal lenses are surely a big no-no. The need for reading glasses immediately provides an image of old age.

The progressive lenses don’t have lines to distinguish the near section and the other sections. The lenses are created strategically to fit the vision of a person. The lower section has the power for reading and doing near work. The intermediate section offers clear vision at arm’s length and the top section provides clean far vision.

The progressive lenses reduce the need to carry another pair of glasses to suit the needs of reading glasses. While the sectors are invisible, the progressive lenses offer clear vision for the wearer. All you need to do is look downwards through the bottom section of the lens for clear near vision and when you’re looking at objects far away, gaze through the top section of the lens. This way it becomes easier to see with progressive lenses and afterwards it turns into a daily habit.

The progressive lenses do take time to get adjusted to, for a first time wearer; it can become a hassle to make the habit to gaze at the centre of the lens for reading at arm’s length and looking upwards for far vision. It does take a bit of practice but ultimately progressive lenses provide you a great vision, quite similar to the natural vision.

Bifocal lenses are a way more affordable option but many a times, the visual clarity offered by the progressive lenses are far better. Mostly today, GKB Opticals offers great quality progressive lenses that fit into the latest stylish eyeframes. Most branded eyewear frames can be fitted with the latest progressive lenses that are thinner and more aesthetically appealing. So, enjoying all that’s happening around you is easier with progressive lenses. Get in touch with our Optical assistants over call at 1800 419 1990 or mail us at for quick answers. We are also available on chat, so you can get hel in real time from our optical assistants.

Implantable lenses for Severe Myopic Patients

Have you been suffering from vision problems? If you have moderate or severe myopia that stops you from following everyday works. For severely myopic patients, not wearing glasses mean not being able to see at all, whatever the distance may be. Not only do severely nearsighted people rely on their glasses, but they constantly need them to see.

Many people solved their vision problem with laser eye treatments but having a thin corneas or are severely myopic  are not able to get their eyes treated with LASIK. For this purpose the popularity of Implantable lenses has been increasing. Many people are looking up to implantable lenses as the best way to achieve better eyesight. There are two types of lenses available for this procedure.

The first ones is The Verisyse Phaktic Intraocular Lens (IOL) , which is made with plastic. This lens is attached to the front of the iris. Ideal participants for the implants should be above 21 years with a stable vision and a refraction change of less than .5 diopters in six months. The ideal candidate for the IOL implantation should have a nearsightedness range from -5 diopters to -20 diopters. It is usually not foldable which means it requires a larger incision. It is also closer to the inner surface of the cornea which means it can increase the risk of corneal damage.

The second one is the Visian Implantable Collamer Lens. The concept of Implantable Lenses is made of polymer substances that are similar to collagen. These lenses are safe and effective. These lenses are made with collamer which is a naturally occurring substance in the body. Unlike the IOL lenses, these lenses are implanted behind the natural lens. These lenses are implanted for patients aged 21 to 45 years and with a refraction change with less than 0.5 diopters in a year. These lenses are available in  two types, one that corrects myopia from  -3 diopters to -16 diopters and another one that reduces myopia from -16 to -20 diopters. This lens is foldable and can be inserted through a fine incision and is placed close to the eye. Since the lens sits closer to the eye it can cause cataracts.

Now, there are ways in which you can help your vision and get improved vision. But since most types of severe nearsightedness is accompanied by astigmatism but none of these lenses treat astigmatism. There are a few phakic lenses which are known to treat myopia and astigmatism both .

How To Take Care Of Contact Lenses Properly

How many times did you wish you could get rid of those ugly spectacles and enjoy your spectacle free look? Then, contact lenses are one of the best ways to achieve a natural clean look without losing the vision correction.

Contact lenses are available in multiple variants and are suitable for most individuals, and their vision needs. Whether you’re a sports person or a retired person, contact lenses are perfect for you. All you need is the knowledge to take proper care of your contact lenses so that you can enjoy them without stressing.

How to Wear and Remove Contact Lenses:

Wearing and removing contact lenses are quite tricky and it might take you a few tries before you get the hang of it. But once learnt you can do it easily and without thinking twice. Here are a few simple tips to keep your first time contact lens wearing experience pleasant.

  • First get your eyes checked by a trained eye specialist and consult whether you are a good candidate for contact lenses. Though contacts suit most people, it’s best to be sure before you invest in pricey contacts.
  • For people who need vision correction the whole day, then contacts can act as a good option? But choose one with high water content and according to your prescribed type. Some of you might be prescribed to wear Gas Permeable contacts while some may be advised to wear soft contacts.
  • Avoid cosmetic lenses, and try to wear contacts made especially for your vision problem. Choose from brands like Alcon, Bausch & Lomb and Johnson & Johnson.
  • For first time users trim your nails and make sure you wash your hands with an unscented soap and water and let it air dry.
  • Then take out the contacts from its case and place it on your palm and use contact lens solution to moisten it. Then take the lens on your right hand index finger and hold your upper eyelid with your left hand.
  • Looking into the mirror use your ring and little finger to hold your lower eyelid down so that you can get an unobstructed view of the eyes. Now place the lens on your eyes and move your eyes quickly so that the lens settles into the right place.
  • Keep blinking quickly to produce tears for the lens to get placed successfully. And repeat on the other eye in the same manner. Don’t rub your eyes and use a bit of eye drops to calm the eyes and reduce the redness.

Taking care of your Contact Lenses after wearing:

For lenses that have a wearing time of more than a day, you will need to store them in special containers and disinfect them so that they don’t get contaminated. Here are some quick  tips to avoid problems like infections and eye discomfort with long wearing lenses.

  • Always remove and wear lenses with clean hands and use lens solutions to moisten lenses prior to wearing.
  • Don’t over wear lenses, lenses come with a wear time and extended wearing the lens even after the suggested wear time will create problems for your eyes. Always keep a second pair at hand and throw away the lens as soon as the prescribed wear time is exhausted.
  • Always change your lens solution every day, and change your lens case every six months to avoid any infections.
  • Always use multipurpose lens solutions to clean lenses. Lens cleaning removes dust, dirt, proteins and bacteria from lenses and keeps them safe for wearing.
  • Don’t sleep with your lenses on, and alternate between the spectacles and lenses to avoid long term lens wearing problems like lack of oxygen supply to your eyes, changes in the thickness and shape of the cornea, formation of micro cysts and vision loss. Also possible eye problems include swelling of the cornea, dry eyes, inflammation, allergic reaction, infections etc.

So, be a smart contact lens wearer and take proper care of your contacts. Follow these tips and get the maximum use out of your contact lenses.

How Computer Glasses Work – An Overview

Computer glasses are special glasses that are designed to provide the eyes comfortable vision while working on digital devices like laptops and desktops. Advancement of technology has made computers and laptops a part of our daily life and has become inevitable at our workstations too.

Computer glasses are mostly designed to eliminate the harsh lights emitted from the backlit screens used in digital devices such as desktops, laptops, tabs and mobile phones. Every day while we are busy at working on the digital screens or mobiles we don’t feel that we’re causing discomfort for our eyes. Eyes are really active organs which constantly work to provide us the clearest vision and give our brains the information to work properly.

When we work on digital screens we force our eyes to readjust focus on what’s in front constantly. When we shift from pictures to text our eyes quickly adjust focus to keep the text in focus. Our eyes also keep adjusting the focus while we shift between the keyboard and screen. Also improper lighting can aggravate the problem.

The main problem for people working on digital devices for extended period is the aftereffects and eye problems faced while working. The most common symptoms of eye problem resulting from use of computers and digital devices are known as Computer Vision Syndrome or CVS.

The main problems experienced in CVS headaches after using digital devices, blurry vision, neck pain , eye strain, eye redness, fatigue, dry eyes, irritation in the eyes, vertigo or dizziness, double vision, polyopia and problems in refocusing the eyes.

The scary fact is that National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health has shared their findings that about 90% users, who spend 3+ hours before a computer, will face some symptoms of CVS. One of the main problems faced during using a digital device is the reflections and excessive blue-violet lights. Also when we read our eyes blink fewer times, causing straining in our eyes and also causing dry eyes. So, it’s really important that one uses some kind of eye protection to reduce the eye problems associated with computer vision syndrome.

The Best way to reduce eye problems and increase your chances of keeping your eyes unaffected from the harsh lights from computer screens, computer glasses are the best solutions. Computer glasses are really useful to keep eyes more relaxed and feeling easy while you work on the computer. These glasses are specially tinted to reduce the amount of light passing to your eyes which reduces the eye fatigue. Also computer glasses come with an anti glare coating which is said to reduce the unnecessary reflections and block excessive lights, also causing eyes to feel more relaxed.

Computer glasses are formulated to block and reduce the amount of light that enters our eyes. Blue light focuses in front of the retina and forces our eyes to constantly shift it’s focus to keep the object/ text/ image in front in focus. This makes it tough for our eyes to keep up and causes fatigue. So, wearing a specially crafted computer glass eliminates the constant need to keep focusing and reduces fatigue.

So if you’re spending more than three hours in-front of a computer or digital screen opt for computer glasses and reduce your eye straining and fatigue.


Eyeglasses Vs Contact Lenses : Which ones are Better?

Eyeglasses, the oldest and the most popular vision correctors can be termed as the universally loved Vision correctors. The eyeglasses have made their mark as the most easy to own and use vision correctors. While other vision correctors are popular , contacts have made their mark as the second most popular vision correctors throughout the world. There are many benefits and drawbacks of each vision correctors , it makes it tough to determine which one to turn to if you’re needing vision correcting in recent times and have not used any of these before. Today we elaborate on how each performs its vision correcting duties and what are the principal benefits and hindrances of choosing each type.

Eyeglasses : The Benefits and The Drawbacks

We all know how eyeglasses were termed – ‘Boring’ and ‘Ugly’ during the 90’s and everyone felt self conscious wearing eyeglasses. The times have changed and now eyeglasses have made their mark as a stylish accessory as well. due to this reason, more and more designs are being made available . But eyeglasses are more than just to enhance your looks. They have a multitude of benefits they offer .

The Advantages :

  • Vision Correction: Vision Correction, is one of the topmost reasons of wearing spectacles or eyeglasses. Like most vision correctors, spectacles perform well to correct most types of vision problems like presbyopia, myopia , astigmatism and more. Usually farsightedness, nearsightedness etc are corrected. Many different types of spectacle lenses are available to tackle these vision problems.
  • Different looks Using Different Frames: You don’t need to stick to a single look these days, with so many different types of frames and designs, you can choose to look different each day . Choose from rimless frames that have no visible lines surrounding the lens, rimmed ones that have a full rim surrounding the lens, the semi rimmed ones have half rimmed design, usually surrounding the lens from the top and holding it in place.
  • Less Care , Easy To Carry : We all have enough on our hands, and could really need an easy to use and maintain vision corrector. If you’ve used contacts once or have seen anyone handling contacts, it requires care and more dedication towards cleaning the lenses pre and post wearing. Whereas for glasses very less care is needed.

The Disadvantages:

  • Bulky and Strenuous: Wearing a spectacle all the time can be stressful and feel bulky. It’s even more intense for people who have higher prescriptions. The spectacles sit on teh temples and bridge of the nose and create a bulky feeling. Also they are an added weight to carry around whole day
  • Limitations: Physical glasses or eyeglasses are limited vision correctors, they cannot fully cover your eyes and for people with both myopia and hyperopia, people who need bifocals . People who have astigmatism are also limited to certain amounts of vision correction .
  • Creates Problems During Activities: Active people, who indulge in high intensity activities feel eyeglasses as a hinderance. With eyeglasses, one cannot see properly without feeling limitations or experiencing self consciousness.


Contact Lenses : Benefits and Drawbacks


Contacts were till the last few years considered as a luxury item . Most people still believe contact lenses are too pricey or too dangerous. But contacts, when handled in the right way can be safe and great for those who require constant vision correction , especially active persons. Though they are a bit delicate and need care, contacts have their own advantages and disadvantages.

The Advantages:

  • Limitations free Vision: Contacts mean no disturbances in vision, like frames, limitations of lenses or other limitations. No need to feel limited while wearing specs during a high intensity activity.
  • Moves with your eye: Unlike specs where your vision was perfect within your lens only, in case of Contacts, the lenses move with you, so you can see every part of the picture and miss nothing.
  • No Bulkiness or Added Weight : Contacts are feather light and are worn over your eyes. This ensures you feel no bulkiness on your nose bridge and are free from any unwanted stress around your temples and nose.
  • Perfect For Sports Activities : Whether you’re going hiking or have a dancing session, your contacts will keep your vision clear. This is one of the reasons for people to shift to contact lenses.

Drawbacks of Contact Lenses:

  • Needs Care: A pair of contacts needs more care than a pair of spectacles. The contacts need to be cleaned, disinfected and stored in the mentioned way to avoid damaging it.
  • Can Cause Eye Problems: If proper hygiene and cleaning is not followed while wearing contacts serious eye damages and eye infections can occur.
  • Does Have Slight Chances of Falling off: Sometimes even the best contact lenses can dislodge from your eyes and fall off.
  • May Not Be Suitable For All : Most people get used to contacts after a short period of time. But there are many who have overly sensitive eyes, dry eyes or feel irritation while wearing lenses. For most cases there are ways to wear contacts but there are certain people who cannot wear contacts due to eye issues.
  • Can Damage Eyes with prolonged Use: It’s not good to wear contacts all day , every day of the week for continuous periods. This can lead to damage of the eye and may result in temporary irritations, redness and loss of vision.

So , lastly we would say that whether you choose specs or Contacts, always follow the instructions of your eyecare professional to avoid any eye problems and maintain your eye health.

Presbyopic Contact Lenses For The Aging Eyes

Presbyopic Contact Lenses

Presbyopia is a word that means in Greek, “the elderly eye”. It is a common symptom of the aging eyes. The lens of the eye becomes inflexible and rigid and can no longer adjust its shape easily to allow focus on both distant and near objects. Many people notice the presbyopia effects in the early to mid 40’s as they find themselves holding reading materials at arm’s length so that they can focus accurately. Usually the options for correcting presbyopia are as follows:

  1. Bifocal glasses
  2. Reading glasses
  3. Multifocal or progressive glasses
  4. MonoVision Contact lens
  5. Modified mono vision Contact Lens

Presbyopic Contact Lenses Monovision Contact Lenses: Monovision is essentially the optical status of having one eye focus at a distance and the other one near. This condition allows the relief of symptoms. These lenses are one of the most economical ways which people opt for if they suffer from presbyopia. However, monovision does not work for all. There is a caution to consider it since it is a compromise. So, people from the airlines industry should not opt for this type of lens. Most people nbso online casino reviews who opt for this lens go through a phase as the brain learns to see with eye which suited for the task after understanding which eye is more dominant. Both comfort and vision can become a problem when they reach 40’s. For patients who have a minute level of comfort with reduced vision often drops out of using this type of lenses. Lens material alone will not solve the dryness problem. As an optometrist one should discuss and provide the solutions for dry eye symptoms that will help in improving the longevity and comfort of the contact lens wearer.

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Monovision Monovision can be a wonderful way to start with and patients for whom just one lens can solve the issue. This is simple, convenient and easy to adapt to. Modified Monovision One can also opt for modified monovision which can mean placing a multifocal lens on the non-dominant eye with either no lens or with a single vision lens for distance on the dominant eye. We can also use the term to refer to a low-add multifocal lens on one eye and you can match with a higher add multifocal on the other. Multifocal This is the most commonly used lens for multifocal and bifocal lenses. With a concentric bifocal pattern contact lens, the near correction is located in a small circle at the lens center and is surrounded by a bigger circle which contains the distance correction. This can also be a reversal where the distance correction is in the center and the near correction is in the outer ring. Selection For Lens: There are 3 things that play an important role for making your lens selection decision.

  • Primary Visual Needs Of Patient
  • Visual Sensitivity
  • Refractive Error

For any kind of queries concerning any product related to contact lenses you can get in touch with the professional team at About Jayita Chanda: For the last 6 years I have been involved in the optical industry and my love for fashionable eye wear and passion for writing has helped me in providing quality write-ups as a content writer of Find me on Google

Contact Lenses: Get Perfect Vision in Style

Contact Lens

There are different types of contact lenses which have been highly popular among youngsters since it was launched. It is an essential accessory for individuals with weak eyesight. It primarily corrects problems such as astigmatism and presbyopia. These help the wearers to stay in style and get perfect vision. There are different brands available from which you can purchase contact lenses. People can get colored contact lenses too for an enhanced style statement. Its popularity has increased because it is easier to wear even when you have an active lifestyle.

For people who don’t enjoy the look in glasses lenses are the perfect alternative. Glasses can be large and cumbersome and can be distracting the attention from your face. This will help women to look beautiful as she can stand out confidently and allow her personality to shine through. Contacts can help you to attain a sense of pride in your appearance. Many women enjoy sporting colored contact lenses because they feel good about how they look and feel. This adds a boost in their confidence and also helps in correcting their vision. This means complete freedom to change your look by making an extraordinary style statement.

Contact Lens

Customers mostly prefer to go for soft contact lenses which are flexible plastics which let oxygen pass through to the wearer’s cornea. They are easier to fit and are more comfortable than rigid gas permeable lenses. New lens materials are being used which includes silicone hydrogels that provide more oxygen to your eyes while you are wearing these soft lenses. The right contact lenses enhance your peripheral vision and the best part is that your lens will not fog or steam up at all. They are very much comfortable and feel as if online casino you are wearing nothing at all. Contact lenses need daily maintenance like cleaning and disinfecting. Soak them in a solution containing disinfectants until your lenses become perfectly clean and you can use it again.

Besides, getting an accurate examination for your eyes you should also take into consideration your eye health, lifestyle and visual requirements before purchasing a pair of contact lenses. If you are taking a pick from the different types of contact lenses for the first time from then you will be happy to explore an exciting range of products available at attractive discounts. Each of the brands stocked at GKB offers optimum quality products that benefit the customers with better vision and enhanced style statement.

Consumers can choose from bi-weekly, monthly or the daily disposable ones when shopping for a pair. Once, you start using a pair you might take time to adjust but it will get better with every use. There are about 17 different types of branded contact lenses from which you can choose. Bausch & Lomb, Johnson & Johnson and Ciba Vision are the 3 main brands offered. The price range within which the products are available is Rs 650 – 4,200. The available products are categorized as per two vision types they are: single and multifocal. They can choose the precise product for themselves depending on their requirement.

About Jayita Chanda: As a content writer of I’m privileged to offer new ideas and information regarding the optical industry. My passion for writing over the last 6 years and love for trendy eyewear has helped me to understand the subtle nuances of this field.Find me on Google

Contact lens for a clear and bright vision

Branded contact lenses

Contact lenses are prescribed to different varieties of individuals who have vision problems. These are not as same as buying glasses for reading. You cannot just go ahead and get a pair for yourself.  are medical devices that require the wearer to follow a particular procedure to get them. Before wearing the lenses always wash your hands with a mild soap. Always keep all solution bottles closed and clean your lens case every day. It is important to replace your lens case every three months.

<p style="background: white;margin: 0in best online casino 0in 12.75pt 0in”>Branded contact lenses

Those suffering from myopia will also wear lenses that are thick on the edges and thin in the middle area. This will let the light rays to be processed correctly. And, those suffering from farsightedness are prescribed just the opposite thing. All lenses use the basic technology and are used for acquiring clear vision and treating different eye problems. Schedule regular appointments with your eye care professional so that you know the right kind of lens for wearing. Buying lenses can assist you in enjoying your life and seeing you more clearly.air jordan 4 retro

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