Upgrade Your Winter Wardrobe With A Perfect Pair Of Sunglasses

Winter Sale On Sunglasses Only At GKBOptical

Winter Sale On Sunglasses Only At GKBOptical

During the cold winter months we bundle up before going out so that we can stay protected from the freezing weather conditions. Many people are unaware of the fact that it is inflicting greater danger to the eyes. Wearing shades to protect against the UV eye damage is especially important in the cold winter months. UV rays are made of two harmful rays namely UVA and UVB rays which originate directly from the sun. Both types of radiation pose to be a serious threat to your eye health.

The short term exposure can lead to sunburn of the eye. It destroys the outer cells that can lead to pain and blurred vision. Sometimes, it can infiltrate in the eye and cause permanent damage to the retina. Long term exposure to UV rays can also lead to abnormal tissue growth. This can be extremely unappealing which can cause the development of astigmatism.

However, with the right pair of sunglasses you can get maximum protection which can block out 100% UV rays. Make sure that you don’t wear an inferior quality pair of shades otherwise it can be extremely harmful as it can cause your iris to open and allow more light in. This lets in more UV light and increasing the amount of UV reaching the retina which causes more exposure from UV rays.

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not comfortable with the idea of wearing sunglasses in winter due to the misconception as one feel less heat from the winter sun. But don’t get fooled as the sun’s rays can do serious damage because the sun is not as intense or as hot as they need protection. The winter sun sits low in the sky and at a different angle which causes much more harm to various layers of the eye. Moreover, they also protect you from debris, wind and dust.

Sunglasses are not just staple fashion accessories but also an important tool for protection which can protect you from dry eye syndrome. If you think that you can wear those summer shades throughout winter well you need to think again. The construction and style of the summer shades is no match for the grayer rays and sunlight angles in the winter. You would need to find a pair with a lighter lens tint and a shape which fits close to your face. The lighter tint will let you wear your sunglasses in fast changing light condition that will give you a closer fit and block the lower angles of light coming from the horizon. Are you ready for this Winter break? Then, take advantage of Winter Sunglasses Sale only at GKBOptical. The starting price range for the sunglasses is Rs 299. So, get this hot offer while they are still available in the cold.

To summarize, we can say that sunglasses are essential and practical any time of the year. When purchasing new sunglasses you must ensure that you opt for polarized lenses that will guarantee complete protection from the damaging UV light.