7 bad habits that are aging your eyes

bad habits that are aging your eyes

bad habits that are aging your eyes Are you a night owl, or a fast food lover? Chances are you are prematurely aging your eyes – inside and out! Here’s how…

  1. Rubbing your eyes: The skin around the eyes is the first place which shows signs of aging.

    Rubbing can break tiny blood vessels under the surface of the skin and causes puffy eyes and dark circles and drooping eyelids and premature crow’s feet. Cosmetic surgery can rejuvenate the eye area but prevention is better than cure as they say so refrain from tugging and pulling at the skin around your eyes.

  2. Forgetting Your Sunglass: By exposing your eyes to the harmful rays of the sun is sure way to make your skin age which in turn also damages your eyes and lids. Prolonged exposure leads to sunburn, cataracts, macular degeneration and even cancer of the online slots eyelid. Wear sunglasses and you will be able to block out 100% of the UV rays of the sun whether on a sunny morning or on overcast days.
  3. Smoking: This act harms almost every organ of your body and obviously does not spare your eyes. Studies have linked that smoking can be threatening to eyes and it can lead to diabetic retinopathy, dry eyes, macular degeneration, and cataract. As a smoker you are up to 4 times more likely to go blind in comparison to others. The best part is that you can minimize your risk of developing a serious eye condition.
  4. Poor Diet: Are you heavily into junk food? You don’t eat enough fruits and veggies? Then it is likely that you are not getting required minerals and vitamins and essential fatty acids for the required eye health. Your diet should be rich in leafy green veggies, fruits and fish for preventing many age related diseases. Vitamins and other supplements can help in filling nutritional lipitor gaps but proper diet combined with daily exercises are effective ways to maintain an overall health.
  5. Adequate Sleep Is Essential: Inadequate sleep can speed up your aging process and your eyes are the first thing to suffer. Moreover, to red bloodshot eyes inadequate sleep can also cause twitching, dry eyes, blurry vision and dark circles.
  6. Insufficient Water Intake: Not consuming the required amount of water to maintain the PH balance nexium dosage in your body and eating a high-sodium diet can cause dehydration and not produce tears for keeping your eyes nourished and moist. Dehydration symptoms include dryness, puffy eyelids and redness.
  7. Not Visiting Your Eye Doctor: It is of utmost importance that you go for regular eye check up that can help in determining eye health problems. Exams can detect sight-threatening issues which often have no warning signs. Inform your eye care alcohol and lexapro professional of your family history in case you are susceptible to any particular eye health issue.

So, start by scheduling an appointment today so that you can add healthy vision to your life.