Add Ray Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses For a Trendy Look

Trendy sunglasses designs are always in vogue and the best way to stay trendy without changing your total wardrobe is to invest in good eyewear, especially Ray Ban Eyewear. The various Ray ban Sunglasses are definitely attention seeking eyewear that ensures that you get the best looks and turn heads everywhere you go.

The delightful designs of Ray Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses are no doubt the best of the lot, locking in the styles of the present times, as well as the past, Wayfarers are one of the most popular designs provided by the Ray Ban.

Ray Ban Wayfarers are available in various suitable designs and patternswith different tinted lenses. The history of wayfarer sunglasses from Ray Ban is strange and the most famous moments where Ray Ban Wayfarers were first created in the year 1956 and were wuite popular at that time . After te initial response , these were out of trnd for a long time until there was a product placement deal from Ray Ban which provided more exposure for the styel of sunglasses. In the 1983 mobie of Tom Cruise named Risky Business the Ray Ban Wayfarers were placed promotionally but they became so popular that more than 360000 pairs of the Ray Ban Wayfarers were sold the year. In the following years the same were selling at around 1.5 ,illion pairs a year. The stylish Mary-Kate Olsen brought back the trend of the Wyfarers again in the mid 2000’s and even today , the Wayfarers are considered among the most iconic designs available.

Not only are Wayfarers suitable for a vast range of face shape, they are available in various different patterns and styles . The initial ones were made from shell materials with dark tinted lenses, but today many designs are available including different patterns, solid colors. Also the use of reflective and mirrored lenses is quite popular. Along with Ray Ban Aviator sunglasses, this style has been one of the most popular ones.

Today, most people look out for these Ray Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses as a symbol of style and also for great UV protection. Available with 100% UV Protection lenses, these Wayfarer Sunglasses protect eyes from damage and also from excessive light. Large frame and large lenses allow little light to reach the eye area and protect from windy conditions too. These sunglasses are also available online at GKB Opticals. the leading online optical store in India as well as at the 71 stores across India.

Take care of your sunglasses For Their Long Life

Stylish individuals own at least a pair of sunglasses. Accessories like branded sunglasses are perfect to show off your sense of style, and steal more glances. Sunglasses are universally flattering and there are N-number of designs to suit all face shapes and looks. The best way to find a sunglass for you, would be to first get to know your face shape better. Today we present to you, the ideal ways to take proper care of your sunglasses.

  1. Never Forget To Store Sunglasses Properly: We know most of you are quite busy and have to juggle multiple works at the same time, but for the healthy life of your sunglasses, it is required that you store your sunglasses in proper storage boxes or pouches. Some sunglasses come in sunglasses cases which range from leather case, hard shell cases, soft cloth bags/pouches and more. These cases prevent your precious sunglasses from getting damaged while not in use, or accumulate dust and dirt.
  2. Carry a ‘carry case’ while on the go : We all tend to keep our sunglasses clumsily hanging from our shirts or on top of our heads, when we forget to carry the storage case. When you’re going for a trip or at work, carry the case so that once your need is over, you don’t have to hang them or keep them on top of your head. Shopping sunglasses online in india you can also avail lucrative discounts.
  3. Never Leave Sunglasses inside Locked Car: While you may feel that keeping your branded sunglasses in the locked car would do them no harm but when your car starts to get hot in direct heat, the sunglasses can get damaged. The frame materials can start to corrode and the coating on the lenses can get damaged. When you don’t need your sunglasses, take them in a case with you or make sure that your car is not under direct sunlight.
  4. Never use spit to clean your sunglasses: While it might be tempting for some to clean their glasses with spit but it’s not a good idea. While most people use the end of the shirt or normal cloth to clean their sunglasses , it can damage the lenses and scratch the coatings.
  5. Only clean with Soft Microfibre Cloth: Sunglasses have lenses that require cleaning with soft lint free cloth or microfiber cloth that leaves no residue or lint on the lenses. Also these soft clothes do not damage the lens coatings and preserve the life of your sunglasses.

Shopping affordable sunglasses in india is now easier than ever, with GKB Opticals offering the best sunglasses online in india , and also ofefring upto 30% discounts.


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Get Stylish Prada Eyewear in India, from GKB Opticals

The stylish Prada Eyewear is known as the best of the best among branded eyewear. The renowned brand is well known for their impressive collection of eyewear among which sunglasses are the top selling ones. Prada sunglasses for men and women are highly coveted products that offer high definition vision and protection, and also provide great looks to the wearers. The stylish eyeglasses and sunglasses are perfect for any fashion conscious person.

Shopping for Prada sunglasses in India is now so easy; it’s same as ordering a book online. Just log on to GKB opticals and add your favorite Prada products to the cart add your address and pay for your order. In a few days your Prada sunglasses will be delivered to your doorstep.

There are many types of Prada sunglasses for men available at GKB Opticals and you can check out the designs and compare the best designs. With a number of stylish designs to choose from, Prada Sunglasses are undoubtedly the best with celebrities favoring these sunglasses.

Prada sunglasses are part of Italian Luxury fashion house ‘Prada’ collections which also create fashionable line of clothes and other accessories for the fashion forwards society. These stylish sunglasses come in attractive designs that suit most people and are built from industry leading materials. Prada sunglasses come with UV protected lenses that protect the wearers from excessive lights and UV damage. The stylish Prada eyeglasses India collections are perfect for people wanting unique designs for their eyeframes. Not only are these luxury eyewears one of a kind, these eyewear are made to cater to all needs of the fashionable people of the century.

Now, you can shop the latest Prada eyewear online at the best prices through GKB Opticals, the leading destination for branded eyewear in India. The leading optical store in India, GKB Opticals hosts more than 60 brands and hundreds of products for the happening new generation shoppers. The stylish new sunglasses from Prada added to the GKB Opticals catalog are really stylish. The best quality and fashion is guaranteed when picking Prada sunglasses.


So don’t go anywhere else for purchasing your Prada sunglasses in India, shop only at GKB Opticals website and get original Prada products delivered to your doorstep. If you need assistance in choosing your sunglasses or need additional info, it is possible through contacting GKB Opticals through their helpline 1800 419 1990 or mailing them at .

Ray Ban Sunglasses – Ultimate Style Icon

Ask any fashionista, about the best accessories for a trip or a day out on the beach and they will invariably name that sunglasses are an inevitable accessory. Ray Ban Sunglasses have been a great addition to any fashionista’s wardrobe. The range of branded eyewear from Ray Ban has been a staple addition to any brand addicted person.

Today, despite being there for more than half a century, Ray Ban Sunglasses are still on top of the sunglasses brands and are still coveted by everyone, from 8 to 80. If you’re looking for a new pair of Ray Ban’s, let’s take you through the why’s and how’s of shopping a new Ray Ban.

Why choose Ray ban Sunglasses?

Ray Ban Sunglasses are one of the oldest sunglasses available. These sunglasses were originally developed for the aviation industry to keep the pilots from experiencing excessive glares and headaches. The Ray Ban sunglasses are also available in power sunglasses format which help eyeglasses wearers see clearly at all times. Ray Ban Sunglasses are definitely the best premium prescription sunglasses India has to offer.

Where should you go for Ray ban Eyewear?

Eyewear has become an essential part of our life and many are using this eyewear as their new makeover accessories. You must’ve seen people transform their looks with the help of eyewear. A new sunglass of eyeglass can instantly create a new look for you. But, where should you go to buy the latest Ray ban sunglasses? GKB Opticals, the best online optical store in India, is also the best place to buy your latest stylish sunglasses from Ray Ban.  The best and the latest collection of ray ban India sunglasses are available both online and offline at GKB Opticals.

Shopping ray ban sunglasses online is now easier than ever; just log on to the website and select ‘Ray Ban Sunglasses’ and you will be redirected to the Ray ban sunglasses landing page, where you can choose a sunglass from Ray Ban. After choosing, checkout if they offer Rx lenses in this model number. If you see the Power sunglasses option then enter your prescription details or mail the prescription afterwards. Add the sunglasses to your cart & enter your shipping and pay for your order (Or order it through cash on delivery). Within a few days, you will get your new Ray Ban Sunglasses delivered to your address.

So, wasn’t that the easiest way to shop Ray Ban Sunglasses online?

Face Shape Guide For Sunglasses

Face shapes play a pivotal role in how you look wearing your sunglasses. There are literally thousands of sunglasses on GKB Opticals and with so many designs from the different brands, it’s hard to choose your favorite. If you’re looking out for sunglasses, here’s the perfect guide for you to pick up your sunglasses according to your face shape. But firstly, here re the most dominant face shapes: Oval, Round, Heart, Square, Triangle and Diamond.

Sunglasses for the Oval Face Shapes:

Oval face shape Is really versatile and most sunglasses look lovely on their face. If you have an oval face shape, you’re lucky to be able to flaunt any type of sunglass style. Choose from aviators, wayfarers, wraparounds, square, oversized, cat eyes, clubmasters and many more.

Sunglasses for the Round Face Shapes:

A very common face shape, round faces look great with angular designs of sunglasses. The aim here is to reduce the amount of fullness and create lines and angles on the face. Cat eye sunglasses and oversized angular sunglasses shapes go well with this face shape. Avoid wearing round sunglasses as all costs.

Sunglasses for the Heart face shapes:

The main distinctive character of a Heart face shape is a wider temple area and a thinner and narrower chin area. This makes it essential to choose a sunglass design that has less amounts of angles like round sunglasses, oversized ones or Cat eyes with soft angular designs.

Sunglasses for the Square face shapes:

Those who have square face shapes have the same width at their temple region as well as jaw, making them look kind of square and angular. The best way to make square face shapes look less square is to add sunglasses like oversized, wayfarer or cat eye sunglasses to soften the look.

Sunglasses for the Triangle face shapes:

For the triangular face shape which has a pointed narrow chin and wide temple, browline sunglasses have been considered the best , since they create an illusion of a shorter face with the sunglasses temple section forming a straight line along the wearer’s brow region.

Sunglasses for the Diamond face shapes:

Diamond face shape is quite uncommon and is really narrow at the chin and usually their temple region is the widest. These face shapes will look best in wayfarers and cat eye sunglass styles which create an illusion of a balanced temple and jaw.

Irrespective of what face shape you have, it’s always great to experiment and try on different styles to know which one you are most comfortable in. There are many designs of sunglasses available on and you can even try them on before purchasing using our try on tool. You can even consult with our optical assistants who can guide you with choosing a perfect design for you over chat, phone or email. So, happy sunglasses shopping and do enjoy your new sunnies.

Beat The Heat With Cool Offers from GKB Opticals.

GKB Opticals, India’s premier Eyewear destination presents a wide array of offers for our customers to beat the Summer heat. So, visit your nearest stores or shop online to get the best deals and offers . Summer season has arrived and the heat has been soaring!

This summer if you’re purchasing a spectacle, don’t go anywhere else! Visit GKB Opticals for attractive offers on eyeglasses, sunglasses and Contact lenses. With a wide range of latest designs, you will definitely find a design that suits your needs and matches your persona.

GKB Opticals believes in personalized care. Step into a store or log onto the website for the personalized eyecare experience. You can also avail a lot of offers both online and offline.  With thousands of designs of Spectacle frames and many lens packages to suit your needs and budget it’s easy to get your new spectacles done without stepping out into the sun through

Summer requires the additional care for your eyes , with sunglasses that can protect your eyes from potential harm like UV damage, sunburn, temporary Photokeratitis etc. This can be avoided with proper sun protection. Sunglasses from affordable and premium brands are available from GKB Opticals.

Choose from stylish aviator sunglasses, wayfarer, clubmasters sunglass, oversized sunglasses and more at affordable prices. The best option might be to get Rx Sunglasses done with your prescription so that you see clearly throughout the day, even when you’re out in the sun. Now you can get your Rx sunglasses done at a discounted price with the ‘Beat The Heat’ offer from GKB Opticals. Buy premium eyeglasses in square, oval half rimmed, rimmed and rimless designs. Also checkout the wide range of titanium and lightweight frames from GKB .

Buy your spectacle; choose to get lenses done along with your Eyeframes from In house brands and get great add-on offers for your next purchase. For a total lens and eye frame combo without offers you can get upto 30% off on your next purchase.

For branded Eyeframes and lens combo customers can avail upto 15% off on their next spectacle frame purchase, provided they’re getting complete spectacles done. Also there’s a choice to get 15% off on branded Rx Sunglasses. For Oakley or Ray Ban, customers can avoid 10% off on their Rx Sunglass purchase.

For in house brands like Legacy, Inspira and Lance Bremmer Eyeframes, when purchased along lenses customers can get Sundrive sunglasses for free; they only pay for the lenses. Also as an alternative, customers can avail 30% off on Eyeframes when they purchase complete spectacles.

For contact lens purchase above Rs 2000, customers can get 25% off on plano Sunglasses from Sundrive.

Offer starts today, so go get your new Eyeglasses and sunglasses done from GKB Opticals and enjoy exciting discounts.

Upto 30% off on Sunglasses

Valentine’s day might be gone by now, but Season’s biggest eyewear sale at GKB Opticals is still live. Shop your favorite Sunglasses, eyeframes and more eyewear at upto 30% discount. Get great deals on Premium Brands and in house products. No more waiting at the local Spectacles shop for offers and discounts when you can avail such lucrative discounts online at GKB Opticals.

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GKB Opticals is offering up to 30% Discounts on a wide catalog of premium and Budget range of Sunglasses, Eyeglasses and Spectacles.  GKB Opticals, India’s largest Eyewear store is offering up to 30% Off on select range of Sunglasses including high end brands like Ray Ban, Oakley, Rodenstock, Armani, Prada , Inspira , Legacy and many more brands. Also, attractive offers of up to 30% discount is offered on international brands like Oakley Spectacles, Lance Bremmer, Vogue, Police, Tommy Hilfiger, Porsche, Versace and many more brands.

If you’ve been waiting for offers to buy your new pair of sunnies then this is a great time to buy some cool new sunglasses. Enjoy discounts that will leave you wanting more on premium aviator, wayfarer, sporty and cat eye sunglasses from brands like Prada, Oakley, Rodenstock, Maui Jim, Versace, Giorgio Armani, Tiffany, Idee, Porsche and more. Show your true colors with sunglasses from GKB Opticals.

Whether you’re looking for contemporary designs or classic ones, GKB Opticals hosts a number of cool and trendy designs that will look good on people of all ages. You can choose from rimless, rimmed and half rimmed spectacle styles that can make you look attractive. Also get exciting discount on eyeglass frames. Choose from budget frames or look out for branded frames . There are lots of choices in designs like wayfarer, aviator, cat eyes, club master , round, oval and many more.

GKB Opticas, the largest eyewear store, has a wide selction of eyeframes designs and you will surely find a design you love .But don’t stress, chances are you will love more than one for yourself, so splurge and get yourself some classy and premium eyewear at reduced prices. . With hundreds of different designs and styles of sunglasses, eye frames and spectacles, you’re bound to be lost while choosing so let the friendly customer service team help you out using chat, call and email support.

All products at GKB Opticals is 100% genuine. We are the authorized retailers of many international brands, so you get only genuine products at the best price online in India. Also enjoy free shipping, easy returns, exchange facility on your orders and order stress free. Paying is also made easy with different payment options like COD, EMI and Credit Card, debit card and net banking payment facilities. Call at 1800 419 1990 or mail us at for any kind of assistance.

Rayban Style Eye-Cons – Be A Part Of The Legend

Ray ban Sunglasses For Men and Women

Ray ban Sunglasses For Men and Women

Over the years, Ray Ban Sunglasses have achieved the status of a classic ‘eyecon’. Founded in 1937 by Bausch & Lomb, the first pair of shades was created for the Army officials. Developed by Bausch & Lomb it was designed to be functional as well as stylish. Since, its emergence in the optical industry it has never really gone out of style. The first pair of shades or the aviators is synonymous with the brand. The style has evolved and many new subcategories have been added over the years.

Functionality And Style: From the very beginning these sunnies have been at the forefront of eye protection technology. This line of model incorporated an anti-glare lens, beneficial for eye protection. These stay in style not only because of their celebrity appeal but also because they are stylish and practical. The classic style is now available with rims of black, silver and gold. These full metal frames were lightweight and made from green lenses and gold plated metal that filtered out UV rays. The functional design increased the popularity when the handsome young pilots sported the Aviators.

Peep Into The History: Moreover, in the year 1952 the brand took a leap of faith and brought out the plastic frames known popularly as the ‘wayfarers’. This style achieved iconic status when it was sported by Presidents, artists, musicians and actors. This brand had placed their shades in more than 6 0 TV shows and movies such as Risky Business, Miami Vice and The Breakfast Club. The eyecons are worn by celebrities and everyday people like the one sitting right next to you. The new campaign seems to fit the lifestyle of the brand so go ahead stop by and check.

Benefits & Features: These style ‘eyecons’ prefer wearing them not just because of their design, shapes and color but also because of their functionality. They help to see better while driving. The reflected glare from the surface of the water body or road will affect your vision clarity. But with these shades and superior lenses you can even drive at night time effortlessly. Moreover, during winter while you are skiing you will not face any problem as the sunglasses with UV protection features will not affect your eyesight in the long run. The sun reflections transform into something glittery which is harmful for your eyes. In such situation a pair of Polarized Shades will be beneficial for you.

This brand of shades had been a name to reckon with in the optical industry. It had managed to keep up with the expectations of the world. The popular brand has charmed people from all ages but it has mostly been admired by the youth. So, if you want to be part of this eyeconic history then you should check out our online optical store and browse the collection of eyewear from which you can take your pick. Go ahead and place your order today and you can get in touch with our customer support team in case you face any difficulty.

Which Ray Ban Sunglasses Are Best For You?


Ray Ban is one of the most sought after brands by both men and women. The brand name is considered as a style statement in itself. Everybody desires to own a fabulous pair of shades that will be best for them and add an edge to their personality. The Ray ban India offers an extensive range of colors and designs to choose from and hence you will find a unique pair for everyone. The different styles are complimentary to a variety of face shapes and fashion preferences. These products are a combination of style, quality and innovation. Ray ban sunglasses price in India is within Rs 3,000-Rs 23,000. Given below are 4 of the RB product series and their details from which you can take your pick and make a gorgeous statement.

Classic Aviators RB 3025: Designed in the year 1937 for the U.S. military fighter pilots for protection of eyes during their flight. It is one of the most defining style icons which owe its fame to the military history. RB 3025 series of Aviator sunglasses have a timeless appeal with exclusive teardrop shaped lenses and are highly popular among the celebrities as well. Ray Ban aviator sunglasses 3025 series that enable you to flaunt a legendary look. It is available in 5 different colors and is the undisputed top choice when it comes to shopping for a perfect pair. Aviators go well with all face shapes and hence you can make a great purchase.


Original Wayfarers RB 2140: The brand created another unique style in the year 1952 with defining trapezoidal shaped casino online lenses which comes with plastic frames. They slant forward from your face and give them the fit which makes people fall in love with you. Also, the RB 2140 series of wayfarers are available in two different sizes: 54mm and 50mm. Hence, you will find a comfortable and well fitting eyewear for yourself. Wayfarers have an exclusive look and very few people can actually carry it off with perfection. So, while shopping you must choose carefully.


Mirror Aviators: The mirror sunglasses that we sport today were created back in the year 1936. These aviator styled sunglasses comes finished with matte plastic temples and slim brushed metal frames. The logo lettering highlights the lens. By sporting mirror RayBan aviator sunglasses them you can make an awesome style statement.

Mirror Aviators

Flip-Out Aviators RB 3460: Inspired by the classic aviators, the Flip out comes with 3 interchangeable lenses and a special lens case where you can store for wearing tomorrow. Each frame is absolutely nickel-free and corrosion resistant with hypoallergenic features. The lenses come with a signature logo. Hence, you can switch out a lens and click in a new one whenever you please.

Flip-Out Aviators

 ClubMaster RB 3016: Launched originally in the year 1986, these retro and timeless shades are popular among leaders and counter-culture intellectuals. The iconic retro style design is inspired by the lifestyle of the 60’s. These are available in different color options.

Rayban Clubmaster

 Folding Wayfarer RB 4105: The brand has reworked the original design that comes with distinct hinges at the bridge and arms which lets the frame to be folded in a compact storage form. This style of shades comes with durable metal alloy hinges. Portable and practical and always in fashion. These folding shades are available in a wide range of colors.

Folding Wayfarers

The brand has a solution for all your eyewear needs. Here, at you will find Rayban sunglasses for men and women, from which you can shop at your convenience. The designs are fun and flattering which will look great on you. While making your purchase you can take the opinion of your friend to ensure that you have made the right choice purchasing Rayban India online.

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Rayban Aviator Sunglasses: The Most Loved Eyewear among All Fashionistas

Rayban gold aviators

Ray-Ban is a world renowned

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brand offering . When you come across the products you will find that the Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses are most popular among them. These shades are made by Ray-Ban for the past several decades and people love wearing them. There is a lot of modern technology supporting the appearance of these products that ensure an optimal experience. Rayban aviators The history of the brand is what makes them and their products so special. Versatility and comfort is the trademark of the brand name. These shades help in protecting the eyes from the harmful rays of the sun. With the passage of time it has become a wonderful fashion statement that is followed by fashionistas from all across

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the globe.

Rayban polarized aviators

The consistently live up to its standard and expectations. You can get polarized lenses with these shades that will make them suitable for different wearer. Check out an extensive range of shades from which customers can take their pick. The wide range of will surely enhance your look to a great extent.

Rayban gold aviatorsray ban new wayfarer