Latest Sunglasses Trends 2017

Fashion sunglasses are highly notable for their originality and unusual shapes. And while we are quarrying on this subject, therefore make sure you don’t go shopping without knowing the latest eyewear trends!

Latest Sunglasses Trends


We have rounded up the top eyewear trends of 2017 for your knowledge about the latest style. If you’re looking for fashionable sunglasses that would go with a new office outfit or a pair of sunglasses to style while strolling the city, go no further because we have got you covered.

1)    Aviators

Aviator sunglasses are the ultimate classic fashion that has been ranking on top for more than 25 years. Aviators offer a classic look that is highly popular among men and women. Popular aviator styles include mirrored lenses, polarised lenses and other popular styles. GKB Opticals collection displays original style, distinct brands, perfect fitting at a justifiable range.  For more information, check out:

2)    Clubmaster

At present, Clubmaster has been experiencing a revival or turn around as a classic yet hip styled frame. Clubmaster is one of Ray Ban’s most popular styles that is imitated by many brands in the marketplace. Similar to browline, Clubmaster style sunglasses are designed with an upper frame that is thicker or appears bolder than the portion which is at the bottom. For more information, check out:

3)    Wayfarers

Fashion come and go but Wayfarers are timeless. Wayfarers promise to stylishly protect the eyes, therefore keep them handy when you are out. The ultimate robust sunglass – The Wayfarers hold an iconic and rich history in contemporary culture making them the most desirable pair of sunglasses that every man must own. For more information, check out:

4)    Perfectly Round

Perfectly round sunglasses are a must carry accessory – A cool piece that any stylish person must use to add on extra points to their outfit. Perfectly round sunglasses are a statement of young lively soul forming the stylish base for the year 2017. For more information, check out:

5)    Rectangular

Rectangular shaped eyeglass is sleek and leisurely styled making it an ideal choice for the stylish crowd. GKB Opticals displays a wide range of brands like Boss Orange, Bvlgari, Emporio Armani, Fossil, Giorgio Armani, Hugo Boss, Izarra, Maui Jim, Nova, Oakley, Persol, Polaroid, Porsche Design, Ray-Ban and Rodenstock. For more information, check out:

6)    Oval

Retro, stylish and cool, these oval-shaped sunglasses are designed with a rounded oval shaped frame with round lenses of neutral hues. These chic styled sunglasses add an extraordinary element of fun to any outfit. For more information, check out:

Latest Sunglasses Trends

GKB Opticals is home to a branded collection of sunglasses. The wide range of collection represents exquisite characteristics and are on trend. Shop online now from GKB Opticals to get the best style of sunglasses for your prolific vision.



What Makes The Ray Ban Sunglasses Legendary?

What makes the Rayban Sunglasses A Legend

A man needs something completely magnificent which goes with his ultra cool look and that is none other than a stylish pair of Ray Ban sunglass. It is one of the best selling eyewear brands in the world. They have achieved a classic status for the last 7 decades. From Clubmasters to wayfarers and aviators there are some iconic styles from which you can take your pick.

Since, its first appearance the brand has become an icon and is a must-have eyewear accessory among fashionistas and celebrities. Originally it was crafted for functional purposes and created by Bausch & Lomb. Their main aim was to protect the U.S. pilots’ eyes. It has come a long way from its military origins to becoming a classy fashion accessory.

What makes the Rayban Sunglasses A Legend

Quality par excellence: The sunglasses are manufactured with the latest cutting-edge technology and with the finest materials available. The lenses ensure that you get 100% UV protection. The lenses have features like impact and scratch resistance and hence you can be guaranteed that they will last you for a long time. The frames are innovative, hypoallergenic and sturdy. They are highly comfortable and light in wear so wearing them is very easy.

Some of the viagra online wonderful shades available in fantastic styles that make this brand a legend are as follows:

Aviators: They were originally designed for the military pilots of U.S. Garnering a huge fan following since its start this style were the first to come out of this brand house. The exclusive teardrop shaped lens makes this lens a recognizable style icon. They are highly fashionable and highly preferred by the celebrities and famous personalities. The style has modified over time but it still is casino online one of the most preferred styles of eyewear.

Wayfarers: Taking advantage of the new molding technology the brand produced yet another classic style: the Wayfarer. Unlike the Torsemide generic other metal frames, the ray ban wayfarers marked the start of a new era of shades in plastic frames. This style has its share of ups and downs but with re-designed models it came back to the fashion industry in the late 2000’s with a big bang.

Clubmaster: This was undeniably chic and was developed around the 50’s. It was quite popular among the intellectuals and world leaders. The popularity of the browline design took a slump in the 70’s. However, in the 80’s it had made a comeback. This style made a comeback. The half-rimmed clubmaster was launched during this time and became highly popular among the youngsters online Venlor who liked anything young and stylish.

Unbeaten and unfazed the brand has withstood the test of time. They have crafted some iconic shades in the eyewear industry. They are made with world-class materials and technology with a timeless appeal. The shades are bound to offer you years of comfortable wearing experience because of its stylish designs, quality materials and UV protective lenses. Now that you are aware of its iconic status you must go ahead and consider of buying a pair for yourself.