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Holi Fun

Holi Fun With March, India witnesses the onset of spring which brings with it the festival of colors. There are many mythological tales attached to it. Indians celebrate the triumph of good over evil each year by burning the Holi pyre and playing with colors. People are extremely enthusiastic about this celebration as they play and gorge on hot snacks and cool drinks like thandai and bhang. To enjoy your Holi in style you can throw a memorable party followed by serving delicious Holi special dishes. The most important question that will come to your mind on Holi is ‘what to wear?’ Choose to wear white clothes so that the colors look nice on it or cialis 20mg you can go for old clothes that can be discarded later on after being doused in colors. Color playing always strikes a red alert for your eyes, hair and skin right? We can pretty well image you recoiling at the very thought of playing. However, if you are not looking forward to the damage then you choose to apply oil generously on your body and wear a cap or bandana on your head.

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A colorful pair of sunglasses would help in keeping your eyes protected from the colors and any kind of irritation. If you are all ready for this fun celebration and only left to choose your pair of shades you should check out our collection of colorful sunglasses from which you can take your pick. They are available at different price ranges and hence making a purchase would be absolutely hassle-free.

7 bad habits that are aging your eyes

bad habits that are aging your eyes

bad habits that are aging your eyes Are you a night owl, or a fast food lover? Chances are you are prematurely aging your eyes – inside and out! Here’s how…

  1. Rubbing your eyes: The skin around the eyes is the first place which shows signs of aging.

    Rubbing can break tiny blood vessels under the surface of the skin and causes puffy eyes and dark circles and drooping eyelids and premature crow’s feet. Cosmetic surgery can rejuvenate the eye area but prevention is better than cure as they say so refrain from tugging and pulling at the skin around your eyes.

  2. Forgetting Your Sunglass: By exposing your eyes to the harmful rays of the sun is sure way to make your skin age which in turn also damages your eyes and lids. Prolonged exposure leads to sunburn, cataracts, macular degeneration and even cancer of the online slots eyelid. Wear sunglasses and you will be able to block out 100% of the UV rays of the sun whether on a sunny morning or on overcast days.
  3. Smoking: This act harms almost every organ of your body and obviously does not spare your eyes. Studies have linked that smoking can be threatening to eyes and it can lead to diabetic retinopathy, dry eyes, macular degeneration, and cataract. As a smoker you are up to 4 times more likely to go blind in comparison to others. The best part is that you can minimize your risk of developing a serious eye condition.
  4. Poor Diet: Are you heavily into junk food? You don’t eat enough fruits and veggies? Then it is likely that you are not getting required minerals and vitamins and essential fatty acids for the required eye health. Your diet should be rich in leafy green veggies, fruits and fish for preventing many age related diseases. Vitamins and other supplements can help in filling nutritional lipitor gaps but proper diet combined with daily exercises are effective ways to maintain an overall health.
  5. Adequate Sleep Is Essential: Inadequate sleep can speed up your aging process and your eyes are the first thing to suffer. Moreover, to red bloodshot eyes inadequate sleep can also cause twitching, dry eyes, blurry vision and dark circles.
  6. Insufficient Water Intake: Not consuming the required amount of water to maintain the PH balance nexium dosage in your body and eating a high-sodium diet can cause dehydration and not produce tears for keeping your eyes nourished and moist. Dehydration symptoms include dryness, puffy eyelids and redness.
  7. Not Visiting Your Eye Doctor: It is of utmost importance that you go for regular eye check up that can help in determining eye health problems. Exams can detect sight-threatening issues which often have no warning signs. Inform your eye care alcohol and lexapro professional of your family history in case you are susceptible to any particular eye health issue.

So, start by scheduling an appointment today so that you can add healthy vision to your life.

Spread Love This Raksha Bandhan

Wayfarer Sunglasses

Raksha Bandhan is an Indian tradition of celebrating the sacred bond of love shared by brothers and sisters. With a simple ceremony of tying the Rakhi the festival is celebrated in a simple way. It is carried out with reverence and has been rooted in the psyche of all Indian brothers and sisters. The tradition of sending and receiving gifts is what makes it special. You will all surely agree that the relationship with your siblings will perhaps be one of the best and longest relationships you will ever have. From being each other’s buddies to bullies you will be sources of inspiration and pride for each other. as one of India’s leading retail eyewear store offers its online shoppers a wide range of products from which they can take their pick. So, to celebrate this beautiful relationship on RakshaBandhan why don’t you consider of gifting your brother or sister something special? How about a stylish pair of sunglasses for your brother? Check out the following pairs of shades from which you can take your pick. They have been categorized for college goers and working professionals.

Has your sister started going to college as yet? Then consider of gifting your fashionable sister a stylish pair as it is the latest in fashion and she is sure to love it because she can flaunt it to nexium savings card her generic celebrex friends. With this pair she will surely make a gorgeous style statement.

Prada Sunglasses

Is your geeky brother oblivious to fashion? Then this is the perfect time to change his fashion sense and gift him from a range of cool wayfarer sunglasses from

Wayfarer Sunglasses

<p style=”background: white;margin: 0in casino online 0in 12.75pt 0in”>If your sibling is working then you can choose to gift them a stylish pair of aviator. At you will find a wide variety of aviator sunglasses. If you are willing to spend a little more, then you can get her a little branded too. You can choose to get the shades from RayBan, Police or even Gucci. Your brother and you may share a cordial relationship because of the huge age gap but that does not nullify the

fact that all what he does is for your betterment. So, let’s acknowledge his love for you on this Rakshabandhan and gift him a classy pair of aviators which never fails to impress anyone.

Aviator Sunglasses

You can share your special moments with us on Facebook at

About Jayita Chanda: As a content writer of I’m privileged to offer new ideas and information regarding the optical industry. My passion for writing over the last generic omnicef 6 years and love for trendy eyewear has helped me to understand the subtle nuances of this field.Find me viagra cialis levitra on Google

Sunglasses: A Must Have For Complete Eyecare

Oakley Wraparound Sunglasses

For years, we have referred to sunglasses casually as “shades”. It reflects the laid back vibe which goes with the product. For many, they mean fashion and not just health. They are more about looking stylish than about taking care of your vision. However, today there is an increasing rate of UV rays that boosts the risk of developing macular degeneration and cataracts. Both conditions affect older people and can leave mark over time.

Doctors suggest, both conditions can threaten healthy vision and it is best to wear shades all year round. Moreover, you will experience better night vision when you wear these products. There are a few things to look for when choosing your . It is essential to make sure that they offer UV protection. Once, the threat of UV light is eliminated you can focus on issues like glare reduction and selecting a tint which will help in controlling the degree of brightness that reaches your eyes.

Importance of Shades during winter: While most of us are aware of the sun damage very few people realize the essentiality to take precautions even during the winter months. The UV rays that pose a huge problem when reflected off bright snow. Those who enjoy outdoor sports should be extra careful. So, what is the best way to protect your eyes? Optometrists suggest wearing shades that block UV rays and ensure that you invest in a durable pair of shades. Choose gradient lens that are tinted from top down so that your eyes will not get damaged in any way.ray ban glasses frames

Oakley Holebrook Iridium Sunglasses

Shades for People with Eye Power: are is in the wrong and should be careful what he says to people. often the best solution for clear vision. They reduce glare and your need for squinting in bright conditions will be eliminated. For comfort and convenience the best solution for seeing would be prescription shades. These shades are available in a wide variety of designs and lens materials. For boating, fishing and driving polarized lenses offer enhanced glare protection. If you plan to wear them even during sports then there is a potential of causing eye injuries. Hence, you must opt for lightweight lenses made of polycarbonate. Lenses made from this material are impact-resistant in comparison to plastic or glass. The only exception is that it cannot be made in wraparound styles. However, you may find models with a lesser curved wraparound styles.oakley sunglasses uk

Oakley Frogskin Sunglasses

Impact Resistant: All branded sunglasses must meet the standards for impact resistance set by the Federal Food and Drug Administration for safety. No lens is completely unbreakable but in comparison plastic lenses are less likely to break when hit by something. If you are buying polycarbonate lenses then you must check for the ones that come with scratch resistant coatings.

Gradient Lenses: Opt for gradient lenses are shaded from top to bottom. Single gradient lenses reduce the glare and will allow you to see clearly below. They are extremely useful as it will not dim your dashboard view. However, it will not lessen the glare in snowy surroundings at the beach. For a sports person with double gradient lenses are air max ltd

Other things that you need to consider when choosing the perfect pair of shades are as follows:

Opt for wraparound or oversized shades: Bigger lenses and frames can offer you more UV protection as they guard your eyes from the peripheral rays.

Oakley Wraparound Sunglasses

Polar is the way to go: Choose to go for polarized lenses which block out the glare that bounces off pavements, smooth surfaces and windshields.

Consider color and mirror: The best color for your lenses would be gray. Are you thinking about the reason? Then, you should know that it does not change colors. Brown and green lenses are good for you too. You can also opt for mirror coated shades. However, they might not fully protect you from UV radiation they definitely lessen the amount of light that enters your eyes.

Rx effects: Don’t be restricted by your thoughts and choices if you wear prescription glasses, why not add to the wardrobe?

Automate: You can request your optometrist to prescribe you Photochromic lenses. They automatically get darker when you are out in the sun and return to normal when you are inside.air jordan 13

However, you must know that shades will not be able to protect your eyes from particular intense light like Arc welding and tanning lights. The shades are only applicable for general outdoor activities.

About Jayita Chanda: As a content writer of I’m privileged to offer new ideas and information regarding the optical industry. My passion for writing over the last 6 years and love for trendy eyewear

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has helped me to understand the subtle nuances of this field.Find me on Google

Seeing Color with Polarized Sunglasses

Polarized Sunglasses

Sunglasses are an essential accessory for protection of your eyes from the harmful UV rays. It helps use different technologies that eliminate the problems related to light. Glare is harder on eyes than ordinary light which is why polarized shades are absolutely necessary.

Polarised lenses contain a material that is coated or mixed in the material of the lens that helps in blocking the light waves. Unpolarized light usually bounces around the obstruction. However, the polarized waves that come off the sand or water are usually stopped. When you are seeing through the polarized lens the sky color usually alters with the tilt of the head as rotating the lens lets the light waves move in different way. With these lenses color contrast and clarity will be enhanced. Hence, you will see the exact shades without any color alteration.

Polarized Sunglassesair jordan 8

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coating which absorbs and reflects light so that minimum light can get in the eye. The color and type of coating determines the type of light passes through and hence what the user can see. These lenses cuts down glare and can ease strain enhancing visual contrast and protect the eyes from the harmful UV best online casino rays of the sun. These are not labeled but there are different ways to test

to determine if they are

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polarized.oakley eyewear

Valentine’s Week Offer – Buy 1 & Get 1 Sunglass Free

Valentine Day Offer

Valentine Day Offer

February is the month for love. For making your Valentine week special, we at GKBOptical bring you a fantabulous sunglass offer ‘Buy 1 and get 1 free’ which you can avail starting from 13-Feb 2014. It is the perfect time to show your loved ones how much you care. Hence, it would be best if you could gift them something special and unique so that they know how you feel for them.  A will be perfect for you and your loved ones this V-day. You can step out in style with your close one in trendy sunglasses and make a gorgeous fashion statement.

Premium Eyewear Offer

How to avail the offer:

  • The offer is available.
  • Just add any two sunglasses from the collection to the shopping cart and use coupon codeFEBLOVE.
  • Once you are done with this your 1 pair will become absolutely free of cost.
  • Click on the ‘check out’ button and provide the personal details, shipping and billing address.
  • Click on the ‘place order now’ option and select the payment mode and submit for order confirmation. You will receive a confirmation email.

ray ban wayfarer
Terms & Conditions:

women oakley sunglasses

  • This offer is only applicable on.
  • This offer is not applicable on designer brands.
  • Offer ends on 20th Feb 2014
  • Offer available only at

air max 360

What makes Porsche Design special?

Porsche Design For Men And Women

Porsche Design Sunglasses
Porchse is a luxury brand that with a focus on original and timeless design. All products are designed and characterized by a clean and pure aesthetic. The products have an unmistakable signature style and look and hence each piece has a quintessential iconic look. It is fundamental not decorative and truly unique. It is engineered to perfection and hence a popular product. The clean linear shape can be quite attractive which makes the brand and its products special.
air jordan retro 11
Porsche Design For Men And Women
air max
The most advanced materials of the best quality are selected for crafting the products. The best traditional craftsmanship is combined with the latest technology. Yes and the best example are the glasses. The design is influenced from the accurate knowledge of optics. It mirrors classic modernism that will surely attract your attention.  Passion, Precision, and Performance are the uncompromising essence of Porsche Design that will reflect in all  products from which you can take your pick. These essence make the brand very special for all style icons.
oakley golf sunglasses
Porsche Design Spectacles




Pay Low and Save High With 25% Off On Sunglasses, Frames and Contact Lenses

Winter Sale At

Looking good will now cost you less money. At customers can save 25% discount on different sunglasses, frames, and contact lenses. So, you will be paying a lot less money for your preferred eyewear. We offer an extensive range of trendy eyewear at prices that you will surely love. The eyewear will definitely help you to make a statement. The frames are suited for round the clock use.
25% Off On Eyewear
If you are facing issues deciding on the frames to go for our experts will help you to find a perfect pair. The products are available that will match the personality and face shape. The 25% discount offer can casino be clubbed with the offer of ‘grab your free . You can talk to our professionals who can guide and assist you with your purchase.

Winter Sale At
Go ahead and grab a sunglass for yourself that will definitely suit you. The discount will let you save money and pay an extremely low price. So, without further hesitation go ahead and get a great deal for yourself.

Why You Should Wear Sunglasses During Winter

Designer sunglasses

Sunglasses can play a huge role in ensuring perfect eye health. The UV rays of the sun are at its peak during the winter months. During this time you are doubly exposed to UV rays because it reflects on the surface of the snow and causes extreme strain to your eyes. This makes this season one of the most essential seasons of the year to protect your eyes from the potentially hazardous effects of the sun.

Designer sunglasses

When wintry precipitation coats all surfaces in snow, water and ice bright reflections cause serious glare that can impair your vision. Hence, to reduce glare you must sport a sunglass that can dramatically reduce glare for comfortable and safe vision. You can avoid exposure to UV radiation which can lead to cataracts and macular degeneration. A pair of Oakley blocks the harmful rays of the sun by providing excellent protection to the delicate skin around your eyes. This also helps in preventing premature aging and wrinkles.
It protects eyes from dust, wind, dust and debris. It reduces headaches and eyestrain. The sunglasses provide the right amount of protection for good vision and long term health. So, it’s not just summer, you must even in winter too.

How to Pick Sunglasses That Provides Complete Protection

Quality Sunglasses

For many people the only thing that is more difficult than purchasing a swimsuit is looking for a perfect pair of shades. As a buyer you might have to check a dozen pairs before finalizing with one. Yes, finding the ideal pair can be a challenging task.

People will opt for a certain style and base their decisions on the fit and style. However, that’s not always the best thing for them. Sunglasses have joined the ranks of shoes and handbags as luxury status symbols.

Quality Sunglasses

People are now looking at shades differently as a more premium accessory. The size should be proportional to your face size. It is essential to search for frames that complement your face by drawing attention to the prominent features. Prolonged exposure to the sun’s UV rays can lead to blindness and vision loss. Hence, it is absolutely necessary on your part to sport good sunglasses

Studies have shown that UV rays can cause serious eye problems that can cause you to lose your sight. So, when you are outside don’t think about protecting your skin you must protect your eyes too!

UV levels of radiation are higher in summer and are reflected off snow, water making it more dangerous. However, you can protect your eyes by wearing the right kind of sunglasses when going outside. Talk to your eye care professional who can guide you with your selection. Opt for a pair that comes with complete UV protection features.