Improved Eye Health With Green Tea

Everybody is aware of the fact that green tea has several health benefits. However, people are curious whether the consumption of this beverage provides any benefit to the health of the eyes. The biggest cause of eye problem is stress. This causes oxidation which is a reaction which produces free radicals. It can damage cells. Studies strongly suggest that EGCG is found in abundance in green tea cialis instructions that benefits your eye in many ways which are as follows:

    • Prevents cataract formation

    • Protects the retina against UV radiation
    • Protects the retina from oxidative stress
    • Protects against age related
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      macular degeneration and glaucoma

ray ban repair oakley sunglasses There is a particular flavonoid found in green tea known as gallocatechin is particularly good for eyes. This accumulates in your retina and function like bionic sunscreen that protects the fragile viagra7-pharmacycanada cells against the harmful rays Paroxetine generic of the sun. Study show that a measure of antioxidant lasts for about 20 hours following the consumption of the drink. The green tea is a soothing drink that is sure to benefit your eyes. So you go ahead and gulp down this zero-calorie refreshing drink and you are sure to get unexpected dividends for your vision.air max 97

The importance of protecting your vision at workplace with safety glasses

Eye injuries at workplace are quite common. Workers sustain injuries that need immediate medical attention every day. However, experts and doctors believe that the right protection can reduce the chances of severity and prevent

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most of the injuries. The cost of such injuries is huge for the worker although you might get certain amount of compensation.

Common ones are chemicals in eyes and cuts on cornea which you can easily avoid with the help of . The type of protection you wear however depends on the hazards that may occur at your workplace. Your optometrist can help your employer and you in assessing the potential hazards at your workplace and determine the type of protection required. A perfect example is the danger welders face as they are exposed to flying particles and flames. It is essential for them to use special to shield their eyes from any possible danger.

Eyes are the most precious gift of God and it is important that you take proper care of it. Without your eyes you will not be able to enjoy and experience the beautiful creations in this world. So, right protection at the right time is always necessary if you want to stay safe at your workplace.

How to use contact lens for the first time?

Contact lens wear

Cacs are a wonderful alternative to wearing . Your vision will be far better and they will not be a hindrance when you are engaged in sports activities. A step by step guide will definitely help you to use if you are wearing for the first time.

Wearing: Wash your hands well with soap and dry them completely. Remove one lens from the case and check for right and left unless you have the same eye power in both eyes. Place the lens on the index finger. You must ensure that the lens is sitting on the hollow side of the fingertip. Very gently and slowly pull up the upper eyelid by using your opposite hand and with the middle finger of your other hand pull your lower lid downward.

Contact lens wear

Move the lens towards the eye steadily and try not move or blink at that time. Keep your eyes focused as it will make the process easier. Place it gently over the best online casino iris and you can slide it gently to adjust it with your eyeball if necessary. Let go of the skin under your eyes first. Blink very slowly and check for any discomfort. Remove and cleanse completely if you find any discomfort. Repeat the process until you have placed both the contacts in both the eyes.

Removal: Look up and with the help of your middle finger pull your eyelid down. Slide the contacts down to the white part and with your thumb and index finger squeeze it gently and remove. For removal of the other lens repeat the process.

Removal of contact lensair jordan retro

Proper Care: Once you are aware of the process you should learn to properly care for them. Always keep your contacts in the lens solution when you are not wearing them unless they are disposable ones. The solution will keep your lens clean and disinfected. It is important to dispose them by the suggested air max womens

Contact lens for a clear and bright vision

Branded contact lenses

Contact lenses are prescribed to different varieties of individuals who have vision problems. These are not as same as buying glasses for reading. You cannot just go ahead and get a pair for yourself.  are medical devices that require the wearer to follow a particular procedure to get them. Before wearing the lenses always wash your hands with a mild soap. Always keep all solution bottles closed and clean your lens case every day. It is important to replace your lens case every three months.

<p style="background: white;margin: 0in best online casino 0in 12.75pt 0in”>Branded contact lenses

Those suffering from myopia will also wear lenses that are thick on the edges and thin in the middle area. This will let the light rays to be processed correctly. And, those suffering from farsightedness are prescribed just the opposite thing. All lenses use the basic technology and are used for acquiring clear vision and treating different eye problems. Schedule regular appointments with your eye care professional so that you know the right kind of lens for wearing. Buying lenses can assist you in enjoying your life and seeing you more clearly.air jordan 4 retro

Learn About Your Prescription for Eyeglass Lenses and Frames

Whether you select single vision or multi-focals you can get your order easily by reading your prescription and entering the details by choosing your lenses. When getting your eyes checked be sure your eye doctor writes the PD or pupil distance measurement on the prescription. This will ensure that the optical center of your lenses that will be exact in front of the pupils.

Designer eyeglasses The prescription for will have the eye power which will indicate whether it is spherical, cylindrical, or axis power. The prescription will also indicate the vision accuracy of the customer along with the type of power and recommended lenses will also be present. As a customer you can email or fax your prescription and order lenses online easily. Simply choose from one of the thousand prescription eyeglasses and then you are usually asked about your prescription lens preference. You can fax or email a copy of your prescription to the optical store who can guide you with your purchase. If you are aware of what is written in your prescription then you will be able to make a sound online purchase.

Contact Lenses- Pros and Cons

Contact Lens Pros

Whether one should wear Contact lenses or not, has always been a debate. Where some find it a great way to correct vision, some find them uncomfortable and costly. So, if you too are confused about Contact Lenses then read our list of all the pros and cons related to them. Pros

  1. These are worn directly on the eye for natural vision.
  2. They focus your entire field of view including periphery which is especially important is sports and driving where you need to focus as much around you as possible.
  3. Contact lenses don’t collect precipitation and thereby do not blur vision.
  4. They don’t fog up.
  5. They eliminate the need to wear eyeglasses all the time.
  6. Available in a wide range and color options to meet individual needs.
  7. They don’t alter your natural appearance, also they let people see your eyes.
  8. Contact lenses wearers can add sunglasses to beat UV rays.
  9. Contacts suit mostly everyone and unlikely are to develop infection.
  10. Presbyopic people who wear lined glasses can switch to bifocal/multifocal contact lenses.

Contact Lens Pros Cons

    1. Contact lenses demand care. Cleaning and disinfecting your lenses can be complicated and inconvenient.
    2. One needs to be extra-careful while cleaning, inserting and removing contact lenses.
    3. Contact lens wearers are more prone to corneal infection.
    4. Lenses can be easily be damaged or lost.
    5. Some people are not comfortable with contact lenses. They feel something floating in their eyes. After going through initial discomfort, some people

      continue to find them uncomfortable.

    6. Contact lenses do not suit people with low tear formation.
    7. Wearing contact lenses can be costlier than glasses. Contact lenses wearers also need to buy cleaning and disinfecting solution.
    8. People who wear daily/weekly/monthly disposable lenses need to replace their lenses on a regular interval, this may cost them a good amount.
  1. Contact lenses do not protect eyes from UV radiations.
  2. Yearly contact lenses are more likely to develop infection in wearer’s eyes.

Contact Lenses Care The bottom line: Choosing contact lenses is not easy, one has to be extra careful with them. If you want to wear them, go for branded contact lenses and start with daily/weekly disposable contact lenses, they are much safer to use. Those who are not sure about contact lenses, should wear eyeglasses. Eyeglasses are easy to handle and are available in

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