Contact Lenses- Pros and Cons

Whether one should wear Contact lenses or not, has always been a debate. Where some find it a great way to correct vision, some find them uncomfortable and costly. So, if you too are confused about Contact Lenses then read our list of all the pros and cons related to them. Pros

  1. These are worn directly on the eye for natural vision.
  2. They focus your entire field of view including periphery which is especially important is sports and driving where you need to focus as much around you as possible.
  3. Contact lenses don’t collect precipitation and thereby do not blur vision.
  4. They don’t fog up.
  5. They eliminate the need to wear eyeglasses all the time.
  6. Available in a wide range and color options to meet individual needs.
  7. They don’t alter your natural appearance, also they let people see your eyes.
  8. Contact lenses wearers can add sunglasses to beat UV rays.
  9. Contacts suit mostly everyone and unlikely are to develop infection.
  10. Presbyopic people who wear lined glasses can switch to bifocal/multifocal contact lenses.

Contact Lens Pros Cons

    1. Contact lenses demand care. Cleaning and disinfecting your lenses can be complicated and inconvenient.
    2. One needs to be extra-careful while cleaning, inserting and removing contact lenses.
    3. Contact lens wearers are more prone to corneal infection.
    4. Lenses can be easily be damaged or lost.
    5. Some people are not comfortable with contact lenses. They feel something floating in their eyes. After going through initial discomfort, some people

      continue to find them uncomfortable.

    6. Contact lenses do not suit people with low tear formation.
    7. Wearing contact lenses can be costlier than glasses. Contact lenses wearers also need to buy cleaning and disinfecting solution.
    8. People who wear daily/weekly/monthly disposable lenses need to replace their lenses on a regular interval, this may cost them a good amount.
  1. Contact lenses do not protect eyes from UV radiations.
  2. Yearly contact lenses are more likely to develop infection in wearer’s eyes.

Contact Lenses Care The bottom line: Choosing contact lenses is not easy, one has to be extra careful with them. If you want to wear them, go for branded contact lenses and start with daily/weekly disposable contact lenses, they are much safer to use. Those who are not sure about contact lenses, should wear eyeglasses. Eyeglasses are easy to handle and are available in

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  1. Besides having a lazy eye, my eyesight is really bad and so I am dreading getting glasses. That is why I am in favor of getting contacts. I also love that they will give me more natural vision and won’t alter my appearance in any way. However, can contacts help with lazy eyes? I know that eyeglasses can have their lenses fitted so that they can focus the eyes more, but I’m not sure about contacts.

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