The Great Online Shopping Festival had kicked off on December 10, 2014. 48 hours have passed from the 72 hours of crazy shopping time. At the close of the second day it can be said that as consumers stand to save money and make more purchases GOSF 2014 has given the online retailers the opportunity to gain customer loyalty and awareness about their respective brand and product.

All the e-commerce majors including GKBOptical.com is offering heavy discounts that seems to be rewarding for the customers this season. This shopping festival has been beneficial for most e-commerce retailers including us as we all have recorded a massive boost in traffic and sales. With offers and special promotion customers are pleased to shop by accessing the biggest deals and discounts.

At the end of Day 2, we have observed that GKBOptical.com has received a considerably huge response from their consumers with our CEO claiming to have received more viewers in comparison to last year. He also went on add that these discounts are an ideal way to attractive first time online buyers as the main concept of GOSF is to bring about awareness among people about online shopping.

This is the final call to all shopaholics and enthusiastic netizens buck up as there is not much time left to grab the best deals and discounts. Hurry and grab the best pair of sunglasses before you run out of time.GOSF LAST DAY TODAY


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