Keeping Kids’ Eyes Healthy

It is important that you get your child’s eyes checked regularly so that you can correct any vision problems as if untreated it can hamper intellectual and physical development. Children depend on their senses to understand the surrounding environment. Vision problems can affect the ability for developing hand-eye coordination, depth perception and other basic skills. Poor vision can cause older children to do poorly in sports and studies prompting anger and frustration.

Importance Of Eye Exam: Children’s vision often tends not to receive the deserved attention. Hence, to ensure you should schedule regular exams and watch for signs of vision problems. New born should have an examination and then around 6 months they should be checked again. At age 3 and then again at 5 you can should take your child to determine any potential vision problems. From then onwards exams should done every year for children who require eyeglasses. Sometimes vision screenings are conducted at schools also.

Watch Out: Children with poor vision will most likely to exhibit certain behavioral patterns and as a parent you must watch out for.

  • Redness of eyes
  • Squinting frequently
  • Reacting to glare or bright light
  • Holding books close to the face
  • Inability to follow a particular object with their eyes

Choosing The Glasses: Choose the right pair of glasses for your child that would suit your kid. It is important for kids who are either nearsighted or farsighted. Let’s pick out frames for your glasses first preferably plastic for safety purpose. Older children can be given metal frames but with spring hinges that is more resistant to damage. Try giving them polycarbonate lenses if your little one is hyperactive. However, they do get scratched easily than plastic lenses.

Balanced Diet: Last but the most important element is the diet provided to the child is of utmost importance. A well balanced diet filled with protein, mineral and essential nutrients will help the child to have a proper growth and development. Carrots, tomato, salmon are some of the food items essential for healthy development. So, consult your nutritionist and chart a well balanced plan for your kid and ensure that your kid’s eyes are perfectly healthy always.

Kids Eye Health



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