New Eyewear Collection: Lance Bremmer

GKBOptical has introduced a new eyewear brand  into its collection. It is one of the reputed International brands that offer some unique models in spectacles. It is regarded as one of the best known brands among local opticians in English countries.
This brand has been taken in India for . Two of the main USP’s or features are colorful designs and elegant looks. These features make the spectacles absolutely eye-catching for the prospective customers. GKB has collected a large variety of 42 spectacles that is priced between Rs 4,000-7,000.air max 90 infrared
Lance Bremmer Eyeframe

The most essential features of these spectacles are lightweight, straight and comfort fit. The high quality material used in the frames ensures long lasting durability. The spectacles are designed in such a way that will cater to an age group between 18 years and 40 years. The collection offers .

GKBOptical provides 1 year warranty on the frames in case of any manufacturing defects. You will get the best spare parts for the spectacles in case you intend to repair your pair after damage.ray ban aviators

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