Regular Aspirin May Be A Factor For Macular Degeneration

Regular aspirin users are susceptible to develop wet form of age related macular degeneration in comparison to people who don’t take the drug. It is one of the widely used drugs in the whole world. It is mainly used for easing out pain. Macular degeneration is a primary cause for blindness and it is on the rise. The wet form accounts for quicker vision loss in comparison to the dry one. In the wet form new blood vessels grows under the retina which break open and leak which causes the scar tissue to form.

With time the scar tissue clouds the primary vision but apparently the cause is not clear. The only risk factor besides age is smoking. Different kinds of studies have been observed to understand whether aspirin may damage the eyes directly. Theory says that it can affect the immune system which may be chronically over stimulated that causes damage at the back of the eye.

Aspirin Use

For various reasons many experts and researchers agree that no should stop taking aspirin as directed by their doctor because of their study. According to an expert it has been observed that risk of getting macular degeneration is still relatively slight. Anyone who is taking this drug and is of a age where they can be at risk they are the people who want to get their retinas checked. Research also says that eye exams on a regular basis are important especially if a close relative has AMD. Then again, even after 15 years 63 people who have been studied 15 regular users and 48 who rarely took it had developed the wet form.

So, we can conclude that although not a dominant factor but it can be a cause for the damage of your eyes which leads to AMD. So, it would be best if you can limit your aspirin use to a bare minimum.

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