Computer Glasses: Why they are Essential For Today’s Generation

Computer glasses or Computer spectacles are really popular among the modern generation. Computer screens have become a part of our daily workplace and our personal lives too and we spend hours before it, doing work, viewing pictures, browsing the internet and much more. This dependency has not been beneficial for our eyes as such. Today, most people use digital devices like smart phones, tablet computers, desktops, laptops and more. The slowly increasing dependency on these digital devices has made it impossible to avoid being affected by the effects of digital screens.

Computer Glasses(1)

The more hours we spend before these screens, the more our eyes are stressed out and fatigued. Constantly looking at digital screens make eyes work even harder to focus on the on-screen object. The main culprit here is the prevalence of blue light rays that make eyes tired easily and also cause eye fatigue and eye problems.The Blue lights emitted from the computer screens can be reduced by using specially designed spectacles or computer eyeglasses for computer usage. These eyeglasses mostly come with two features that are essential for optimal protection against eye stress.

Anti Reflection lenses are used in case of Computer glasses since the reflections from computer screens can make it even harder for eyes to focus, resulting in eye fatigue. Also these glasses come with tinted lenses. Depending on the brand, the tints can be different as the tints can be of different colors, but the tinted glass helps with minimizing the effects of blue light on the eyes.

To keep eyes protected it’s wise to resort to computer glasses even though one might not need glasses for daily chores. Using computer glasses shields eyes from eye stress, fatigue, straining and other eye problems. So it’s wise to start early and use glasses to reduce eye stress, making it wise to resort to computer glasses irrespective of age or usage. It’s always better safe than sorry, so the best option is to opt for computer glasses from the start and reduce the effects of computer on eyes.

The various problems faced by computer users is called as CVS or Computer Vision Syndrome .

What is Computer Vision Syndrome:


Working on computer screens demands that we keep coordinating between the keyboard and the screen in a quick and repetitive motion. This repetitive effort makes our eyes work harder to regain focus every time we shift from keyboard to the screen.. This repetitive motion of adjusting focus makes our eyes develop strain and fatigue. This becomes tougher with the advancement of age since after 40’s, eyes lose the flexibility to focus at objects as easily as before.

  • The problems arising from computer usage is generally labeled as CVS or ‘Computer Vision Syndrome’, and even children working on digital screens for long hours are affected by CVS.
  • The eye strain arises from constantly shifting focus from the keyboard onto the screen and the text/image. This repetitive action makes eyes tired easily and more susceptible to get eye problems later on in an advanced age, much earlier you naturally would have developed eye problems.
  • Backlit Screens emit high amounts of blue light that makes eyes tired easily. Everyday exposure to this blue light can damage eyesight over time and stress eyes. On digital screens, eyes have to work harder to keep the object in focus and adjust to its contrast and brightness. This creates eye fatigue and strain which makes working on computers tougher for older adults.

So, to avoid these problems the best solution is to use Computer Glasses that offer Anti Reflection benefits which reduce the glares and reflections from the backlit screens. Also specially tinted lenses make it easier to look at blue light emitting screens for longer since they cut out the blue lights. For more information and help in buying Computer Glasses, call GKB Optical customer care experts at 1800 419 1990.

When Is The Right Time To Replace Your Eyeglasses

Eyeglasses or Spectacles might be one of the most popular and easy to use vision corrector but they are also prone to daily wear and tear. Many of us are aware of the importance of getting the eyes checked periodically and getting the right spectacles made for ourselves. But there are many people who do not know when they should stop using their existing spectacles and opt for a new one. Here are the clear signs which mean you need to change your spectacles right now!

When Is The Right  Time To Replace Your Eyeglasses – The Right Time To Replace Your Eyeglasses :

The Right Time To Replace Your Eyeglasses 11

There are some clear signs that can help you decide whether it’s time to toss out your old spectacles and get a new pair. We list them one by one:

  • Frame: You’ve been wearing your spectacles for quite a long time and your spectacle frame has become soiled or discolored. If you’re a daily eyeglasses wearer even titanium frames will slowly get damaged with daily wear and tear. So, keep a close lookout on the color, frame shape and fittings of your glasses. Sometimes you can get your frames re-fitted if the hinges become loose, but if they are beyond repair, check out a new pair. If your frame has nose pads and supports, check from time to time if they are in good shape, if you see them getting damaged it’s time to pick up a new frame. You can go for a wide range of frames .
  • Change in Prescription: If you’ve been told that your prescription has changed you will need to get new lenses done, which will mean throwing out the old lenses and sometimes even the frame. While you get new lenses done, chances are they will look better in a new frame, or better still, go for rimless ones that give better obstruction free vision. They are also aesthetically pleasing so they’re for the ones who don’t want to change their appearance
  • Lens Damages: Everyday our lenses accumulate dust and dirt particles and if wiped without proper care, these harsh particles can damage the coatings on the lenses and create unpleasant scratches on the lens surface. Even with regular storage and traveling, scratches become inevitable. Scratch Resistance coatings reduce the amount of scratches but they also get damaged with time. So if you’re feeling disturbed with the scratched lenses that are blocking your vision it’s time to toss your existing lenses or the eyeglasses and get a new spectacles done.
  • Trends and Fashion : Being aware of current eyewear trends is important if you want to look classy and well put together. Following latest eyewear trends need not mean changing your eyeglasses every week, but you can easily change them once in awhile or have two or more done to compliment your common dressing styles. So if you are still wearing frames that go back 5 years, check out some trendy new designs. There are a lot of contemporary,  classy and colorful frames available online making it easier to pick a style that’s just right for you.

So, now that you know when you should replace your eyeglasses, get some new ones done through GKB Opticals. Shop eyeglasses from a great range of trendy spectacle frames for any age, preference and budget and choose from the most affordable as well as premium brands. Enjoy supreme quality, fast shipping, free returns along with top class customer support for the smoothest online eyewear shopping experience.

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How To Buy Spectacle Online : The Step By Step Guide

Thinking of Buying your Spectacle online? It might seem like a very tedious and complicated process but today, we make it easier for you! We chart down few main pointers that can make choosing your next spectacle online an easy affair.


How To Buy Spectacle Online : The Step By Step Guide

The First Step: Choosing the Frame Size  

1.choosing d frame size

The frame size is important since not everyone has the same build or facial structure. The Frame size determines the temple size, Lens size and bridge size. So it’s best to use an existing pair that fits you perfectly and measure it and then buy a new pair having the same dimensions.

The Second Step: Glasses that Match

After you’ve decided upon the required spectacle frame size, it’s time to choose The design is an important factor of buying spectacle. Each individual has a distinct face shape, so it’s important to know your face shape. That way you can have clear concept about what shapes would go well with your face shape.

The Third Step: Try On Different Frames

2. glasses that match face shape

Now that you know your face shape, it’s time to try on glasses to see which design suits your face shape. Try on different frame shapes, colored frames and patterns to determine what goes well with your lifestyle, looks and attire. This is also an individualistic decision and if you’re baffled with the choices, ask a close friend or relative.

The Fourth Step: Prescription Type (Single or Multifocal)

Depending on the type of refractive error you have, or the type of vision correction you require, your prescription would be different. If you just require vision correction for nearsightedness, farsightedness or presbyopia, you will require single vision lenses. If you have to get correction for dual refractive errors of multiple refractive errors, you will need multifocal lenses. So, understanding your prescription is important.

The Fifth Step: Progressive Lens Material

If you have to take progressive lenses to suit your vision correction needs, it’s best to know the options you have in terms of lens material. The available materials for progressive lenses can be plastic, glass, polycarbonate and more. Your budget and your doctor’s suggestion can determine which type of lenses would be best for you.

The Sixth Step: Lens Coating


Lens coatings can be important and can help your glasses become more functional. The available coatings include ARC or Anti Reflective coating to reduce the reflections. Photo chromic treatment can help you use them as sunglasses. Hard Coating can help you increase the longevity of the lens. Scratch Resistant coating also helps keep the lenses protected from scratches. Also there are specialized treatments like Anti Smudge coating, hydrophobic coating, oleophobic coating and more.

The Seventh Step: Knowing your Pupillary Distance (PD)

7.Pupillary-DistancePD distance is the distance between the centers of the pupils in each eye. While the lenses are prepared it’s important to position lenses correctly in relation to the centre of the pupils for high powered lenses due to the location of the optical centre of the lenses. This creates optical lenses with zero errors and gives best vision. So it’s important to know the PD value and your optometrist will know how to determine it.

The Eight Step: Understand Your Prescription Details

If you’re ordering eyeglasses online, you must know your prescription details and values. The details you enter would be taken as the final while ordering so it’s important that you know the values well. In this regard it’s best to consult with the customer support team or simply scan the prescription details and mail it to the customer service team if you’re not sure about how to fill up the sheet.

The Ninth Step: The Final Step

After completing all steps, now it’s time to place the order. Check all the values you have entered thrice to eliminate all chances of errors. Also ask a friend or family member to check the values added, so that there are no mistakes. Once done, lenses cannot be redone, so it’s important that you do not mess up the values. Review your order and check the final amount depending on your prescription strength, choice of lens material, added coatings or treatments and other added features. For any assistance, do not hesitate to call up the Customer support team of trained optical assistants to get any questions answered or any doubts cleared.

The Final Step: Receive Your Order

Untitled design(4)

After you place the order, it’s time for waiting. The lenses need time to be manufactured and this usually takes a bit of time. After the lenses are made and are fitted into the frame it’s checked for quality and fitted as per your requirements. Then they are packed and shipped out. Now, finally you can check out your eyeglasses and enjoy the clear vision.


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Get UV Protected Eye wear: Essential Element For Eye Protection

UV protected eyewear

We all want to enjoy the sun and hence taking precaution is of utmost essentiality. Did you know that the primary source of UV rays is the sun? And, extended exposure to the UV rays can be extremely harmful for the skin and eyes. This eye damage includes cataracts, macular degeneration, photokeratitis which may eventually lead to temporary vision loss.

UV protected eyewear

Risk Of UV Rays- Who, Why & How? Research suggests, the high energy visible radiation – also referred as “blue light” which may increase your long term risk of macular degeneration. Individuals with low blood plasma levels of Vitamin C and other anti-oxidants especially appear at retinal damage risk from high energy visible radiation. Everybody is at risk from the damaging effects of UV radiation. Parents

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should be aware that their children are most susceptible to this kind of damage. The only way to protect yourself from the harmful rays of the sun is by using UV protected eye wear. UV rays can affect your eyes from different directions. They radiate directly and reflect from the ground, water or snow and other bright surfaces. Choose to go for eye wear that offers UV protection features.

Biggest Name In The Industry To Offer UV Protective Eye wear: GKBOpticals, is proud to announce that it offers sunglasses with 100% UV protection features. It is a huge success and satisfaction when you are capable of saving someone’s eyes from the hazardous effects of UV rays. Your optician can assist you to choose the best lenses for your requirements. To protect as much of the skin around your eyes you can choose to go for close-fitted wraparound styles with large lenses. Depending on your lifestyle you can choose to opt for sport sunglasses. The amount of UV protection sunglasses offer is not related to the darkness and color of the lenses. A light amber lens color can offer the same protection as a dark grey lens.

Rain Or Shine Your Sunnies Should Always Be With You: Remember to wear sunglasses even when you are in shade because although the shade lessens your exposure to the harmful rays of the sun to a certain degree your eyes will still be exposed to the rays reflected from other surfaces. UV protective sunglasses are important especially in winter as fresh snow can reflect 70-80% UV rays online casino which exposes you to excess harm.

Different Lenses For Eye Protection From UV Rays: Opt for polarized lenses as it reduces reflected glare from the sunlight which bounces off water or snow. A photchromic lens would be ideal too as it adjust to different light conditions giving you utmost comfort and ease. Mirror coated lenses lessen visible light which is beneficial for your eyes. Last but not the least you can also go for gradient lenses by taking the suggestion of your ophthalmologist as they reduce glare and allows you to see clearly. Single gradient lenses are useful for driving whereas double gradient lens are useful for winter or water sports.

But, you need not fear the sunny days if you are properly equipped with the right eye protection gear as you can get quality sunglasses with UV rays protection features at These shades are available in an extensive variety in different sizes, shapes and colors from which you may make your purchase.

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