Get UV Protected Eye wear: Essential Element For Eye Protection

We all want to enjoy the sun and hence taking precaution is of utmost essentiality. Did you know that the primary source of UV rays is the sun? And, extended exposure to the UV rays can be extremely harmful for the skin and eyes. This eye damage includes cataracts, macular degeneration, photokeratitis which may eventually lead to temporary vision loss.

UV protected eyewear

Risk Of UV Rays- Who, Why & How? Research suggests, the high energy visible radiation – also referred as “blue light” which may increase your long term risk of macular degeneration. Individuals with low blood plasma levels of Vitamin C and other anti-oxidants especially appear at retinal damage risk from high energy visible radiation. Everybody is at risk from the damaging effects of UV radiation. Parents

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should be aware that their children are most susceptible to this kind of damage. The only way to protect yourself from the harmful rays of the sun is by using UV protected eye wear. UV rays can affect your eyes from different directions. They radiate directly and reflect from the ground, water or snow and other bright surfaces. Choose to go for eye wear that offers UV protection features.

Biggest Name In The Industry To Offer UV Protective Eye wear: GKBOpticals, is proud to announce that it offers sunglasses with 100% UV protection features. It is a huge success and satisfaction when you are capable of saving someone’s eyes from the hazardous effects of UV rays. Your optician can assist you to choose the best lenses for your requirements. To protect as much of the skin around your eyes you can choose to go for close-fitted wraparound styles with large lenses. Depending on your lifestyle you can choose to opt for sport sunglasses. The amount of UV protection sunglasses offer is not related to the darkness and color of the lenses. A light amber lens color can offer the same protection as a dark grey lens.

Rain Or Shine Your Sunnies Should Always Be With You: Remember to wear sunglasses even when you are in shade because although the shade lessens your exposure to the harmful rays of the sun to a certain degree your eyes will still be exposed to the rays reflected from other surfaces. UV protective sunglasses are important especially in winter as fresh snow can reflect 70-80% UV rays online casino which exposes you to excess harm.

Different Lenses For Eye Protection From UV Rays: Opt for polarized lenses as it reduces reflected glare from the sunlight which bounces off water or snow. A photchromic lens would be ideal too as it adjust to different light conditions giving you utmost comfort and ease. Mirror coated lenses lessen visible light which is beneficial for your eyes. Last but not the least you can also go for gradient lenses by taking the suggestion of your ophthalmologist as they reduce glare and allows you to see clearly. Single gradient lenses are useful for driving whereas double gradient lens are useful for winter or water sports.

But, you need not fear the sunny days if you are properly equipped with the right eye protection gear as you can get quality sunglasses with UV rays protection features at These shades are available in an extensive variety in different sizes, shapes and colors from which you may make your purchase.

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