UV light & your eyes


Fashion is in and so is the harmful UV rays of sun. We are gradually getting more exposed to these harmful rays day by day. People take care of their skin from these harmful rays but what about your eyes?

 Eyes are delicate and thus get highly affected resulting in some dangerous diseases.

  • UV rays causes pingueculae and pterygia which results in corneal problems and distorted vision.
  • With high exposure to Harmful rays you might develop photokeratitis, a very painful swelling of the cornea. You could even lose vision for about 24-48 hours.


So what is the solution?

The only way out to this problem is the daily use of proper sunglasses. Sunglasses blocks all the harmful rays and safeguards your eyes. Make it your daily habit. There are few things to keep in mind before buying a sunglass. Choose a sunglass that

  • Blocks 99-100% of the UVA and UVB rays
  • Free of any distortion or imperfection.
  • Have lenses of perfect color recognition.
  • Blocks 75-90% of visible light.
  • Choose a proper fitting sunglass.

Always check whether the sunglass comes with a disclaimer of UV protection. There are few things that might help you with choosing the right lenses for the right occasion:-

  • Polarized lenses:- they helps in reducing the glare , highly effective while skiing, fishing etc.


  • Mirror coated lenses:- it reduces visible light.

Ray Ban Aviator Flash Mirror Lenses (2)

  • Photochromatic lenses:- Though they take a little bit time but they adjust or darken the visible light.
  • Gradient lenses:- these lenses are dark at the top and light at the bottom. they are very helpful for driving as they reduce. gradient lenses allows you to see clearly thereby reducing the glare.for winter sports use double gradient lenses which are normal gradient lenses with lighter surface in the middle.
  • Polycarbonate lenses:- they are the perfect lenses for protection during hazardous works or sports.
  • Blue blocking lenses:- helpful for boating, skiing and hunting as they make distant objects easier to see. For driving, use sunglasses that are gray as it helping in recognising the traffic properly.

Next time while you step out of your house, make sure you have the right sunglasses that protects you from damage and makes you look glamourous. Because fashion and protection should go hand in hand.

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