New ‘Spectacle Package’ Offer Launched At Only At Rs. 640

There is good news for all eyeglass wearers! An amazing offer has been launched for buyers looking for a budget purchase in spectacles. You can get a complete spectacle package at at just Rs 640. This package includes frame and lens. There are about 10 rimless spectacles available in different colors. As an interested buyer you can choose from a wide variety of colors such as red, blue, white, purple, pink, black and blue. An awesome discount of 74% is available which reduced the price of the 980 rupees spectacles to just Rs 250.

Complete Spectacle Package

If you have considered of availing this offer then choose your product and click on the ‘Shop Now’ option. On entering, the details of the prescription you will have to select the lens package you would want for your glasses. There are 3 packages from which you can choose or customize the lenses according to your needs.

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Advanced & Superior Lens Package: The Advanced Lens package comes with 1.5 Index lenses which are priced at Rs 990. They are lightweight lenses with UV protection and scratch resistant features. Higher transparency and anti-reflective features are other noted facets of these lenses. The Opticians choice is the Superior lens package which costs Rs 2720. They offer 1.5 Index Crizal lens with anti-reflective features. They eliminate glare and reduces smudge by providing you enhanced vision. With 100% vision clarity you will surely feel blessed.

So, if you are considering of making an online purchase for your spectacles and avail this awesome offer then go ahead right away. If you have any doubts regarding the same then you can always call us at 1800 419 1990, or email us at:

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