Fun facts about human eye

Eyes are precious organs and more often than not people forget to take proper care of their eyes. Until and unless we face any eye problems we hardly give proper care for our eyes. Our eyes are amazing organs and there are some amazing fun facts about eyes that can make your wonder!

Fact 1:

We all know eyelashes keep eyes safe from dust and dirt but did you know that the average life span of eyes is about 5 months. Also, did you know that the length of the eyelashes shed by a human all throughout his life is more than 98 feet.

Fact 2:

Eyes stay the same size from your birth to your death. But your nose and ears don’t stop growing.

Fact 3:

All our muscles are made from tissues that contain blood vessels and need blood to Do you know that corneas are the only tissues that don’t have blood.

Fact 4:

Our retinas perceive the outside world as upside down and the images in our retina are split in half as well as distorted; it’s our brain that constantly keeps on working to keep these distorted and upside down images create our vision.

Fact 5

Humans originally had brown eyes; the blue eyes came as a mutation around 6000 years ago. The rarest eye color is green.

Fact 6:

If you have blue eye color, you can be linked to a single ancestor with who all other blue eyed people across the world share a link.

Fact 7:

Fingerprints are unique and are used widely for identification. A fingerprint has 40 unique characteristics but a retina has 256. This is the reason why increasingly retina scans are being preferred over fingerprint scan for identification.

Fact 8:

80% of all eye problems in the world can be avoided or treated if diagnosed in time or if they get adequate vision correctors. Eyes are known to heal really quickly and it’s been proved that it can repair minor corneal scratch in less than 48 hours. With proper care and vision aid, eyes can perform well and stay healthy. To keep eyes healthy, proper eye checkup is essential. If vision correction is required for refraction problems like myopia, presbyopia, astigmatism etc one can get spectacles or eyewear as required after consulting with an eye specialist.

Fact 9 :

It’s not possible to transplant a whole eye, since more than 1 million nerve fibers connect the eyes to the brain. When people talk about eye transplant, they are actually talking about transplant of the cornea. Medical science has not yet figured out a way to reconstruct the nerve fibers that connect the eyes to the brain.

Fact 10:

An eye is constructed of more than two million working parts which provide our eyes the ability to see properly. It is also the most active muscles in our body and do not rest while we’re sleeping too.


Hope these interesting facts will make you understand how much our vision is worth and how much we neglect our eyes. Take care of your eyes; use protective eyewear and vision correction as and when required.

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