Useful Tips to Combat CVS symptoms

CVS describes a group of symptoms like eye strain, dry eyes, burning or tired eyes, headache, blurred vision, neck and shoulder pain caused by prolonged computer use. These symptoms are more visible today due to changing working pattern and lifestyle.Computer Vision Syndrome Notepad/Notebook has been turned into MS Word and google docs, meeting into group chats, and emotions into status updates.

And all of this is leading to one thing, increased usage of computers. Be it for fun or for work, this changing pattern is leading to health problems like CVS. Working on computers are unavoidable, but CVS symptoms are, with some easy precautions. Here are they:

  • Use proper Lighting: Always make sure your area is properly lit, too much light will cause reflection and too little light will lead to
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  • Wear : Computer glasses are specially designed glasses meant to wear while working on computers. They eliminate glare and radiations coming from computers and thereby enhances the visual experience.
  • Proper Computer Settings: Adjust your monitor’s brightness and contrast settings. There’s no right or wrong setting, just experiment until you’re comfortable.
  • Adjust text size and color: Use font size that is easy to read, without putting any stress on the eyes. Also, use black text on a white background and avoid busy backgrounds.
  • Take a break! : Always take breaks at proper intervals, drink a glass of water or walk few metres within your work area to stretch your body.
  • Clean your monitor screen daily
  • Position copy correctly: Glancing back and forth between a printed copy and your computer screen causes eyestrain. To ease discomfort, place the printed copy as close to your monitor as possible.
  • Distance between your monitor and your eyes should be 18-28 inches.
  • Proper placement of monitor and keyboard
  • No same posture for more than 30 minutes

In today’s day of work not using a computer/laptop etc is not an option , but its effect on the eyes can be avoided by taking right precautions. Don’t wait until you’re suffering. Make these adjustments now to ensure a stress free living.

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