Get Stylish Aviators Free With Ray Ban Sunglasses on Sunglasses Day

Sunglasses day, this year is being celebrated on the 27th of June 2016. To celebrate the special Sunglasses day, many optical store in India like GKB Opticals are offering special discounts and offers, for their customers. Sunglasses have become more than just branded eyewear owned by elites and fashionable people. They are now a part of most fashionable people’s wardrobe and are a regular accessory at Runway events too. Stylish sunglasses from Ray Ban has always been a symbol of style and luxury and it’s no secret that Ray Ban has been the most coveted sunglasses brand worldwide, since the last few decades.


Log into GKB Opticals website and avail exciting offers from GKB Opticals. The retailers of Ray ban Sunglasses in India, GKB Opticals, is offering a free stylish Aviator Sunglasses worth Rs 780, with every purchase of Ray Ban Sunglasses. So, walk in and pick your pair of Ray Ban Sunglasses and get a stylish Sunglasses free too. Well, you might wonder what the use of an extra sunglass is, but we all have days when we don’t want to wear the expensive sunglasses from Ray ban. So for those days this UV protected stylish sunglass will work its magic.

Did you know that you can also get Ray Ban Power Sunglasses done to suit your specific vision needs. Many people are not sure about wearing sunglasses as they are not sure about getting proper prescription sunglasses India. But at GKB Opticals you can get genuine Ray Ban Power Sunglasses at the best price. GKB Opticals is the best solution for purchasing Ray Ban Sunglasses online and at stores. Shop the latest range of Ray Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses online as well as Ray Ban Aviator Sunglasses, which are their top selling products. Another favorite design is the Club master style Ray Ban Sunglasses. Not only style, but these sunglasses are also protective, as they provide ample protection for eyes. The Ray Ban Polarized Sunglasses are the best protective sunglasses available in India and are a great choice for customers of all age.

These branded eyewear are one of the topmost selling premium sunglasses and the option of getting prescription sunglasses India has made them even more popular. The best part is that one can get their Ray Ban Sunglasses customized to their power and prescription. Get the best range of Ray Ban Sunglasses and stay protected this summer. Isn’t that a lovely deal after all?

Face Shape Guide For Sunglasses

Face shapes play a pivotal role in how you look wearing your sunglasses. There are literally thousands of sunglasses on GKB Opticals and with so many designs from the different brands, it’s hard to choose your favorite. If you’re looking out for sunglasses, here’s the perfect guide for you to pick up your sunglasses according to your face shape. But firstly, here re the most dominant face shapes: Oval, Round, Heart, Square, Triangle and Diamond.

Sunglasses for the Oval Face Shapes:

Oval face shape Is really versatile and most sunglasses look lovely on their face. If you have an oval face shape, you’re lucky to be able to flaunt any type of sunglass style. Choose from aviators, wayfarers, wraparounds, square, oversized, cat eyes, clubmasters and many more.

Sunglasses for the Round Face Shapes:

A very common face shape, round faces look great with angular designs of sunglasses. The aim here is to reduce the amount of fullness and create lines and angles on the face. Cat eye sunglasses and oversized angular sunglasses shapes go well with this face shape. Avoid wearing round sunglasses as all costs.

Sunglasses for the Heart face shapes:

The main distinctive character of a Heart face shape is a wider temple area and a thinner and narrower chin area. This makes it essential to choose a sunglass design that has less amounts of angles like round sunglasses, oversized ones or Cat eyes with soft angular designs.

Sunglasses for the Square face shapes:

Those who have square face shapes have the same width at their temple region as well as jaw, making them look kind of square and angular. The best way to make square face shapes look less square is to add sunglasses like oversized, wayfarer or cat eye sunglasses to soften the look.

Sunglasses for the Triangle face shapes:

For the triangular face shape which has a pointed narrow chin and wide temple, browline sunglasses have been considered the best , since they create an illusion of a shorter face with the sunglasses temple section forming a straight line along the wearer’s brow region.

Sunglasses for the Diamond face shapes:

Diamond face shape is quite uncommon and is really narrow at the chin and usually their temple region is the widest. These face shapes will look best in wayfarers and cat eye sunglass styles which create an illusion of a balanced temple and jaw.

Irrespective of what face shape you have, it’s always great to experiment and try on different styles to know which one you are most comfortable in. There are many designs of sunglasses available on and you can even try them on before purchasing using our try on tool. You can even consult with our optical assistants who can guide you with choosing a perfect design for you over chat, phone or email. So, happy sunglasses shopping and do enjoy your new sunnies.

Diwali Treat : Get Free Sunglass With Every Order From GKB Opticals

Diwali is Just round the corner and it’s time for some last moment shopping. The massive deals and discounts make this the best time to indulge in a bit of Guilt free shopping.  GKB Opticals celebrates Diwali with a mind boggling offer.  Get a Free Sunglass with every order.


Gkb optical  has a great range of affordable sunglasses from it’s inhouse brands like Sundrive that offer superior designs and great quality at super affordable  prices. Prescription or Rx lenses can also be tailor made to each person’s requirements. Look classy in premium eyewear from Prada or indulge in some sporty sunglasses from Oakley. Show your stylish side with Ray Ban Sunglasses and indulge in the largest range of Sunglasses online in India. Show your style quotient and keep your eyes protected with Sunglasses at never before prices. Shop Aviator, Wayfarer, Square, Oversized, Sporty and Cat Eye Sunglasses at the best prices and stun the sun all year long.

Enjoy Sunglasses from as low as Rs 266 from Sundrive, GKB Opticals in-house brand. Also get great eyeframes  from as low as Rs 250 from Inspira, In-House brand from GKB Opticals.

Spectacles from Inspira and Legacy are targeted for the needs of the man and women of today. These spectacles are made from high quality materials and priced reasonably. These eyeglasses come in various designs are suited for people of all ages. Whether you want a sporty look or are looking for a classic look, Legacy or Inspira has a great range to offer. Get full rimmed, half rimmed and rimless glasses.

Also get great deals for premium eyeglasses from Ray Ban, Oakley, Tag Heuer, Police, Vogue and more. get the latest designs and variants from India’s Largest online Optical Destination.  Whether you want everyday glasses or something for occassional wear, GKB Opticals has the largest collection. So shop with confidence and get rewarded for shopping at our online portal.

This Diwali, GKB Opticals offers it’s customers a chance to own a free sunglass with every order. Yes, that’s right! Customers can own a free sunglass with every order. So, call, mail or chat with our Executives and know more about this exciting offer.


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Customize your sunglasses according to your face shape!

Great eyewear can add to your personality and embroider your looks by making your cherished features even more eye-catching, and at the same time, diminishing the blemishes. Whether the eye wear is meant for a function or fashion, it must be best suited for your face.
A number of factors are taken into consideration while choosing the most appealing glasses that suits your face. Style, size, shape, material and colour are just a few. Face shape is considered to be the most important criteria while choosing your eye wear. An eye wear that complements your face shape will be an ideal choice.
Sunglasses are the best way to protect your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun. So your shades along with looking stylish, they also act as a shield and protect your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun.
Your face shape can be determined through a simple and quick way of literally tracing the outline of your face. This can be done with a piece of paper and pen placed on top of a picture of your face.

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Sunglasses- The Basics Guide to buying them

Vision-care experts are putting in efforts to create awareness about the dangers of overexposure to harmful UV rays of the sun which is increscent and irremediable. Children and teenagers are more vulnerable to the sun’s rays as their ocular lenses cannot filter the UV light as effectively as adults. This makes sunglasses a necessity for eye care and protection.

There are a variety of sunglasses available for different purposes. For water sports, sunglasses should be adapted for use in turbulent water. Similarly for skiing, one should choose double-gradient lenses. People who experience constant change of weather must go for phototropic sunglasses, which are known to change from dark to light and back again.

The lens material should preferably be glass or plastic. Glass lenses have the best optical clarity and scratch resistance, but can shatter easily. Plastic lenses are lighter, but prone to scratches. However, good quality plastic lenses offer impressive clarity and are coated for some scratch-resistance.
Gray and green lenses are considered neutral because they maintain true colors. Brown and copper colored lenses strike a balance between true color transmission and good contrast, and work well in all situations. The lens color is known to affect how much visible light reaches the eyes, and how well other colors and contrasts can be seen.

UV protection information which is normally printed on the hangtag, should be thoroughly read before purchasing sunglasses. Cheap sunglasses with little or no UV protection must be avoided.

Glacier glasses are specially designed with side shields to protect the eyes by blocking the sun’s rays. Photochromic lenses can automatically adjust to changing light intensities. Polarized lenses normally have a fixed tint, and can reduce reflected glare on wet roads. However, they reduce contrast between objects, which can be a hindrance in low light conditions.

Choosing the right lens shape is also an important prerequisite. Wrap-around lenses provide extra protection against rain, pebbles, sand etc. Frames should be durable and lightweight, to avoid excess friction. Nylon frames are not easily adjustable, but are more durable and cheaper as compared to others. One must go for a design that is comfortable for him or her, as being comfortable is more desirable than being stylish.

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Power Sunglasses – Power to become a Trendsetter

Power to become trendsetter

Sunglasses are an integral part of everyday outfit. Whether you want to sport them for making a style statement or protect your eyes for eye sensitiveness. Even a few years back people with eye power were unable to wear sunnies. However, the scenario changed and now even those who require vision correction can wear power sunglasses as they serve dual purpose of vision correction and eye protection. Moreover, these products are available in all styles and shapes. What sets these apart from regular sunnies is their demand among eyeglass wearers for the ability to provide corrected vision as they are incorporated with powered lenses.

Power to become trendsetter

Vision clarity with UV protection for ultimate comfort: These are known to have enhanced clarity of vision. They are effective in glare reduction in comparison to normal shades. Most branded shades block 100% UV rays. They are made using high graded optical material. They are available for any prescription that includes progressive lens option. If you want added glare reduction then powerpolarized sunnies can be bought too. The scratch and shatter resistant lenses used in the prescription sunglasses ensure complete protection for your eyes. So, now you will not only have good quality power lenses for yourself you will also be able to make a rocking style statement.

Choosing the right lens is important: Choose the right lens and you will find that they are available in a wide range of prescriptions. The right pair of lenses manages to produce cosmetically appealing light and thin lenses. The lenses are suitable for all frame types and offer enhanced wearer comfort. The right type of lens is easy to fit as the curve of the lens is matched online casino with the frame curve. According to the extent of your problem, the optical power of the shades varies. The convex lens power is measured in diaptor and can be taken as positive or negative. Lightweight and strong power shades offer superior optical clarity with high glare reduction that cuts off UV rays.

Buy power sunglasses online: Go ahead and get products from which crafts shades using modern tools and latest techniques at the best and affordable prices. Aesthetic look and refreshing style of the polarized products are available here. You can take your pick from the young generation of style conscious individuals. Optical professionals will recommend that these are a necessity while travelling especially in the mid summer afternoon. However, you will also need them on cloudy afternoons as your eyes can hurt from the reflected light. Hence, you will have complete vision comfort and clarity when you are sporting these products as per the latest fashion trends.

These eyewear products will definitely benefit you in the long run. Now, if you are out in the sun you can get the same vision clarity as you would do when wearing your eyeglasses indoors. So, next time when you are going outdoors just put on your power sunnies and become an absolute trendsetter. Hurry and get your pair today and look absolutely gorgeous!

5 Step Guide to Choose Best Sunglasses for Men and Women Online

Best Sunglasses For Men And Women

Protection from UV rays is a must, like we apply sunscreen to protect body, we should wear sunglasses to guard our eyes. While choosing sunscreen is easy, choosing sunglasses requires complete knowledge on consumer end. Here is our 5 step guide to help you in choosing the best sunglasses.

  1. Sunglass Frame Sunglasses are now a vital accessory for everyone, they can instantly transform a simple attire into a fashionable one. It is therefore very important to choose a frame that compliments your face shape; like if your face is round, then you should choose a rectangular or square sunglasses and vice-versa.
  1. UV Protection People often give importance to style than UV protection, whereas both are equally important. Therefore make sure you choose a pair that you like and that not only complements your face shape but also provide 100% UV protection from all UVA, UVB and UVC rays.
  1. Polarized Lenses Polarized Lenses help in eliminating the glare from the Sun’s reflection that bounces off from surfaces like snow, water etc. People who are sensitive to glares, or those who enjoy water sports and other activities like driving, golfing should wear Polarized Sunglasses for glare-free vision.

Best Sunglasses For Men And Women

    1. Frame Material Frame Material can be broadly classified as Metal, Shell and Titanium. Metal frames like Aviator sunglasses have always been popular, currently shell frames like wayfarer sunglasses are also a popular trend. Titanium frames are ultra-light and are highly recommended for people who are involved in sports or lead an active lifestyle. For more information about .
  1. Brand and Price Good sunglasses are available in various price ranges and brands. Benefit of  is firstly the very obvious branding, brand name or logo on temple(side/arm) and second benefit is lens coating.

Branded sunglasses have various coatings like water repellent among many. Also branded sunglasses are made of good quality material and give wearer an instant confidence. Whereas if you are not brand conscious, then check for all the above four qualities in sunglasses and buy them. This was an easy 5 step guide to help you in choosing the best pair of sunglasses for your eyes. Make sure you consider all of them while buying your sunglasses. Beat the Sun in style!

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